Filming of New Arrested Development Episodes to Begin Today

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As was long foretold and recently confirmed production of brand new episodes of Arrested Development, the first since Fox canceled the show in 2006, are to begin today. According to Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva all of the original cast members of the show “are all in final negotiations and expected to return.”

Initially, these new episodes, to all be made available on Netflix some time in 2013, were seen as a bridge between the original Arrested Development television series and the long-rumored-to-be-in-the-works movie. Now it seems the episodes are being seen as end in and of themselves and may even lead to a second season for Netflix.

In addition to the previously announced plan to make all episodes available on Netflix on the same date next year, it seems the previously announced plan of making each episode tell a story from the point of view of one Bluth clan character is going to be followed. I’m dubious about the latter, as I don’t understand why they would commit themselves to a narrative structure do different than the one employed on the Fox show to such great effect. Comedy blog Splitsider counts only nine Bluth family members, leaving some mystery as to who will be the central character for the tenth episode. I vote for Martin Short’s one episode character whom everybody hated, just to be contrarian.

Arrested Development Filming New Episodes for Netflix, Entire Cast to Return []

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