No Aereo ruling Monday; decision expected later this week

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Aereo on TV... courtesy of Chromecast

Once again on Monday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court did not hand down a decision in the case the TV networks vs. mobile video startup Aereo, according to several journalists covering the case who posted the news to Twitter. Correspondent Dominic Rushe of the Guardian, also on Twitter, likened it to “waiting for the cable guy.” 

The two-year-long case, between the corporations that own the U.S.’ television networks and Aereo, a startup that makes streamed broadcast signals available to subscribers via millions of tiny antennas, was argued before the Supreme Court back in April, after a series of lower court rulings that mostly took the side of Aereo. At issue is whether Aereo broadcasts count as a “private performance” or “public exhibition.”

With no ruling Monday, we’re likely to learn the fate of American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v. Aereo, Inc. on either Wednesday or Thursday- which happen to be the two exhibit days of this week’s CE Week event in New York. Someone will have to get CEA president/CEO Gary Shapiro- who has been outspoken in support of Aereo- on the record once the decision comes down. The latest the decision could come down is next Monday.

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