No, that ‘Texas Cheerleader’ isn’t an endangered species killing A-hole

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10354893_658823730871893_8857728495299631758_nKendall Jones, a 19-year-old girl who posted hunting photos to Facebook, is becoming the Internet’s Viral Public Enemy #1. Since June 22, 134,000 people have signed a petition to have the girl’s page removed from the net for “the sake of the animals”.

The media has picked up this story and repeatedly summarized it in some variety of “Cheerleader kills endangered species”, leaving the social media public devastated and outraged.

However, the story is false by omission. No, Jones did not fly to Africa and start poaching endangered species left and right just to get her rocks off. Your first red flag should have been the fact that every news outlet emphasized that  Jones is a “Texas Cheerleader” in the headline, which makes the story that much more salacious.

The Facebook page, called “Kendall Takes Wild“, is devoted to Jones’ hunting:

I grew up in the small town of Cleburne, Texas where my hunting career started. As a child I would go with my dad on all of his hunting adventures watching him on our ranch, as well as, traveling to Africa to see him take his Big 5. I took my first trip to Zimbabwe in Africa with my family in 2004 (age 9) and watched my dad bring many animals home. As badly as I wanted to shoot something I was just too small to hold the guns my dad had brought. I became fascinated with the culture over there and visited one of the elementary schools to deliver candy, coloring books and soccer balls to the under privileged children. This was an eye opening experience for me to see how other children my age lived in a third world country…

Since posting photos posing with her game, Jones’ has come under attack. People are under the impression Jones is a giant A-hole who just flies to Africa and starts poaching animals for no good reasons other than because she thinks it’s awesome. This is not the case.

On her page, Jones writes:

Ok I’m gonna explain for the 53567544th time. The rhino was a green hunt, meaning it was darted and immobilized in order to draw blood for testing, DNA profiling, microchip ping the horn and treating a massive leg injury most likely caused by lions. People try to say that lions will not attack a hippo, rhino or elephant, quiet the contrary. Lions attack and kill the young of these species. The adults try to fight the lions off and are regularly successful, but do get injuries in the process. As for the lion that I shot with my bow, it was within a 45,000 acre fence with other lions and plains game. It’s in S Africa, so yes it was within a fence, but 45,000 acres is the equivalent to 70 square miles and considered fair chase. Lions that have come in and taken over a pride, not only kick the older lion out, but will also kill all of his cubs so that the lioness will come into heat again. Controlling the male lion population is important within large fenced areas like these in order to make sure the cubs have a high survival rate.

She goes on to explain the fencing situation and the purpose for the raising of lions within the fence, then continues:

Now to the leopard, this was a free ranging leopard in Zimbabwe on communal land. The money for the permit goes to the communal council and to their village people. Within this area of approximately 250,000 acres, 107 head of cattle was killed in a single year due to leopard kills. Leopard populations have to be controlled in certain areas.

She later posted this photo with this caption:


Everyone that doesn’t think people eat elephant, this is only part of the village that showed up to take a little protein home!


For the lazy readers, I’ll summarize. Kendall handsomely paid the government and the farmers for the hunt, fed the community with the game, didn’t even kill some of the game during the “green hunt” (and actually helped injured animals), and she provided necessary, ordained population trimming to the local conservation efforts.

Roosevelt post pics of his antics, too.

Roosevelt post pics of his antics, too.

Lots of people participate in this, have always participated in this, and will continue to participate in this. Nobody flipped out when Ernest Hemingway did it, nobody flipped out when Teddy Roosevelt did it, so nobody should freak out when “Texas Cheerleader” does it.

If you’d like to participate in a similar expedition, you can literally sign the heck up at this website because it’s a gosh damn tourist experience. 

So, enough is enough. It’s time to calm down. Let’s all vow to investigate a story’s source before condemning innocent cheerleaders.

Note: For those who will inevitably comment about how hunting is wrong and shouldn’t be happening at all, take that argument to the safari companies, because Jones isn’t the collective hunter demographic’s sacrifice or scapegoat. So leave ‘er alone, dangit! She’s one participant in a complex, environmentally friendly industry.


Update: See what happened when this story went viral.

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  • Jane

    There is no way of justifying any of this.

    • Darya

      I would like to point out that I wasn’t alive when Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway were doing this. Is this article speaking out against critical thinking? Should we all just kill babies because everyone else is doing it? You have got to be kidding me with this shit!

      It is time for us to stand up as humans and leave these babies alone! Let them flourish and let them be happy. Kevin Richardson, the Lion Whisperer, describes Africa as being not as full of life as it should be. It used to be full and teeming with life. Instead, it’s full and teeming with humans.

      Will we stop when we are the only animals left on this planet? When is enough, enough? Do we stop when only 100, 50, 25 or less are left? There are fewer than 30,000 lions now, about 24,000 leopards, less than 400,000 elephants in all 37 countries in the continent of Africa, and only about 20,000 hippos.

      Murder is not a hobby!

      • Brad

        You are an idiot

      • A concerned person.

        I could not agree with you more! This is done for money, popularity and is a horrible tragedy. So an American can go out there and kill an animal under the pretense of conservation, just because they have the money? If so concerned about animals, why not simply donate without killing and then smiling about it, and then posting it all over the internet, in hopes of having a tv show that prays on people’s sick hobbies and portrays how defenseless, unsuspecting animals are being murdered, just for shits and giggles? Come on people! Stop defending this, it isn’t right. But then again, this is America and it is full of SICK and DERANGED people such as Ms. Jones and her “supporters”

    • Craig

      Every single one of you idiots complaining about this girl obviously didn’t read the fact that THERE IS AUTHORIZED POPULATION CONTROL IN CERTAIN AREAS FOR A REASON. For everyone else complaining about hunting as a whole, every single one of you better be a freaking vegetarian.
      You call fair game hunting cruel? How about you look into the process of farming the chickens that provided you with dinner last night. Or the process of cattle slaughter for beef. Then you’ll see cruel and inhumane. (Much of the time, not always)
      Keep your whining mouths shut until you actually know what the Hell you are talking about. And stick to eating vegetables and beans you have a problem with hunting.
      You just look like a total Jack-ass by bitching about hunters while you scarf down that burger that came from a once living cow who was raised in terrible conditions.

      • tarren

        Let’s get one thing straight. She brought these comments and remarks she is getting on herself by posting the proud pictures. Why wouldn’t you just do this and not take pictures with your kill cause your so proud you shot a fenced in animal. Give your head a shake girl I really hope you understand the value of life. If someone came to her ranch and killed her prize winning horse I am sure she wouldn’t be okay with it. But then what is they said it was to control the population? It still wouldn’t be right to shoot it. I hate that she thinks it is okay and doesn’t understand and other views then her own. She is a nasty little thing and I hope she learns a lesson from all this.

        • Reese

          Alright. So because she posted her life on social media like EVERY ONE does, that means I have the right to go look up your account, hate, judge and ridicule you just because I can right? Just because it’s posted online?
          You’re saying I literally have the right to bash you and bring you down as a human being because you’re posting for alllllll to see.
          And again, the “fenced” animals she shot WAS LEGAL. So whatever argument you’re creating for yourself is failing automatically.
          This earth is so little to understand and has so much hate and judgement. You all disgust me.
          People hunt. It’s called population control. Maybe that’s what we need with you nosey ass people who have nothing better to do than meddle in someone else’s life. Maybe we should start messing with yours and see how you like it.

        • Andrew

          youre a dumbass. just a complete dumbass. we can use an example similar to fenced in lions just so your dumbass can comprehend :), say were all in this tiny town that nobody can get in, nobody can get out, we live the way most animals do, but we will just use lions so you can understand. you got a family and kids, i dont. i like your wife, so i kill you and your children because theyre not mine. well youre dead, theyre dead, but now i have your wife. not good for town population is it.

    • bob

      All of you people are douche-bags. to each his own. if someone wants to go out and hunt mind your fucking business. you’re lucky its not you getting shot (which doesn’t seem like all that bad of a thing #treehuggers) there are plenty of bigger issues you pussies can complain about. ie your fat ass and dumb ass children, your rights being stolen everyday by arguably the worst president since WW2 which i assume you treehuggers voted for, or maybe the inhumane treatment of Chinese workers making your iPhone and Nikes overseas. and yet the internet chooses this to get upset about? some dumb shit, when you should be asking WTF happened to that plane that disappeared? or how can “i” as a treehugger do something proactive to stop big game hunting or whatever floats you’re boat, instead of facelessly ridiculing this 19 year old girl over the internet. Later Nurds.

    • Autumn Lucas

      The tide is turning and popular sentiment is proving that many people want to see the end of trophy hunting and as its legality there are many things that once were legal, but morally and ethically reprehensible. In term a of any benefit provided to local communities, without concrete evidence I find that claim questionable given that regulation is slim at best! r

    • connor

      Yes it does;
      how the process hunting works is first one needs a hunting license. Second, that person needs to buy a tag or a permit to hunt, and both only work on one species of animal (except most fishing permits). Tags and permits are only made when there is an overpopulation of an animal in a certain are; in the U.S. this is determined by state and national Fish and Game Departments and in Southern Africa by the hunting lodges that one can go to from the U.S.. Since everyone needs to go through biology to graduate high school, I shouldn’t need to explain why overpopulation is bad.
      duely note that she shot a LEAPORD with a BOW, which is really impressive, and the lion was hunted because there were too many alpha lions killing babys, so basically she killed a baby killer.

  • Sarah Dickson

    If Hunting Barbie (I like this better than Texas Cheerleader) wants to continue her hobby in peace she needs to stop posting pics of herself beaming next to a beautiful dead animal on Facebook, surely she doesn’t have her head so far up her ass that she cant see this will cause huge controversy and offend a lot of people. This only leads to further assumptions that all of this ‘publicity’ will only help her to get a TV show and live the American Dream of becoming a D grade celebrity. Perhaps she is a great Conservation Crusader, if so needs some serious PR help if this really is her aim. From where I’m sitting it looks a lot like a rich, spoiled gun toting American. If conservation is so important to her and this is the aim here (not shooting and killing amazing animals that most people would only dream to see in real life) then this needs to be the focus of her facebook page. I extend a challenge to her to educate and change peoples opinions of what she is doing if it is in fact the ‘right’ thing to do. If not, then she needs to understand that people will have a differing opinion to her (shock horror) and that regardless of why she is shooting animals, they cant support this. The problem with the world is people thinking that they are the top of the food chain, and money. Its always about money.

    • Anon

      Totally agreed, she thinks just because her daddy did it, that makes it okay. I love how she thinks she’s helping the animals by paying the people, like no; you’re paying for them to build more houses and kill MORE lions just by being there. She shouldn’t call it a conservation effort when it’s really just another pity the oppressive poverty party, and an excuse for her to kill amazing animals. Her being a woman has nothing to do with anything… you pathetic media instigators…

      • smarter than you

        “She thinks” thank god there are mind readers like you put there who can put words to her thoughts. Also, just so there’s no confusion, that was sarcasm. I think you’re a moron.

      • Isaac Howser

        Yall are idiots yall don’t even know she is right and helping that’s why they put seasons on animals they need to put a season on stupid people and we wouldn’t be having this discussion

    • Matt

      I agree. I find it very difficult to believe that this girl is doing humanitarian volunteer work with a firearm (one that she places on top of the dead animal with a huge smile on her face). She can mask it as much as she wants but at the end of the day she is getting her feel-goods by killing animals. One can debate every explanation she gives. I highly doubt animal authorities in Africa find it convenient to outsource gun-toting Texans to do population control/lion cub protection. But what many locals DO find convenient is accepting large sums of money for permission to shoot their animals. Corruption is everywhere in Africa.

  • Dani

    what I noticed wasn’t the ‘Texas cheerleader’ in the headline, but the pictures themselves. if she is in it for the sake of conservation, i would see it to be incredibly unprofessional of her to be taking ridiculous ‘selfies’ as she disrespects their bodies. this kind of thing is to be taken very seriously, especially when it comes to endangered wild species.
    the red flags you have put up, is first the fact that you criticize the opposing stories simply on the grounds that they are the media using words to draw you in. are you not the same?
    how about the fact that you used the oh-so-mature term ‘giant A-hole’ in your supposed breakdown of the situation? then there’s your summary for the lazy readers… i assume that’s a large majority of your following.

  • Kel

    Sure. Posing with dead animals that you hunted is kind of gross to look at and offending to most people. But SO many hunters pose with their hunts. Google it. This might not be the exact same thing but don’t people pose with the fish they catch and then take it home and eat it? I’m sorry to say this but hunting is a sport and has been a sport since pretty much the dawn of time so it’s here to stay. Sure, she should have explained herself more but she’s 19! She’s young! Give her some sort of break! Don’t ruin her entire life. People can be so cruel. There’s a girl that shows up on my facebook newsfeed that post pictures of her hunts but I ignore it. If it bothers you so much just ignore it too or don’t follow the page.

  • Aus

    All these people are getting so mad. I challenge those people to live in the African wild. See how long it takes for you to start starving. The people who live there I am sure are very grateful for her hunts. And if I were out there I would take pictures with things that I killed too! How often is it that you get to hang out with a leopard? By the way, that leopard is probably tranquilized and so is that lion looking at how their eyes are.

    You all are demonizing a girl for doing what she loves. You are all internet bullies, I hope you all realize that. I bet a majority of you don’t like bullies too. That makes the majority of you both bullies and hypocrites.

    If you guys want to get mad about killing animals then get mad about the thousands of cows, chickens, horses (Yes horses), pigs, and so many other farm animals that conveyor-belted or even literally thrown into a grinder for your easy to make food. Don’t hate on a girl for feeding a probably starving tribe, hate on yourselves for being fat consumerists.

  • Mike

    Fake outrage is the new pastime for white people. None of you will give a bakers fuck about this chick or any other hunter in 3 weeks. She is providing for the people of Africa, much more than you or I are doing. If she wasn’t a pretty blonde no one would care.

    Make a hashtag and go cry about it, your 15 minutes are up soon. #bringbackourgirls #kony2012 #yesallwomen

    • Alex Jones

      I feel like your only flaw was in saying white people but yeah you basically just summarized the entirety people on the internet. “i’d rather just yell my opinion than get up and do anything”

  • Brittany

    As soon as I seen the story online, I knew the whole story wasn’t being told. I’m pretty sure that most people who hunt, do it for sport. Are we going to criticize hunters during deer and turkey season? Of course not. It’s acceptable to kill deer. Maybe it’s because the people that kill them, eat them as well. Same thing, different animal. There is more of a variety of animals in Africa. I’m sure if we had wild elephants and lions in the States, they’d be hunted. However, since they are in Africa, and not here, hunting them is a disgrace. Would I hunt an elephant or lion? Probably not. Would I hunt an elephant or lion, if I lived in Africa and I was hungry? Damn skippy. I think that what this young lady does, is wonderful. She feeds the hungry in AFRICA, which is more than I can do. Period. She also mentions that with some animals, you have to have population control. Killing a few Leopards, helps save livestock. So, she gets to have fun, save livestock, and help the hungry…. but let’s just focus on the hobby part of it all… That’s what everyone is doing. This poor girl can’t even enjoy her hobby, without being globally bashed for it. I say, “Way to go, Kendall! Don’t let the negativity bring you down. Keep feeding those people and enjoy yourself!”

    • Jay

      The difference between a deer and a lion is that lions are in critical endangerment from the behavior of people like this girl, and considering they’re an apex predator, the survival of its species are critical to the preservation of Africa’s biodiversity. There is no reasonable comparison between deer and the critically endangered animals that she’s hunting

      • j

        Are you too dumb to understand that her $35,000 she paid to kill the lion is going to aid in the conservation of many more than just one lion. And btw They are not endangered due to the people who are legally hunting off conversations that pay huge sums of money to do so. They are endangered b/c people have run them off of their natural habitat and hunt them illegally. Conversations had to be made b.c of this. Conversations have limited space so population control needs to be done. Hunters are willing to not only provide the population control but also pay large sums of money allowing the conversations to stay alive or even expand. Sure she could just donate the money and let the wardens handle population control but who are you to judge her when she is doing a hell of alot more for the animals and people of Africa than you will ever.

        • Tesia

          I think you mean conservations, not conversations. Don’t call someone an idiot when you write like one, it just doesn’t look good. Besides that, the whole idea of killing a species to help preserve it is a little backwards, don’t you think? Sounds like what Hitler had in mind, and people were outraged at him as well. She needs to grow up and learn to respect other creatures. What she does to these animals is disgusting on an immeasurable level.

          • JohnG

            They explain in this very article why certain lions have to be killed to keep the lion population up. She didn’t kill a species. She killed one lion. A lion who would have wiped out an entire pride’s worth of cubs so that the female lions would go back into heat.

        • Julia

          That’s a very sweet thought but if she paid that $35 000 in Zimbabwe it’s not going anywhere except a corrupt official’s pocket.

  • yes

    justify all you want, she’s still an asshole who likes to kill animals. Narcissists are quite talented at coming up with a million reasons why it’s ok to inflict suffering on other beings. Karma will take care of her and all the people jumping to defend her. Disgusting.

    • People aren’t really that smart…

      I hope you realize that as animals its in our nature to kill things and eat them. I also hope you realize that pride is a natural human feeling. I hope you one day find yourself in the african wilds and come across a leopard and think to yourself, “everything is fine, this leopard is totally not going to do the same thing that we do to it.”

  • Carlos

    If what you’re saying is true about why she did the kills, why pose with the kills like an idiot? It’s the goofy poses that make her look bad. Not buying the Roosevelt comparison. Roosevelt is just standing behind a dead rhino, not holding up dead animals and posing with them like a kid in a candy store.

    • Chris

      She’s posing with the kills because hunting is a sport; when you take a trophy, you take a picture with it. People hunt all fall/winter long and no one has a problem with it but for some reason, a beautiful young lady isn’t allowed to hunt without being chastised by people who know absolutely nothing about hunting and conservation. She did nothing wrong and she’s not the first, nor the last, to do so.

      • Jo

        I have a problem with anyone who poses with an animal they have just hunted. I just don’t get it, the animal is unsuspecting and you used a ranged weapon, your so big and tough! Take on a lion with bare hands and win, or even try to catch a deer, now THAT would be photo worthy!

        • Wilson

          You sir/madam are a retard. Humans never evolved natural weapons because we found tools to be far more effective for accomplishing tasks. Tool invention is what allowed us to become the dominant species on this planet. Oh and they used to do that actually, bare hand fights against lions, back when the Romans persecuted Christians. That worked well for them i think, what was the score? saints: 0 lions: thousands?

  • Kyle

    I’m sure Africa does a great job in monitoring, tracking and creating consensus on the populations of their wildlife. I’m being sarcastic. While many of those creatures have yet to make the endangered species list (though criteria for this list could be argued), it is fact that many of them are on steady declines. Genetic diversity in nature is essential –I’m not anti-hunting, but exotic big-game hunting/trophy hunting feels a lot different than the controlled, structured hunting seasons we have here in the states. Not to mention that game preserves with guides takes the skill out of the hunt. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

    It just looks like a flagrant abuse of wealth and power in my opinion; and her argument for population control doesn’t seem accurate.

    Oh, and the argument about Teddy Roosevelt and Hemingway is garbage –times have changed, animal populations are dramatically different now and human intellect has hopefully evolved a smidge.

    • samantha

      “It just looks like a flagrant abuse of wealth and power in my opinion; and her argument for population control doesn’t seem accurate.”

      I would think that buying several luxury cars only to crash then while intoxicated; paying one’s way out of legal trouble for something like being caught with underage women; or being a known woman abuser and yet STILL manage to sell cds, star in movies and do forth would be a flagrant abuse of wealth and power. This young girl is taking her money and doing something she believes is good and right. It doesn’t matter if we disagree. What she is doing is not illegal or even new.

  • Brittany

    People post pictures of themselves with a dead deer or turkey. What is the difference, really? It’s not an exotic animal? In Africa, they’re not exotic. They’re native to the land. I’m sure that these animals have been hunted for many, many years. I could understand being upset, if she was just killing them and letting them rot, but she isn’t. She feeds the locals, with the meat. I’d be willing to bet, that they use other parts of the carcass, as well. Also, just because she is blonde and (more than likely) has a lot of money, doesn’t mean that she is a “spoiled, gun toting American.” While we bash her for having a hobby (that does more good, than anything), lets make judgements based on her looks, too!

  • HausB

    A) Nobody gave a ah*t about which animals were killed. It’s only fairly recently that there’s been a differentiation.

    B) I find it extremely bad taste to pose with the animals like she did. She might be doing good deeds for the local communities, but posing like is just tasteless, and disrespectful towards the animals.

  • Laura

    No justification. Endangered or not. These animals were not killed out of need, they were not killed because she was starving, they were killed for trophy…wanton murder of another being for self glorification. I bet she even goes to Church on Sunday. Disgusting.

  • http://fb Elisabeth Cantor

    I made some comments on Kendall Jones’ FB page–comments that were non-threatening but also pretty direct, such as: her PR that she is a conservationist and loves animals while straddling a dead lion and pitching to get her own t.v. show. I was hoping she would address this hypocrisy but she blocked my ability to write on her wall or make any comments. Reading through the comments, it’s pretty clear that she has attracted by supports and, more and more, detractors. Some of these animals are nearly extinct. The amount of money she spends on these big game hunts cost tens of thousands of dollars. Imagine how much the villagers in these areas could benefit from money going DIRECTLY to them and not into the pockets of the wealthier people. She’s a hypocrite.

  • Devon Razey

    Actually, a handsome portion of those expenses gets funneled directly into the local communities! Yay!

    • Steve

      I have been to Africa. The local communities don’t get shit from this! That is a flat out lie. This whole article is bogus. She is a spoiled American exploiting a poor country. If she is a conversationalist, than why is she not explaining her “real” work? There is no conservation reason for any of this. This article is just trying to put a spin on her ignorant behavior. And who ever is financially backing her should be shot like these animals were. They are all a disgrace and an embarrassment to our country.

  • Pat

    This idiot is looking for publicity and you’ve handed it to her. She now has a “reality” show. You were used as a marketing tool.

  • bonnie newman

    you go girl, people out there who don’t like it have nothing better to do than bitch about anything and nothing. They understand none of this but just like to shoot shit. All the power to ya.

  • Virginia Bohannon

    You know, we’ve come a long way on a lot of social and environmental issues and awareness since the days of Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway. So using them and their ignorant and self serving behaviors as justification for the slaughter of innocent animals under the guise of “sport” in our modern times is not relevant.(This was part of her post to justify her activity.) If “a fuss” wasn’t made back in those days over what they did, it sure should have been! Aw….a man with a weapon is so brave. Take the weapon away, and what do you have?

  • Kevin K.

    Sure, she may have her reasons, and they may be legitimate, but the way she poses in those photos is highly insensitive, and makes her look like an uncaring, unfeeling a-hole.

  • tara

    I agree

  • Stephen Saunders

    I grew up hunting and never understood the joy of killing. We were very poor, lived in rural Arkansas and we hunted to eat. I hunted mostly squirrel, dove, rabbit and deer. I never liked killing and certainly never had my pic taken with something I killed. I did love being in the woods and the beauty of nature, but the killing was something I did because we had to do so. I am not ashamed of it and I still support hunting but I think I see joy in her killing and that I do not understand. Her kills are not impressive. Its just traveling a long way to find something new to kill. A new thrill. A new “prize”. The worst sort of hunting. The fact that she helped local peoples is nice but really somewhat irrelevant. She is a sport hunter. A thrill seeker. She takes pride in killing. She is wrong.

  • Luis

    Killer barbie here needs to know shit’s not cool yo! be a cool 19 year old and shoot the deer in my highway and town, those are annoying. Some domestic help?

    Seriously though,

    However the story is presented or justified it will still come out sour and barbaric.

    There are some lion farms in Africa that bring up the male lion pups in 10’x10′ cages into adulthood to be hunted for this specific supply and demand in order to have an income. Worse people then this girl go out there and do this. She’s not the first or last.

    If I had a choice I wouldn’t kill an animal for sport directly. After all we drive cars and those are killing polar bears indirectly to acknowledge double standards.

  • Don Sylvia

    The pictures she is posting display both pride and pleasure. If either one of these emotions is associated with killing you are only fooling yourself if you believe that your motive is anything but unadulterated pleasure. You can call it hunting all you want but your actions are nothing more than tracking down and killing. And the twisted logic presented as reason immediately reminded me of the slave traders of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries who said “Oh, the darkies are happier this way. We keep them together and they are too simple minded to survive on their own in society. They’re happy.” Give me a friggin’ break. We’ll never be able to stop neanderthal people like her but the very least they could do is be honest.

  • Adam Claringbull

    I have absolutely no problem with killing animals and then eating them. This isn’t what this girl is about, she’s a trophy hunter, and not in the sense of how we think of such things from Hemingway etc. She’s used GPS tracking, 4 WD vehicles and weaponry unthought of for that period. No risk killing, sure she’s carrying a crossbow in one pic, but the locals who took her out weren’t going to let her near a situation that might actually endanger her.
    By the way, it is unfair that she’s been picked because she’s female and a cheerleader (and also looks like she’s just orgasmed), but then it’s unfair that the animals got shot by her in the first place.

  • Eva

    Well said.

  • Matt

    Dang, that looks like fun!!

  • Peeweeinurbunghole

    I was raised a hunter.. I’ve taken part in the great newfie SEAL HUNT.. but one thing i can say is I’ve never killed anything on the endangered list and I never will.. I also never killed a baby seal.. I did however feed my family with seal meat and the money made from selling the pelts.. theres nothing wrong with hunting, its a natural as breathing but humans have wiped out enough species. Take your redneck ass back to texas and shoot a coon bitch

  • ugh…

    You’re an idiot…

  • Kayla

    It’s funny how she says the lions are over populated. When there’s only maybe 20000 left in the whole world. And yet BILLIONS OF HUMANS EVERYWHERE. Don’t ya think we’re a little over populated. Yeah because these animals chose to be put there, they chose to be hunted they chose to be a burden … Do you hear yourselves? They’re endangered because of us! They didn’t choose to be a “burden” to humans. Quit making excuses to fucking kill! Also lazy readers she killed that white lion not tranquilized it. READ! The way I see it, she’s making excuses to kill animals. Well we’re animals too. So why is it illegal to hunt humans? I think I might take up that sport and donate their bodies to science and their skin would probably be worth a fair bit. Does that seem justified to you? We’re no different than animals. Population control is the same. Think about it, how would you feel if people hunted you for fun? Even to eat? The cannibals would profit from it. Shit I’ll do that, hunt humans and give their bodies to the hungry cannibals.

  • Rex Leetham

    What’s next on her list, an injured or elderly human? Her thirst for blood sport cannot be hidden behind false conservationism. If she were the saint she claims to be, she wouldn’t have a need to brag, show off and post pictures of her kill.

  • killa

    Seriously, did any of you picks read the article? It was a small portion of legally obtained game. Get your fucking stick out of your assessment. Next thing y’all are gunna start jailing motorists for smacking a deer on the road. Grow the fuck up. Someone who actually quoted the “Lion Whispered” Ahahahha you joke! The only people who are complaining have extra chromosomes or are plain ignorant. Peace bitches.

  • jlr

    Spoiled little rich girl with nothing better to do.

  • Marlee

    I think that this girl isn’t doing the wrong thing. Hunting is a legal and a necessary thing. Her hunting help feed a village and also give money. If she wouldn’t of killed these animals then the tribe people would have. Also, the rhino was not killed; she was helping it.

  • yup asshole

    So far, this is the most legitimate comment. It’s not snooker the hunting, it’s about the publicity of it all. Times have changed we are killing off an ecosystem that we can’t actually afford to loose. The reason those cats are coming into “human territory” is because we as humans have exhausted their free range resources. They find food where they can now. If that so happens to be the cattle that humans are over producing on farm land than so be it. And all of you who are whining about how poverty stricken africa is, I have friends who have frequented Africa and their homeless are, in comparison, the same as here in the states. That elephant is a delicacy not a normal food source. Just like people who hunt and milk bald eagles, a felony but people do it, google that shit why don’t you!!

  • Kerry

    Wow, what a blatantly ignorant post! Are you aware that there has been a 92% dip in the lion population in SA, 2% greater than that of rhinos. She should not be playing God, she is no conservationist! I worked in conservation in Central Africa, am South African and your post is utter nonsensical hogwash. If she wanted to pursue green duties she should be educating the tribes on how these animals are a part of their national heritage. A habituation program should be in place to ensure that they respect the lives of the Big 5. Posting her pics with that sickening smile on her face makes me want to puke. Us humans, are the most savage and barbaric animals of them all. Only a coward would ‘hunt’ in an enclosure. She must hunt with her bare hands.

  • bo row

    is this girl for real? male lions always eat the cubs of the female lions. that is HOW IT WORKS. im speechless.

  • Kate

    No, except for the rhino, which she said she tranqu’d, all the animals you see are dead. She really is hugging a dead leopard, with her blow dried hair and makeup on. Not that there is anything wrong with looking good for your selfie with the meat – however, I can’t imagine getting dolled up for a real hunt, where you sweat and get very dirty hiking, lying on the ground and climbing trees and such. She did not hunt these animals, she was delivered to them and she shot them.
    Most likely all these dead animals were broken down and sold for bush meat, as that business is booming all over Africa right now, responsible for massive reductions in wildlife counts. Political unrest is largely responsible for the people of Africa’s inability to build an agricultural system that will feed everyone, and that leads to their consuming their natural resources, which are going extinct rapidly. That a very few make money off rich American “hunters” who drop occasional trinkets along the way has no effect at all on alleviating the larger problem. All the species represented here by corpses will likely be extinct on our lifetimes unless huge changes occur in African politics – and that is largely up to the people of Africa themselves. If we can avoid getting in their way by not destroying their precious resources for our entertainment, amongst many other things, it would probably be good.

  • Sarah

    ‘It is legal’ should never be the qualifier for whether or not it’s RIGHT or OKAY to do something. It is legal, for instance, to stone women to death as part of an ‘honor killing’ in some countries. In parts of Africa, it is okay to sexually mutilate young girls. In China, it is perfectly legal to strip the hide off a conscious animal and let it die of shock and pain in a mile of other freshly-killed LIVE animals.

    There are times when a hunting market HAS helped animals, but in this case, it isn’t. Call it for what it is — it’s a spoiled rich girl who was never raised to appreciate nor respect LIFE using selfies to self-promote and get a TV show. She collects trophies from practically CANNED hunts. I hope nobody here actually thinks she goes out and locates her own animals, does her own tracking, and puts herself into any sort of position where the animals could defend themselves or get away.

  • Debbie Justus

    Get a life. No one cares what you find disrespectful. This is what hunters do. Your an idiot.

  • Paul

    Many african and other tribes have ceremonies that push out the elder leader when a new one is to take charge. Same as in the lion kingdom. You gonna shoot them as well?

  • Sarah

    Pride is natural, but pride is a framed in morality. A rapist, for instance, can be “proud” of hurting women. When you lack shame or empathy, pride fills the void.

    Let’s get something straight. She is not killing animals to eat them. She spent tens of thousands of dollars to fly across the world and shoot a trophy and make a photo op out of it. That money does not go to local villages. She is not ‘aiding’ conservation, either — she is aiding herself. When commercial hunting helps an animal species’ population, it’s usually through the creation of farms, which employ psuedo-captivity (for ungulates) or excessively cruel methods (such as for lions or large-territory animals), with little care for the genetic diversity of that species.

  • Mel

    well said!

  • andrew mow

    Seriously how idiotic is it that people say stuff like “I hope you find yourself in Africa coming upon a leopard/bear/lion”
    If that happened it’s for survival. What is survival about flying to Africa, paying money, getting in a truck to shoot?

    All of you need to get your head out of your ass.

  • Pat

    she was not picked because she is a female or a cheerleader. She put herself out there. She is doing canned hunting. She is an attention whore and doesnt give a damn about anyone except herself

  • David

    She mentions” badly wanting to shoot something” as a small child. What does that say about her. Her justification is she paid someone. How sad.

  • t

    I think the main cause of anger from the majority is that she is hunting endangered species and then posing with them in disrespectful ways. Yes, hunters pose with their kills all of the time, but the animals they pose with aren’t endangered. They’re animals that have a population that needs to be controlled.
    Also, that comment about Hemingway and Roosevelt was completely uncalled for. In the twenties, none of these animals were endangered.
    I just think that hunting for sport is ridiculous.

  • Shane

    I don’t care if it was a “legal” kill or not, it shouldn’t have happened. She’s the one that should be hunted and shot! Scum.

  • mia

    even though I kind of maybe possibly see some reason in her arguments I have read in this article… WHY does she need to post the happy pictures of the dead animals it is still sad if it is necessary

  • NaTosha

    Those of you that comment “bashing” this woman sicken me. Whether or not she kills them, and posts pictures next to them shouldn’t matter to you because it doesn’t hurt your life personally. If you have a problem with this, then take a look at your own country.
    You can buy and draw a bear tag, a moose tag, mountain lions, etc. You can still trap “cute little beavers”. My husband shot 4 deer last year, had a bear, elk and antelope tag. You can draw specialized tags (like she did-paid for). She didn’t over harvest, and she didn’t even kill some of them. She helped it and took a picture next to it, because that’s pretty cool to have a photo with a rhino.
    There are so many worse things to worry about than this and you people are all freaking out that everything will be gone if one girl kills an animal. I am absolutely furious with those of you who have a problem with this. I guess you guys all need to become vegans or vegeterians because “killing a cow or pig is also wrong”. That sentence is so stupid I feel like an idiot writing it.
    Bottom line if ya got a problem with it then don’t look at it! I hate people like you anti-hunters.

  • Stanley leiter

    Damn ppl leave her alone your not about other ppl doing this get off her case it’s non of your business what she does on her free time get a life and find something new to talk about like um legalizing weed or gay marriage # get a life

  • Sarah

    Amen. You said it much more politely than I would. The writer sounds like someone young and experienced. Newly graduated and therefore quite aware!

    Thank you.

  • Val

    Wow, you are stupid! Are you seriously going to place wild and endangered animal species in the same league as cows and chickens? Are you EFFING kidding me?!?! Don’t you know what contributes to and has partly made the hole in the Ozone layer? Bloody cows! Greenhouse gasses! Cows, chickens and pigs are bred for eating. They are not endangered.
    The Leopard and Lion are definitely NOT tranquilised (if you read the article you would know that) because she proudly states that Leopards and Lions are killing livestock and so the numbers need to be controlled = culling.
    I simply cannot believe that you are happy for her to kill an endangered cat so she can “hang out” with it.
    Also, don’t throw us this crap that we are demonising her for doing something she loves. Serial killers love killing people, but hey! According to you, leave them be because they are just doing something that they love and that’s good!
    The fact that you think this girl is helping to feed a “tribe” who you seem to think are starving is sick – you must be white, (feel like) middle class, straight, not college graduated, and probably religious, right? You have no idea. So some goddam research before you spout such crap with nothing to back it up.

  • Pam

    Trophy hunters are one of the lowest forms of life. I have to wonder at anyone who gets entertainment or a trill from killing animals or people. Has to be something wrong with them.

  • Andrew

    Agreed. And as for this, “Nobody flipped out when Ernest Hemingway did it, nobody flipped out when Teddy Roosevelt did it”, it’s simply not true. The author is the lazy one here. Just because he wasn’t alive when it happened, he apparently assumes it didn’t happen.

  • chris

    Has the Human Species not yet realized our rule in the Kingdom of animals is
    the one that cares for them, and only takes what is needed to survive. Humans,
    are the only Species capable of this task.

    co 732014

  • Nick

    oh shut up people, if it was not for hunters and gathers in the first place you wouldnt be here today, she is helping those animals whether shes doing it out of care or just wanting to shoot something, either way shes helping. do you think all doctors are doctors because they enjoy helping people or because of the paychecks at the end of the week, i am an avid hunter and whether shes tranqing or hunting game it doesnt affect you at all so get the fuck over it. and just because shes posting “selfies” doesnt make her a horrible person, tell me you wouldnt want a picture next to a rhino or holding a cheetah. if i had the money to participate in this i absolutely would. Right on girl! keep at it.

  • Brian

    For a writer so concerned about the one sided nature she’s been cast in, I don’t recall anything, but praise for her in this. Look if you really want to believe that this is all about providing meat and money for the village and council go ahead and be naive. For what people pay to do this they shouldn’t be in such poverty then. If they are that hungry then the government should be hunting these animals at their disposal.

    Killing a Leopard because it kills cattle? Yup, that makes sense, just kill leopards so the cattle can flourish. People do realize there are literally 36 billion cows in the world. I’m sure they aren’t in danger of becoming extinct over there and without them leopards would struggle to survive.

    Does she deserve to be public enemy #1? No, but I’m not going to sit here and be naive, thinking this is all about helping the environment and not a great deal about her ego. After all, last time I heard you could still donate all that money they pay to kill the animals, WITHOUT ACTUALLY KILLING THE ANIMALS! So apparently, killing is a big draw for her.

  • ashley

    Hi, yea I dont think you even read the article.. Was it too many words for you? You obviously missed the part where she, herself, said that she did in fact kill both the lion (with a bow)and a leopard. And that the lion was in a fenced in area! People keep saying “shes helping starving villages” yea, okay but she doesnt do it for that she does it becase she is a sick little rich girl who likes to take lives.. If I killed someone and stole all their shit but I donated it to charity would that be cool? Anyways, here is a piece from the article you missed
    “Ok I’m gonna explain for the 53567544th time. The rhino was a green hunt, meaning it was darted and immobilized in order to draw blood for testing, DNA profiling, microchip ping the horn and treating a massive leg injury most likely caused by lions. People try to say that lions will not attack a hippo, rhino or elephant, quiet the contrary. Lions attack and kill the young of these species. The adults try to fight the lions off and are regularly successful, but do get injuries in the process. As for the lion that I shot with my bow, it was within a 45,000 acre fence with other lions and plains game. It’s in S Africa, so yes it was within a fence, but 45,000 acres is the equivalent to 70 square miles and considered fair chase. Lions that have come in and taken over a pride, not only kick the older lion out, but will also kill all of his cubs so that the lioness will come into heat again. Controlling the male lion population is important within large fenced areas like these in order to make sure the cubs have a high survival rate.”

  • chris

    I applaud you for having the balls to go out there and even hunt a dangerous animal Most man haven’t even hunted those so keep doing what you’re doing your biggest fan Chris

  • Chris

    Talk abut trying to make the ends justify the means. Bottom line is killing endangered animals (for any reaspn, other than to stop the speed of disease in other endangered animals that might kill more) is wrong.

    There are better ways to provide money and food to these communities.

    Sorry, she is not justified in killing these animals.

    Now using tranquilizing to allow tagging and other items to protect them is a different story, but there is no excuse for killing a lion, aside from disease.

  • think

    Wait, did you just equate an ENDANGERED SPECIES with COWS?

    Try thinking before you type next time

  • logic

    The only thing absolutely ridiculous is that you see more outrage over the killing of animals, than humans on a regular basis in war-torn countries.

  • Janet

    She “paid” people so she could do this? So what! It’s wrong, sick, twisted, and the photos scream OVERINDULGED child! Don’t post if you can’t take the back lash, dear.

  • Erin

    I read this whole article & her explanation of things. She is a rich, sad, cowardly sport hunter who takes a great deal of pleasure in her sick postings. She wants to give the impression she’s done something difficult? Ya, hit the Outback with out a guide, alone & hunt for food, see how fun it is then you STUPID idiot!

  • SilverMoney

    So she’s only doing it to help the ecosystem, it has nothing to do with fueling her ego and making herself feel like she’s powerful? Why is she posing with them and posting it all over Facebook? Is she proud of that?

    Any idiot can take a rifle and shoot a damn wild animal that’s not even running away. You can drive by a lion in Africa, he won’t even flinch. Doesn’t take some godly-amount of skill to shoot a wild animal.

    All those governments in Africa are corrupt, so who cares if she paid them? All they want is money. For crying out loud, Africans sold their OWN people to Europeans in slavery, you think they care about their animals much more?

  • Nicole

    So basically youre pissed that Africa has people in it? Uhmm hello, what do you think America had before our people showed up and polluted the area? Nobody talks about how America used to be because, NEWS FLASH: nobody cares. Everybodys happy on their iphones with their fur coats in winter using makeup to get pretty and eating burgers for lunch. But nobody cares about all that. But because it’s in Africa the world wants to go up in flames worrying about some girl hunting rather than worrying about more political things. Like our troops only getting 2 meals a day, or people here in America with animal abuse, or the homeless kids here, or the feeaking immigrant situation! You dont even care about people in Africa getting food and staying healthy, you’re just pissy because shes killing animals to actually do something for them. Unlike what we in America do, which is nothing. You may “care” about the animals, but you’re basically saying youd rather have animals living than people. So to you my friend, take a gun and go kill the people in Africa yourself, since thats basically what youre hoping for.

  • ALyce

    1. They are endangered or at least dagnerously close to being so
    2. She doesn’t do it to help the villagers. She does it so she can get famous with her own TV show. (she’s said herself that that is her goal)
    3. At the time teddy Roosevelt was hunting big game the Endangered species list was
    A FEW HUNDRED animals shorter.

  • ok

    There’s a difference between starving and hunting for a hobby. Try a better comparison next time.

  • Michele

    She’s immature and disrespectful about it. Propping up dead animals and posing with them on a modeling shoot to get fame and a TV show takes away any “good deed she’s doing.”

  • wasd

    I reported all of her photos with dead animals as “graphic violence” which it is. hope she gets banned.

  • Ray

    *slow clap* ….bravo. Best comment. Why even bother regurgitating the same shit on Facebook for a couple days if nobody is going to actually say something worthwhile about it AND have someone listen? Nobody’s gonna say “oh wait, you’re totally right, I guess everyone should just ignore all of the passionately ignorant comments I’ve just posted because now I’m a little better educated with some more logical facts and opinions and I’m not embarrassed to admit that maybe I didn’t think about it thoroughly”. Come on people, get a mind of your own, do a little research, or just shut up. Simple.

  • Flax

    “quiet the contrary.” Well at least she’s educated.

  • Matt Smith

    Until you can figure out how to curb African HUMAN population growth, animal populations will have to be managed, and hunting has always been used to manage populations….

  • Matt Smith

    You’re wrong, hunting has been used as a means of controling animal populations for a very long time, and whenever you have humans and animals living in close proximity, population control is warranted….And while it would be “nice” if all these communities had enough money and food, they don’t…How much have you sent them ?

  • Bartleby the Scrivener

    I’m curious. Do you want larger animal populations or to stop hunting? I ask, because high animal populations are linked to licensed hunting. Small animal populations are linked to bans to hunting.

    Would you like to see what countries have elephant herds that are so large they have culls? I’ll give you a hint of where to look – check for hunting licenses for them.

    Would you like to know where the largest population of tigers in the world is? Bingo – private ownership in the USA…that’s where.

  • Matt Smith

    She paid to be allowed to be on a hunt which served the local economy and benifited the preserve by virtue of a carefully calculated means of population management in a 70 square mile area.

  • marie

    One of the many reasons Africa is so impoverished happens to be the corruption found within their governments. If they can ship food for profit while letting their own people starve, what are the chance

  • marie

    That they are sharing that wealth?? (Sorry accidently sent before I meant to lol!!)

  • Aubz

    Here’s the thing– they won’t flurish. We’ve already destroyed to much of their way of life for them to control and exist the way the did before. We stepped in, and we have to keep doing it. And that means killing some of them.

  • Aubz

    Do it with a bow, like she did. Then we’ll talk.

  • steve

    It’s only ‘conservation,’ because humans want to control the entire world. No difference between killing these animals and killing humans (shouldn’t do either), and she didn’t know the lion would take over the pride…she said it was within a radius where it could…this isn’t Minority Report.

  • Crey

    If you’d like to get information about hunting and conservation and how it ties into posting straight from the front lines, here is an account from a second year vet student that spent three months with a conservation team in South Africa. Educate first.

  • Jim Cooper

    Sarah. You have posted one of the most accurate observations in this entire media scrum. I agree totally. Yes if your going to work with conservation. DON’T MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A BIG GAME SAFARI. I hate any life being taken any any premise. I am a few months off 70 and sick of seeing killing as mankind’s greatest port… more often than not.. yourselves. The sooner the planet is rid of us the better it will be. We are the worst parasite that has ever walked on its surface.

  • Lou

    Well said. She really needs a PR officer to help her portray that side of her if that what she really wants. She clearly doesn’t know how she’s coming off. Her comments are definitely being lost in the din of all the media. Actions speak louder than words.

  • nunya

    Ugh. I understand everyone is different and completely entitled to to live their own life and enjoy what they want… but IN MY OPINION… This shit is completely wrong. I can’t even kill a spider, I try my damnedest to catch him and get him to a safe place if he’s bothering me that bad. I think any and every breathing thing is amazing and I don’t think it’s my right to hurt it or take its life for my enjoyment. People are crying her rights, what about that animals life? Any wrong doing is determined by the degree of it’s malice. If you accidentally hit a person with a car and that person dies, it’s a totally different whereas you go pick a specific tool, stalk that person, and shoot them without them even knowing you’re there. Maybe I’m just a hippie but that’s me. Maybe I think this is just some little girl with entirely too much money and time looking for drama. Maybe she just doesn’t give two shits and likes to shoot shit. Hell. You can shoot anything. Take some of that friggin money and buy your own damn gun range in your back yard idiot. Nah if your into wasting it like that send me some. She does look a nerd in those pics lol but some where some guy is looking at them like wow that’s hot. That’s even nastier. But whatever. Life is life. All you can do is live your own. Peace.

  • Melissa

    Hunting is NOT murder. Do you eat meat? If so, you are an idiot. Because I work in the cow/calf field with UF and I see what goes on daily in feed lots before we put cattle to slaughter for meat. So is that murder? Because if so become a vegan. However, if you researched anything on hunting you would realize that without hunting there would be no wildlife. Hunting is a tool for managing wildlife so these ‘endangered species’ do not go extinct. Open your eyes and learn the facts so you do not sound like most uninformed biased people! :)

  • Passerby Z

    I can’t condone this. And saying that it is a local initiative isn’t legitimizing it. I want to read an expert’s response to this, like say an ecologist who works in the Savannah or a biologist.

  • Katie

    when did humans decide it was our duty to keep nature ‘under control’… doesnt that kind of take the nature out of it? mankind is so self important and have put ourselves on a little gold pedestal thinking this is OUR planet and none of the other millions of species we share it with are worth anything. mankind are killing this planet. people like her are one example representing millions.

    may i also just say that regardless of these justifications, anyone who can gain pleasure from killing any form of living being has clearly got a psychopathic character. and that should never be encouraged.

  • Melissa

    And yet, I wonder what your opinion is of the millions of babies murdered in the U.S.A every year…..

  • nunya


  • Keferos Heart

    Trophy hunting on its own is just an absolutely disgusting display of the over inflated human ego at work. Say what you will, justify it as you feel you have to. I suppose the question is why do you feel the need to feed your ego by killing a lion or an elephant? Why does one feel the need to do this? The bragging right is beneath having a valuable intellect to offer, say, in comparison, the photographer of a lion. It’s not like you’re going out and picking off a deer in an overpopulated forest you are killing the lion/cheetah/rhino to fit your ego need. For the hunters, the village, to kill for food is one thing but to seek out the lion, from America, to travel to kill, to set out to kill the lion or elephant that is a demented display of human overcompensation.

    Say what you want but this girl has a complex and an ego problem.

  • noname

    I hope you realize that not ALL animals hunt and kill other animals, and that even the ones who don’t kill for fun, unless you have the Orca whale. And for your name ‘people aren’t really that smart’, maybe do your research on the basic fundamentals of the human being, and what is ‘natural’ and what is caused by societal factors.

  • Tyler

    Exactly my thoughts and congratulations. Thank you Sarah. There has to be a more respectful way, at least in her now glowingly distinguished Facebook profile, that these images of her with some obviously endangered, yet controlled, species can be taken more seriously than simply being Cheshire Tex-Mex Barbie tossing a dead carcass around in a “however-the-f$%#/who-the-f#@$ cares” fashion like her images suggest. Americans really are an eclectic bunch. Poor girl…

  • Gilberto Santos

    Thanks for the link to the petition :) I find the evidence you present very compelling on that this girl and everyone else engaging in this practice should be stopped, the international community should get involved, maybe contact congressmen on the issue? Thanks to people like Kendall and you this has come into the public eye, before this was passing unnoticed…

  • david

    All I see is a rich, spoiled, self centered piece of sh*t who’s playing games that are way beyond her grasp.
    Karma is a bitch and hopefully one day you’ll become the hunted.

  • RB

    She’s an asshole and everyone who makes all the lame excuses for her fucked up actions can shut the fuck up. You really think people are so retarded to believe that shit? There is not one, not one, reasonable excuse for what she and anyone else who does that cowardly bullshit. You make me sick.

  • Joe

    That was quite an offensive statement to think all white folks are the only people putting up a fuss. I’m certain that we may be the majority, not all white folks care either. There are far more important things going on. I simply clicked the link to this wondering what the fuss was about, as far as I can tell it is pretty tame and is helping a society. Not worth the fuss.

  • R Fandango

    “Don’t hate on a girl for feeding a probably starving tribe”

    Yah, because that tribe don’t live right in the middle of the territory where the elephants and lions do, and they have no idea how to hunt anything for themselves, and they need their great white saviours to come in and feed them, because otherwise they’d be dead from being too primitive to feed themselves. Do you not see how that’s exactly the same mindset that justified slavery? “They’re too primitive to do things for themselves, they NEED the white massa to come and save them from their primitiveness!” What a load of ethnocentric supremacist garbage.

  • bo

    You’re missing the entire point of it all; the big reason why what she does is wrong. She isn’t hunting deer, shes hunting vulnerable animals. Animals that your grandchildren may only read about. That is the issue here. And killing for conservation? Isn’t that a little backwards? Do you really think all that money is used for conservation? Theres a lot of corruption in Africa. Let the animals be. There is no reason to murder them.

  • R Fandango


    “And yet, I wonder what your opinion is of the millions of babies murdered in the U.S.A every year…..”

    When was the last time you saw a trophy photo of an abortion?

    Anyway, this isn’t the place to be soapboxing about abortion issues.

  • sigh

    You think she is horrible for killing animals, yet you would condone killing her? If you are going to have a strong ethic of life, at least be consistent.

  • sarah

    I can guarantee 99% of those photos aren’t of hunters and nearly endangered animals. Nature will carry on quite naturally without this little twat. Humans are overpopulated but you don’t see anyone legalizing homocide for that valid reason.

  • Melanie

    Doesn’t matter the the reason. She should research broccoli actually has more protein than most meats & if she really wanted to help people in Africa she could send more nutritious food rather than murder innocent animals & pose smiling with their corpse for ego & attention that she obviously can’t get any other way. It’s not the animals fault you have a gorilla nose, horse mouth, huge forehead & no boobs… Karma!

  • R. Burg

    I grew up hunting, small game and deer, which where I’m from are plentiful. I gave up hunting years ago because even though the meat WAS used I could no longer justify killing anything anymore. Jones killing these animals is not hunting and certainly not sport, it’s murder of endangered animals for NO reason. Yes, Jones did fly to Africa to get her “rocks off” or she wouldn’t have been posing with the dead animals and posting the pictures on Facebook = “Getting Her Rocks Off” and is a “Giant A Hole” for doing so.

  • JustTheWayItIs

    No, Sarah. The problem with the world is people caring so much about less than 100,000 animals in sub saharan Africa when they should be caring about the MILLIONS of African babies being born into overpopulated countries each year. Countries where the drinking water often gives malaria, typhoid and many other diseases. Countries where there are so many ethnic tribes that war will likely never seize. Countries still recovering from hundreds of years of European imperialism. I suggest you read up on current events concerning overpopulation and genocide. You know in the mid 90s, in only 100 DAYS, about 1,000,000 Rwandan Tutsis were massacred? You know much much more have died from disease and famine since then? You know that a contributor to famine is big hunter cats killing free range livestock and that African people kill them regularly so their villages don’t starve? You at least have to know that dirt poor African villagers who make less than $1500 a YEAR farming and crafting greatly rely on the money from rich hunter tourists like this girl. No? But surely you know that the money from big 5 safari hunting permits that go to the African governments largely goes to preserving Safari grounds to keep poachers out so they don’t kill uncontrollably. Or that another significant portion goes to little things like water treatment plants, vaccinations, and genetically modified crops that make low yield subsistence farming have higher yields and thus prevents famine. Read all that again. Do you still feel this strongly about freaking Mufasa and a 19 year old girl. Sarah please. Whats wrong in the world is a lack of priority and education in subjects pertaining to the world we ACTUALLY live in and not what we see on the internet or in movies or BS articles by small time writers who only want their big break so will say anything to move up at anyones expense. To be honest, I bet this girl knows more of the world than you. I hope you learn from my post like I have learned from yours. Doing a little research yourself from trusting sources or experiences truly is enlightening and really helps you see past all the lies we are fed by the media. Regards Sarah and to anyone else who has nothing better to do than to finish reading this comment.

  • Emily

    What would her going to church have to do with anything?? That is totally irrelevant. And if you meant that she is probably a self righteous, hypocrite who thinks that she can justify herself by being religious, the church was built for people who need a change in their life and recognize that they can’t do it on their own. So if she really is a terrible person who is doing a great crime, then church would be the perfect place for her.

  • JustTheWayItIs

    Kayla, we are very different than other animals. We have the ability to evolve beyond our instincts greatly throughout life. We can reflect on our actions and think. Its the very trait unique to us that allows you, Kayla, to care so strongly for these animals. Other animals do not care when they kill. In fact they don’t even not care. They don’t even think about it. Its instinct, like breathing. We are a higher evolution. Thats fact. If you don’t agree with that at least, then I fear you lack the ability to think. We are not the same. Rome was not built by Lions. I still don’t think we should drive them to extinction however. If you have the time, I encourage you to read my other post. It’s lengthy, but it might ease your conscience. If it doesn’t, then maybe you should remind yourself you are HUMAN, and rethink your humanity. Regards.

  • Tom

    Most of your comment is either filled with fallacies or just plain incorrect. You immediately compare hunting African wildlife to killing babies, but last time I checked there was a significant difference between murdering a human baby and hunting an animal. Every statistic you stated was below the actual number, according to several conservation websites, and your strongest reference is from the “lion whisperer”. Was it wrong to pose with hunted animals? Generally speaking no, as its very common for a hunter to take a picture with its prey. Did she overdo it and post pictures people could find offensive? Probably. But that gives no one the right to bash a young girl on social media because she made a mistake. If you want to go after someone, go after the thousands of poachers that illegally hunt animals for profit, not a teenage girl for legally hunting an animal, while putting money into the African economy and using the remains as recourses.

  • Alex Riggs

    She’s definitely not an a-hole, most likely compassionate, but very arrogant in her decisions of using social media. As for the cataloging of animals (tranquillized or dead), I must say I find her smiling over what should be an honorable kill as distasteful, even if it’s “for the camera”. It’s never a joyous moment to take a life, even for a good cause.

  • ashton

    Your comment was the smartest comment out of the whole lot. Just wanted to say I agree with your comment 100%

  • Daniel


    That was the poorest attempt at legitimizing such a cruel and hateful act I have ever had the misfortune of wasting my life reading. It’s a too bad Kendall doesn’t use her big game hunting skills to track and thin out the useless internet journalist population, maybe then we wouldn’t be subjected to useless garbage like this. She is not a good person, this is a fact. Dress it up with over population facts and under the guise of lion cub heroism, but in the end the fact remains, she flew thousands of miles for the specific purpose of killing animals that she did not have the opportunity to kill in the USA and then gloated about it on FB. **slow sarcastic clap** Greatest human ever…

  • Kas

    For me, it’s not about her just killing animals.

    Firstly, the lion and leopard aren’t tranquilized- they’re dead. She’s dancing with an animal corpse and smiling about it. It shows disrespect for the life she has taken.

    Of course people kill animals to eat and survive, but there is a huge difference between eating cows, fish, pigs, and chickens. Our diets ensure that these species will never go extinct. The animals she killed are devastatingly endangered and only (wildly) found in limited parts of the world.

    Also, there is a false assumption that African communities need white people to come in and kill their animals. They are doing just fine controlling their land without tourist hunters. Not all African farming communities are “probably starving tribes”.

    Sure, tourism is a great source of revenue. The real issue here is that tourism will always cater to people’s desires, no matter how immoral/unsustainable they may be- in this case, the desire to murder Africa’s “Big 5″ endangered species. This one girl isn’t the problem, but she has accidentally become a symbol for it.

    I hope you don’t take this comment to mean I am bullying you, I just don’t share your opinion.

  • PsyGuy

    @Brittany – if you eat meat of any kind, you are directly or indirectly responsible for the killing of animals. If the demand was not there, less would be killed until the demand increases or goes away.

    In the past, people had to kill animals themselves because there weren’t processing plants where this happened. They actually had to take axes and chop off chicken heads and clean the animal for eating.

    So, she is providing the meat to villagers who might not have things to eat. Man, it’s great to live in America where we don’t have to see any of this and can just go down to the local store and BUY meat and not have to worry about being eaten by a lion on the way to get what we farmed or be killed while hunting other animals.


  • Lisa Rosa

    Anyone who kills majestic wild animals and then poses them in a obnoxious way is one sick jerk. Stop trying to defend her an get her some psychological help which she desperately needs.

  • Minnesoda

    Your name on here is “Peeweeinurbunghole”. Anything you say/think is automatically invalid.

  • virginia

    Mike. You are awesome! Best comment in this whole darn thread!

  • Chris

    I’m sure ‘Africa’ does a great job in preventing the poaching of their ‘exotic’ game with all the money they have lying around to do so. Oh wait, legalized hunting is the primary funding source attempting to this illegal act.

  • Flick

    I’ve never had any desire to kill something and I’m sure not in the minority. Of course we would all fight to defend ourselves or hunt for our food if we needed to but in the Western world all of our food needs are met at the Supermarket. There is no need to inflict any unnecessary suffering on other creatures.

  • Flick

    Compassionate people do not kill for fun – EVER

  • Tandra

    Do you know how many species of animals went extinct before humans interfered? O and do you think people would live if the deer population was out of control? Have you ever seen a car hit a deer on the highway? Obviously people in Africa think it is a good idea to control the population of these animals or it wouldn’t be legal. O and she also helped by giving the meat to the people there! And about her posting it on facebook…that is her choose. Let me see your Facebook page and see if you post anything about what you do or anything personal about yourself! Leave the girl alone this is what she likes to do and you obviously like to pick on people who do things that are perfectly normal! You would not be alive today without people hunting. Better than raising animals in a small cage and fattening them up just to kill them. Most of the animals she killed had an actual life before they were killed. What she is doing is more humane

  • Tandra

    Sarah she gave the animals and probably much more to starving people! And btw everyone that is not trophy hunting because the meat is getting used. Maybe that’s why she took a picture because she wasn’t taking it home for a trophy and she is smiling because she just helped more than A dozen of people eat! Next time you eat meat any kind of meat remember you classify that as “murder” and “disgusting” and you pick on a teenager! It is all you people that makes people kill themselves! Because you are so rude and go crazy over something that is none of your business! But you don’t care about that. I bet you would if America was against one of your family members or against you! I hope one day you feel the pain she must be feeling from all you people

  • Jeremy

    There are many ways to help out the african population, pulling a trigger isn’t one of them, there are more than a few capable africans who can shoot an animal.

  • Chris

    If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. She’s not forcing you to look at her pictures, you’re only looking at them because the media told you to. If she were a 60 year old, 250 pound man, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation; but because she’s young and pretty this has become a controversy. Let her live her life, you know absolutely nothing about conservation and/or hunting, so quit pretending you have a clue what a stable animal population is.

  • distachio

    It’s not the “cheerleader” aspect that’s so galling; it’s those repeated images of her, smiling smugly over freshly-killed innocents, all over social media. If she wants to claim that these kills are humane and important to conservation, then she would do well to at least *appear* to honor the creatures whose lives were sacrificed to that end.

  • Mipsey

    This all could be true but she looks a little too happy. As the daughter of an avid hunter I’ve seen many photos of kills, but I’ve never seen someone look that enthused.

    • Tanner

      She got do something that is a once in a lifetime chance, are you kidding me?

  • WhoCares

    She doesn’t NEED to do anything nor does she have to. Just because your too stupid or close-minded to ignore something you don’t agree with (b/c you can do absolutely nothing about it even if you wanted to) doesn’t mean she has to go out of her way to explain what she is doing. She doesn’t need to change ANYTHING just for your benefit. It’s HER facebook page, not yours, and pretty sure she won’t give a rats ass about your stupid challenge anyway. Surely YOU don’t have your head so far up your ass to think this comment wouldn’t spark any debate. If you don’t like what she’s doing, newsflash!; it’s the 21st century, there’s a block button for a reason! If this is a big part of her life like she says it is, I’m sure she doesn’t care what any of you think and nothing you say or do can change that or the fact that she loves killing animals and will surely continue to do so.

  • Chris

    It’s “bad taste” to take a picture with a trophy kill? It’s call pride. What’s the point of accomplishing a goal or succeeding in something if you can’t take photos to remember it. Should we not allow the winning team to take pictures after the Super Bowl, or any sporting event for that matter? Let me guess, taking pride in success and winning are against the rules, and taking pictures to remember it is not allowed because it might offend the loser? I can guarantee you that the lion doesn’t care that she took a picture with his dead corpse, why should you?

  • ohwell

    don’t judge her like you know her or why she did it. or hate on her because you disagree what she dose. what she did is not against the law. i don’t abortion isn’t right but if hear or see some one do will hate on attack her like you guy are doing no. i be friendly to her because i don’t know i know why she did and it will do no good to her or for any one it will only hurt more people. will said abortion yes but i will attack any one who dose or who don’t think it wrong for that what they believe. I hope you guy do the same don’t hate this girl for what she did or her believes. if you think big game hunting is wrong or kill any animals is wrong then say that but don’t say nasty thing about this girl or hate because it wont do no good and it wont change her mind or any one who dose it will only make them hate you back and that it not good for the world.

  • Ralph Huppert

    Hehehehe……my God, you’re an emotional moron. But I’d like to emphasize “moron”.

  • lula c

    Obviously, you don’t realize that humans were created over the animals. It’s not murder. It’s an animal; it’s food! It’s food that those villagers are thankful to receive, that they didn’t have to pay for, and that they will gobble up.

  • ggledeglingo

    I see it has a spoiled american gril hobby that she is trying to justify. If we need to manage wild life population in big parks, then it should be to the government to do so, not to rich tourist found of hunting. Otherwise why not to let some rich people press the button on the electric chair, or to put the needles onto the convict harm in Texas executions…
    This is not because something needs to be done ( and yet you could discuss that also ) that is sould be commercialised !!!

  • pedro

    im not a internet bully or hypocrite..but i lived in Africa ..Mozambique …and for what i understand is that nature must mantain her course …and about the photos posted by the girl ..she must be kidding …what did she expect post that in the internet ?Leave the animals alone and “nature “too …sorry about my english:)


  • Jessika

    Yeeeaaah … Ummm the people and the animals have been getting along fine together for a while now, without American intervention, I’m thinking they’ll be ok for another couple millennia, too. And as far as saving the poor wounded animal from the mean ol lions, it’s called a food chain for a reason, honey. Again, the animal kingdom in general was perfectly happy and reproducing fine before humans ever even stepped foot into their world. Oh the stupidity just dripping from this article …

  • Shane Saylor

    Is it wrong to kill a living organism and then eat its flesh even though meat is one of the worst things for the human body?

    • Marlee

      I’m going to have to call bullsh*t on you Shane. If meat was healthy/ good for you then there would be a lot of issues going on. God have us animals to feed ourselves, that’s one of there purposes in life. It’s a balance, of you don’t kill animals then the vegetation is over growing fueling the insect population and so on. There has always been the food chain, and we are on top for a reason.

  • Shane Saylor

    I hope you realize that the human body hasn’t physiologically developed in the last 10.000 years, and that its “in our nature” to eat fruits and vegetables and seeds and nuts, thats whats best for our bodies, and humans only starting hunting animals during the last ice age when they were forced to kill or be killed.

  • Jarryd Reay

    What I find most ironic here is the criticism of criticism and condescending tone with which this article was written. Your underlying inference of the naivety in believing things that are “shared/posted” (and probably the reason this was written) is made comical by the fact you justify the defense of her activity with excerpts from her own page?! If that’s how you aim to dissolve the media frenzy then your article is pretty much redundant as I could have read and surmised the same by simply reading her posts – should I have chosen to believe them. I take it your brushing aside of the lack of morality behind killing these animals through financial gain or “conservationist benefit” is partnered with facts proving this industry is Indeed as upstanding as is seemingly being assumed here. Not once do I see relocation being considered as an option? If she is truly concerned with the environmental impacts why not pay to totally “green hunt” and relocate troublesome animals? And if this is to feed villages, I’m sure the substantial amount she is paying to kill could go way further towards feeding humans than one dead elephant can. These justifications are severely lacking. I take it you are not from South Africa, if you were you would have been witness to thorough journalism discrediting the hunting industry here totally. Exposing trophy hunting to be more “canned” than “trophy” (done by Carte Blanche. Google is your friend, friend). I have neither the patience or the inclination to delve into the morality of the decision to kill endangered apex predators, the wrongness is implied. The attempt to paint the hunting industry as one that financially contributes and is “pro wildlife” will forever be undermined by the fact that these individuals are defending a sport that in it’s very essence and core revolves around the killing of animals. As long as alternatives exist to killing then spades must be killed spades and the killing must be seen for what it is: the preferred option of those involved. Killing an overpopulated species that are legitimately damaging the environment and would need to be culled is one thing, and should wealthy people decide to turn it into a sport and contribute to the economy, so be it. Provided it is humanely carried out and the hunter is proficient. Killing endangered species and majestic predators and using weak rationale behind doing so is a choice she is knowingly making and rather than trying to paint a pretty picture she should call it what it is. What enrages people the most is the fact she does the above then tries to imply it’s not what it appears to be. The girl is a killer… Big game hunters are killers… The pro environmental justification is a farce. And if you cannot see that, I suggest you refrain from writing uneducated, barely formed arguments that showcase your lack of understanding in the matter as opposed to that of the very people you’re intending to “inform”.

  • think before u speak

    U should think about what kind of ahole people killed an animal next time you eat a hamburger or bacon! Karma really!!! She is hunting animals to feed people same as people do here everyday its just different animals different country…get over yourselves people!!

  • Robert Mushinsky

    this article does the opposite for me, I cannot stand her more now, so she has money …why not directly donate to the people in Africa, how does shooting something NOT for food NOR for overpopulation, while you are in a jeep, make you sportsmanlike or cool? She is a nutjob!

  • andrew nantais

    The author of this article is most likely some a NRA hunting nut, this is obviously wrong what she is doing and you cannot justify it with one instance where she has tranquilized a rhino. To kill an animal because you want food is one thing, but to kill for sport is just sick. Lions are endangered and to kill a lion anywhere is ridiculous – it does not help control the population, I used to volunteer at a lion sanctuary in SA and I can tell you right now, every lion counts when it comes to increasing the population to healthy levels once again. Stupid girl.

  • Robin Grosch

    I am a huge animal lover and even after reading the story behind what she does and how it helps these countries I find it difficult to see her standing with these animals with a huge grin in her face I do understand how she is helping these people and keeping their livestock safe so they don’t suffer anymore and I applaud her for stepping up and helping these places that have so very little. But even in helping them I couldn’t stand by one of these animals without tears rolling down my face

  • T. Jadhu

    Who the hell does she think she is?! Stupid cheerleader. People like this need to be bound and thrown for lions to eat them alive; as it is animals are becoming extinct because of mankinds greed! As for the government; OFCOURSE they will do absolutely NOTHING to protect our species because they are greedy for the money so all we have is animal activist groups which we can depend on to help these poor animals. What do these hunters not understand by the term EXTINCTION?????!!!!! Want to post bullshit here explaining why they killed the animals. Just bullshit leave THE ANIMALS THE ALONE!!!! WHO THE HELL DO THESE AMERICANS THINK THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Niall Ganly


    Very well said

  • Somfer

    Sorry, but that still doesn’t justify killing endangered animals. There are lots of ways to feed starving people, especially given the money she uses for the permits (and it being ‘legal’ where she does it doesn’t justify it, either, when she comes from a developed nation) that could be spent on other foods for the people. One hunt was a dart hunt, yes, but if animals are becoming a problem for people, conservationists generally will relocate them. And even with the lions, there’s still the point that she’s posting the pictures all over social media about it.

    Think of it this way: if the government offered licenses to kill people if you had enough money to pay for it, and she got one and went around shooting people, would that be okay? I mean, it’d be perfectly legal. I’m not anti-hunting or anti-guns, but killing endangered species isn’t a justifiable act for any reason.

  • Christina Ostler


  • Bored

    “However, since they are in Africa, and not here, hunting them is a disgrace.” That’s an illogical argument. Hunting them is a disgrace because many African animals are endangered.It’s acceptable to kill deer due to the fact that there is an adequate amount of them.
    IF she truly cared about “[feeding] the hungry in AFRICA” she would’ve donated the money directly or bought them food. In fact, buying food in Africa that is the equivalent of the 160k she spent in order to hunt those animals would have fed entire villages. She’s not in this for the charity involved. True charity is when you do something good and expect nothing in return. She clearly isn’t the wonderful person you are making her out to be, especially considering that all she wants is to have a show.
    If her hobby involved shooting deer or ducks for sport, she wouldn’t be receiving this kind of critical backlash. If her “hobby” (which you ignorantly sugarcoated) was morally right, she wouldn’t be receiving any of this attention. But because her “hobby” involves killing off endangered species, species that may or may not live to see 2025, her moral compass is clearly off and her dazzling smile proves that. Taking a step back and looking at the situation in its entirety, something is clearly amiss. Perhaps it’s that her intentions and goodwill aren’t truly genuine and she isn’t the good person she is making herself out to be.

  • tom plankly

    Just because she paid the government and was legal does not make it right…..Just means the laws are just as fked up. Endangered is endangered no matter what some 3rd world country says is legal or not.

  • http://yo Poop

    Everyone needs to really work on their grammar. All these run ons.

  • ballocks mcgee

    “freshly-killed LIVE animals” what the actual fuck are you trying to say here ?

  • ballocks mcgee

    doesnt “reintroducing” “repopulating” “reorganizing” or really anything else people do to “help” take the nature out of it as well ?

  • Chris

    As for killing babies, why not? What right does that baby have to life? After all, the parents should just be able to post-natal abort it any time they feel like it, right?

    Kevin Richardson is definitely a scientific authority in this matter. So I would take his advice at wholesale retail value. 😉 Especially on matters such as hunting, and the socio-economic rationale of foreign cultures with relation to leopards…. Heck, the native Wolf population is at less than 3000 in Wisconsin, and yet the state demands that the wolves be hunted each year to tame the population. Where is your indignant outcry over that?

    Oh. It is because it is Africa and you think that is exotic? You Western hypocrite…

    Murder? Huh… interesting word choice… so abortionists are murderers too, eh? What is that faint word I hear whispering over the Savannah? (Western hypocrite).

  • Justin

    And we’re supposed to take someone who seriously who in turn takes the Lion whisperer seriously?????

  • becky heath

    Just pretend this is a baby human and it won’t bother you so much.
    Where is the outrage for the genocide of African humans by Islamic zealots?
    I like animals. I just like humans more.

  • JT

    Bloodlust, nothing more, nothing less. :(

  • Paul K

    Yeah I just don’t buy it. She’s paying money to hunt animals that will provide food to local villagers so her primary motive is feeding poor people? B.S. Dollar for dollar grains and vegetables will feed MANY times more people than meat. Why doesn’t she donate money to programs to help develop sustainable agriculture? That would make a REAL impact in the lives of these people, of course she wouldn’t look as cool posing next to a truck full of seeds and irrigation equipment. The picture of the elephant is particularly sad. Those magnificent animals are being annihilated by ivory poachers, and this stupid woman justifies the killing by pretending she’s feeding poor people. What a hypocrite.

  • Kevin

    Nice! I agree.

  • Kat Paul

    First things first, to all of you that are freaking the fuck out on this girl are fucking immature. You don’t like what she’s doing too bad, it’s none of your damn business. You don’t know her life and you don’t know the whole story behind her actions. Get a life!! Second of all most of you are adults that are criticizing a 19 year old girl that is doing what she loves and happens to help the people and the world for that matter. Most of you have done and do things that people don’t like, but yet I highly think the whole damn world is breathing down your neck. Just leave the poor girl alone and stop being a bunch of fucking immature online bullies. I want to thank all those individuals that are standing up for Kendall.

  • Joe

    She was taking the animals for herself, she was feeding the STARVING people in Africa! Why don’t you go try to live in Africa and get attacked by a lion and see how you feel!

  • Joe

    Why don’t you go to Africa and try finding food?

  • seth

    What an idiot you are. Explain this to the starving kids in Africa she fed. Also, human infants are not being attacked by other humans. You’re basically comparing hunting animals that are destroying other species of animals with babies that are destroying some type of species of babies… You make no sense and you’re a complete moron. You’re the one that should consider having a bullet for breakfast…

  • ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA

    We do kill babies because everyone is doing it. It’s called abortion.


  • Michael

    We bash on her because this is America and we are stupid.
    People don’t seem to realize that hunting is a sport and, like all other sports, you earn a trophy when you do well, which in this case is a killed animal. Like all other sports you take a picture with your trophy.
    This isn’t a big deal, there are plenty of animals out there to repopulate in place of the ones that are killed.

  • Derelyn

    Exactly. Actually, I read another article where a guy documented his safari tour in Africa and lions literally chilled next to their car, for shade. I’m sure all the “stalking” was painstaking. You’re not Katniss. Stop it.

  • William

    RATIONALIZATION & JUSTIFICATION at its best. There are other methods to the solutions of the problems the cheerleader mentions. The “writer’s” comparison of Hemingway/Roosevelt vs. cheerleader is a BLIND one, so much for research! Those were different eras, social media was non existent, news traveled slower, and to top it off they were RESPECTED POWERFUL public figures, not cheerleaders. I’m not saying hunting is wrong, but the arguments made in this “article” does not justify it.

  • Kat

    So what your saying is that all hunters are assholes?! Hunting is a sport, just like football or baseball. There is nothing wrong with killing wild game as long as someone will enjoy the food it will provide. I am a hunter myself, as is most of my family and friends, it gives us the means to live without having to purchase meat from the grocery store( which by the way is still a dead animal). I have to commend this girl for her generosity, she is helping the people of Africa, something most people wouldn’t even consider doing, she has the financial ability to do so, so good for her.

  • Derelyn

    Someone made a comment about there being enough animals to repopulate….

    Knowledge is power. Although “lion” may not be on this list – elephant is. I do believe I saw an elephant slain in the pictures above.

  • khanish

    Are you a vegan? do you eat beef? or chicken? or any sort of seafood (fish, lobster, crab, shrimp…) because if you eat any of these and bash her for killing “animals” you are an idiot, just because you dont kill them you are still eating them correct? if there wasnt high demand for chicken or beef or w.e else they would not be killing so many chickens or cows or fish and ect, you’re mad why because these animals are endangered and the ones you eat arent? you are a HYPOCRITE you are talking about justifying her and all this other bullshit you fail to see if she doesnt do it someone else will… the reason someone else will do it is because if u actually read the goddamn article you would know, but either way im gonna give you a quote from the article that is gonna make you wish you read it before you posted this comment, and my comment isnt just for you its for all the IGNORANT people out there making stupid comments… “Lions that have come in and taken over a pride, not only kick the older lion out, but will also kill all of his cubs so that the lioness will come into heat again. Controlling the male lion population is important within large fenced areas like these in order to make sure the cubs have a high survival rate.” and here is another quote for you “107 head of cattle was killed in a single year due to leopard kills. Leopard populations have to be controlled in certain areas.” if you dont “trim” the population of that certain animal and if there are Lions that have come in and taken over a pride, not only kick the older lion out, but will also kill all of his cubs you are saving 20 lions as opposed to one! NOT ONLY IS SHE JUST HUNTING but she is feeding the people in Africa, which is also known as a third world country (which i mean no disrespect by) meaning they dont have the same thing you and i and the other people that might be reading this have. for example money, food, clean water and ect…. by killing one lion or leopard she is feeding MANY people in Africa that are starving! and i am willing to BET my entire life on it that people here dont have a single clue of whats going on there, because i am willing to bet my entire life on if they were starving in Afirca and they had to hunt a lion or leopard and eat it they would. so just stop bashing her. all you want to “stand up as humans” maybe recognize what she is doing before you just go on and on to bash her, how many of you have done something like this for a third world country? how many of you have even tried to make a difference in your own country let alone another one, and by the way dont believe everything you read on the internet! follow up on the sources before you want your 15 minutes of fame like what mike said! well said mike!

  • Nick Yarosz

    I’m just curious, how do you feel about abortion? (Serious question) Would you agree that it’s more convenient to defend animal life than human life? When is an animal going to show up and ask you to take care of it for the next eighteen years?

  • Robin

    It is funny that half the people who commented on this article did not actually read it. Let me clear up a few misconceptions about animals.

    1) When a leopard starts hanging around a village killing its cattle, you cannot simply ask it to leave. Once it realizes that there is plenty of easy prey to catch, it will stick around forever. Not only that, but having a leopard around a village is dangerous for the villagers. Would any of you really put an animal above humans or their livelihood?

    2) Yes, the money she paid goes directly to the villages. In order to hunt on their land, she pays them directly.

    3) For those of you too lazy to read, the lion she killed was done to control the male population so he wouldn’t kill the lion cubs in the pride. If he killed all the lion cubs – guess what? You would have multiple dead lions, not just one.

    4) The elephant was not wasted. The local villagers used the meat for food. Nothing went to waste.

    5) For the love of all things good, educate yourself on matters you know nothing about before commenting and making yourself look like an ignorant hateful fool.

  • Sarah

    Remember when white people went to South Africa, fenced in wildlife and kicked the native San people off their land. Then brought them to reservations, made them work for food, and prohibited them from hunting their own game for the sake of “protecting endangered wildlife”?

    So NO, she’s not a hero for hunting for villagers. They are most likely denied the right to hunt for themselves.

    You’re right, hunting is a sport for us. Unnecessary entertainment. For other people, it is a means to sustenance and survival. Please stop using the sport excuse.

    And really, unless we start consulting actual research and experts on game laws and endangerment in Africa, we can’t come to any conclusions from this article, her Facebook page, or any other buzz word article on this misinformation shit show we call the internet.

  • Kayleigh

    But… Didn’t the article mention that within the fenced in area, if the male lion populations aren’t kept in check, they will murder the cubs of the tribe? Sounds to me like that’s one pride-less male lion vs anywhere from three to a dozen or so cubs. If the kills actually help the population of lions to grow, as well as benefiting the local tribes, I see no problem with that. And if leopards are coming in and killing essential livestock that sustain the tribes, then killing them seems appropriate. Granted, I would prefer a ‘green’ hunt to relocate the leopards to other areas, but there’s no guarantee that’s an option. I honestly don’t know. What I do know, is that if you’re arguing for the sake of lion numbers out there, your point is kind of moot since the hunts actually seem to help.

  • Jeff

    “Fake outrage is the new past time for white people” – that is F’ing awesome! This sums up just about every whiny liberal comment I have read in the past year! And I’m a white guy.

  • Derrick

    I would point out to everyone that in general the sport hunting lobby tends to be conservationist. Not in the sense of ‘save everything and make animals and humans equal’, but in the sense of managing resources. They want to be able to hunt next year. They want a good healthy herd population. And they spend lots of money to figure out what they can take or not to maintain a sustainable resource.

  • mike

    It seems the only logical thing here is to not only take away her 1st amendment right but also get rid of her 2nd. If she can’t have a gun and can’t post pictures of anything this should solve the problems all the ignorant people have with her.

  • http://facebook Michael Fish

    I heard that the law allowing condoms to be passed out, in lion school, and free abortion clinics to be set up for any animal, under the age of 18, on the serengeti was struck down by a slim margin. Better luck next election cycle to all you cute lil libbys. She killed 1 rogue lion, that could have taken over a pride, and then HE would have killed ALL of the cubs in the pride. She save multiple lives in that endangered species list…while doing so on a sanctioned hunt. Be careful how you tout censorship. The next person that is censored, could be you. Oh…and I know this has nothing to do with the argument, but I love saying it anyway. If tat majestic lion was charging you, or your children, you’d be damn happy if that cutey with a shootey was there to save your butt.

  • Ryan Garner

    This article is so full of shit that I think I just stepped in some to go get a glass of water.

    About 2 days ago, I had the absolute misfortune of learning that the hunting and games industry, once again, is using its power of lobbying and propaganda to get what they want.

    We live in a day and age where food is abundant. Although many of us are taking direct action in activism against bio tech companies like #Monsanto to stop meddling with the genetics of our food, in general, most of us are pretty lucky to be able to put food on the table. Hunting for food is no longer a necessity. In fact studies have shown that more and more people are heading towards a vegetarian or vegan diet which is stirring up a big uproar among the dairy and meat packing industry. Animal conservation is climbing to an all time high in awareness and activism. The beautiful thing is that hunters, poachers and meat packers hate us, and that means we are on the right track.

    That being said…

    Many species of wild animals across the globe have faced terminal to close terminal extinction many times over. If it wasn’t for the millions of activists across the world, some of these beautiful creatures would have been extinct forever, never to be seen again. I had the fortunate pleasure of talking to a very good friend yesterday and it pretty well sums up what Kendall Jones is achieving. People love to kill. Some people just have an abysmal obsession to end the life of another being in order to achieve a constant spark in authority, control and ultimately “ego.” Depending on how you were raised, there are some individuals that are just wired to kill and slaughter. This is true of Kendall Jones. Her father was a big game hunter, therefore she was encouraged to follow in daddy’s footsteps.

    Let’s talk about “game” hunting. Plain and simple, game hunting is nothing more then trophy murder. Someone equips a gun, travels to a destination whether it be Africa or even one’s own backyard. They spot an animal in their sights, pull the trigger and end the life of a sentient being. They then drag that carcass back to their home, clean it, stuff it and display it in their home. Do you think that soldiers are wanting to bring back someone that they killed, have them stuffed and display it on a pedestal in their living room? If you suggested that, people around the world would accost you for being a psychopath. Why is it allowed with animals? Why is it ok that we can take the life of a sentient being that has feelings, a family, a social structure like humans and just senselessly waste it for the mere pleasure of stalking and killing? There is a simple answer to all of this. People with the help of industry bias and brainwashing, have taught themselves not to care.

    Here’s the lowdown when it comes to Kendall Jones.

    She is a cheerleader, a dime a dozen. She obviously comes from a well-to-do family that can afford to send to her to these exotic hunting grounds. She is also a student at Texas Tech. She has made it publicly known that she is seeking to turn her murderous hobby into a reality TV show, because we all know that an attractive, barbie doll-eyed blonde is not totally out there to just get down, dirty and hunt. She is seeking fame and fortune. The only sad part is that she is murdering exotic and endangered animals to achieve that circle in the spotlight.

    As far as her referring to how she is an advocate for conservation, let me debunk that right here and now and put it to rest once and for all.

    The hunting and games industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. They are in business to make money, plain and simple. Industries that are extremely wealthy have one weapon that they employee to use to get whatever they well please. Money. Every year hundreds of millions of dollars are lobbied to create loopholes in laws to allow them to proceed with the hunting of exotic and endangered animals. As another device, they set up coalitions and organizations for conservation of these species to indeed create another baffle to society to appear be assessing the situation proactively, like the woodsman who plants a tree for every 5 that he cuts down.

    From December of 2012 to March 2013, I embarked with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to document and disrupt the annual Japanese whale hunt in the Southern Ocean. We were extremely successful, saving 932 whales. In 1986 a global moratorium was set in motion making commercial whaling illegal. However, like hunting on land, there were loopholes written in the laws allowing for the gathering of scientific data to be gathered through lethal methods. The Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary was established in 1994 which encompassed a 50 mile radius around the continent of Antarctica prohibiting fishing or poaching of any kind. Japan refusing to recognize the moratorium and code of the sanctuary continued to hunt, killing nearly 1,000 whales or more per season. In order to achieve this immunity Japan set up the ICR (Institute of Cetacean Research) as a front to deviate around the red tape of being a private for profit fishery from being excluded. Bottom line, if you have enough money and political influence, you can pretty much get done whatever you want. Good or bad. Thankfully there are organizations like Sea Shepherd that are stepping in and aiding the laws in governments to protect and preserve these animals. The laws are in place. Sadly there are too many rich and powerful elite bodies in governments that throw money at the heads of state every year to ensure that their streams of profit do not run dry.

    Here’s the rub.

    You cannot claim to conserve and protect these wild and endangered species while slaying one or more of the same kind. Its absolute idiocy! That is like saying that soldiers have to go to war and kill other people so that big, fat, bald wall street bankers can feel safe and purchase that extra yacht that they have been wanting. Media and PR that represent these companies spend billions of dollars and thousands of hours coming up with the most crafty and in-depth approaches to get each and every one of us eating out of their hand and believing every word they say. They know that if you repeat something over and over again, people will believe it. That is a tactic that has been literally employed in corporate media in the United States. The number one focus of the hunting and game industry is PROFIT. Business as usual. They do not care about these endangered species. They do not employ successful tactics towards the prevention of poaching, because big rich sociopaths have good money to spend to step on these lands and shoot and kill these animals. They simply have no compassion for these animals, dead or alive. As said by my friend yesterday, it is to satisfy the maniacal ego in the pulling of a trigger or a bow and arrow to draw blood. Many of these people follow the neo-republican party or as recently they have dubbed themselves, “conservatives.” That gives me and anyone with intelligence a huge laugh. Why you may ask? Most people that claim to be conservative are among the most wasteful and careless people when it comes to actually conserving our planet earth. Therefore if you are an inconsiderate wasteful person that uses an overabundance of resources and kills animals, and supports and aids in bio-tech and deforestation, you are indeed not a conservationist, you are a “plague.”

    In closing, I will say this and bring forth a plea to those that read this.

    Do not be fooled by industry propaganda behind a pair of pretty blue eyes and nice legs. Like everything else, it is a distraction. A distraction from what needs to be the focus. The bottom line is this. This little starlet is waltzing around murdering endangered species while claiming to be a conservationist. No matter how you try to rationalize her side of the story, a little common sense, facts and science will tell you otherwise. Killing these animals will not aid in ending starvation for other animals, when they are indeed few in number to begin with. Killing these animals to raise money conservation for other animals of the same kind is ridiculous. It does not do anything but end the life for one of the animals and puts the other remaining ones in jeopardy. Killing these beautiful animals is immoral and wrong. It is murder. Legalized murder.

    Kendall Jones is a murderer. A murderer of wonderful, beautiful and amazing sentient beings that love and feel just as we do.

    Texas Tech, I would ask that you do not support your student’s endeavor in exploiting the murder of these animals to achieve stardom and popularity by their demise. I am sure if you dive into the text books of animal biology and current calculations that you teach on a yearly basis, you will find that these animals are indeed “sentient” beings and are seriously facing future extinction. Do the right thing, Texas Tech.

    I would ask all those that read this letter to share it and to spread it around so that the journey and movement to protect these endangered species will become empowered and will gain the political will to shut down the poaching and hunting of these species and to open peoples eyes to the propaganda and brainwashing behind the acts of people like Kendall Jones and the hunting and games industry.

  • Dawn

    We DO kill babies everyday…it’s called abortion! When are people going to be outraged by that? When the mothers hold up what is pulled out of them and pose for a pic with relief on their face that they don’t have to provide for the child for the next 18 years? I think lions and cheetahs and elephants are just as adorable as the next person, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a threat the the native people and their food sources in the countries they live in. People aren’t outraged when men hold up the fish they have caught, or teenage boys pose with the deer they have killed, why the hate for this young woman? Is it jealousy because she is young and pretty and can afford to take these trips? I’m not a hunter, I have other hobbies, but why such outrage when there are much worse things happening in these villages and in America everyday?!

  • J Kumai

    Regardless of her arguments, she still an A-hole. Killing these animals is just plain wrong.

  • Dom

    Dear Devon, Maybe you should be the one to do some research. Were you paid by the hunting lobby to write this load of crap? This is nothing but a one sided advertisement for trophy hunters with very little truth other than the fact that people have been doing this for a long time. Typical of a journalist these days though to write a ONE sided story.

  • Shay

    I seriously hope you’re kidding. Not killed out of need? SHE GAVE THE MEAT TO PEOPLE IN STARVING VILLAGES. It wasn’t for self glorification. And saying it’s disgusting if she’s a Christian is ridiculous. By you saying that I’m guessing you are one, and where in the Bible does it give YOU a right to tell someone they’re a bad Christian? It doesn’t. So get your facts straight before you go around saying crap like this.

  • Adrya

    There is no justification for this insane behavior! So she paid for a permit. Money makes it right?

  • Jay

    Because the tribes of Africa are helpless and live week to week on the kills of a 19 year old girl. Stop taking a western biased view on Africa. This idiotic argument of population control (like Africa depends on out of continent hunters to monitor their safaris) has no real fact as population control occurs naturally; recent experiments on national parks in AFRICA have actually showed that the greatest success of conservation comes from keeping any human interference at all from the animal populations. That leopard crap? The only reason there are cattle deaths is that farmers are encrouching on the territory of predators and provide sitting ducks for food. The answer to that problem is not kill the predators. Her actions have literally nothing to do with the conservation of populations or the aid of tribes, as I highly doubt African tribes are so completely helpless that they need the kills of out of continent hunters to survive. This about the thrill of killing an exotic and magnficent creature, which, to “hunt”, you use guides and other aids that basically just present the animal in front of you to shoot. There is no actual hunting or nobitility in actions like this girl’s. Its just killing

  • Doug

    There are a whole lot of idiots on here expressing opinions on something you know absolutely nothing about! Keep your shit to yourself! Hunting has been a way of life for thousands of years. There are just as many people that travel from other countries to the U.S. To hunt our game species and pay handsomely to do so. Hunting laws are always established and permits allowed to help control game populations. Hunting is healthy for habitats and in many cases necessary to help maintain populations to manageable levels that the environment can support. It used to be that people just killed animals for pointless excuses, but now regulations prevent that from being the case. Take the American bison for example that was pushed to the brink of extinction so the railroad could go through. Nobody bitched about that at the time. Thanks to game management and state and local authorities that have helped to rebuild bison herds in different areas around the country, they are thriving and even permitted to be hunted in Crain areas again. Only in limited numbers, but that will continue to grow as herd numbers grow. If a species grows too fast it overtakes territory from other species and drives them into a similar pre-extinction state. However with game management and hunting permits come healthy population increases that habitats can support and the animals begin to thrive. If you don’t like it, you certainly don’t have to look at it! That doesn’t entitle you to try to shove your PERSONAL opinion down everybody else’s throat! Keep your shit to yourself morons!!! At least educate yourselves before you speak out! Check your facts!

  • Dukers

    Why should she feel as though she can’t post pictures of herself on her Facebook Page? If people don’t like the pictures, Don’t look at them. It’s fairly simple to understand.

  • Dukers

    She may be keeping the trophy for herself, but every ounce of meat is being used to feed people in a community which can not afford to buy meat for themselves. The money she spends on these hunting permits goes to that community!

    Do you eat meat? Do you buy your meat from a grocery store? Have you seen the way these huge slaughter houses treat and contain these animals?!

    At least the animals us hunters shoot to put food on our table are in their natural habitat, running around and frolicking in the wild. Think about that the next time you buy a steak from your local grocery store!

    I will be awaiting your reply while I chomp on this delicious VENISON sausage!

  • Kimba1263

    How is this not bulling? I hear people crying bully bully bully all the time and yet we take peoples personal business and make it public. Spew hate, ruin lives, and that is OK? Tired of the public hating. People aren’t perfect.

  • NOYB

    You still don’t get it. You only read certain words and ignore the rest. I guess you never watched wildlife shows either. That lion thing with the “Alpha” male, is true. The new one will come in and kill all the cubs of the old Alpha. So you want to kill off 6 cubs for a male who may never even mate with the female? You make real sense man. Also, it’s been proven fact with many other species. They will kill off the others to make room for theirs. Who is to say who is right. You are just another stupid one sided person who fails to understand nature.

  • http://facebook ech Capel

    I think she is so wrong.Animals can take care off there own trouble when one is hurt or kill because there hungry
    She kills for fun because her dad told or showed her this.
    A cheerleader waths with that she is a peace off shit hunting animals with a gun.
    Helping people who need it like an excuus kiss my ass because i help when i can but dont need to interfeer in animals lives and kill them and take pictures to
    I love wildlive and they take care off themselfs they dont need me to interfear So take youre stupid excuses and put them somewhere els.Youre only a spoild brad who wanteds to have fun for killing inocents animals nothing els.

  • Barbara

    You are exactly right but sadly ignorance is bliss to many who are posting here. As you can see by reading some of these posts, intelligence is not a strong suit

  • nathan wilson

    You all complaining about this “endangered species” crap but not once blink an eye when a BEAUTIFUL baby is killed. Shame on you all! I live off the land which means I kill whatever animal that feeds my family! You all complaining about this makes me sick.

  • Chase

    I never reply to these things, but this is the best fucking comment I’ve seen on the internet in years.

  • Simon

    You are such a stupid bitch, Laura. You didn’t even read the article.

    • John

      well said

  • oal

    Well said. Furthermore, the way she brags about feeding the “poor African” villagers that can’t fend for themselves without her is quite disgusting. I’ve been on Safari THREE times in Africa. PHOTO Safaris and the people are doing quite well without the imperialistic attitude of a spoiled white girl from Texas. They DESPISE these types of people from the West. She obviously did not get the memo that we are in the TWENTY FIRST century, not the dark ages. But I suppose neither did her parents. VILE.

  • oal

    Well.. you’re mixing apples and oranges and ASSUMING what you know about people. I’m against ALL killing. So why would you assume that others that are also against killing for pleasure condone killing babies? Ignorant comment. Killing for pleasure is a sign of mental illness. This girl and her father are mentally ill and need to seek psychiatric care to protect ALL of society from them. She is obviously a cruel person, devoid of compassion and has no conscious. These ARE endangered species. Just research the population of these animals. ON STEEP DECLINE. If she was truly for conservation she would put down her gun and pick up a shovel to help build some homes for people in need. She could start in Texas where there are enough poor people that need help as well.

  • Valerie

    So, canned hunting counts as a sport? You don’t need to “trim” an endangered species, relocating is just one of the many options. If we needed to keep the population down why are there so many projects to increase the population?

  • Chris

    In your quote you stated the ‘lion whisperer’.
    At that point you lost ANY credibility.

    Keep in mind she is not poaching. Take your fight to pachers, please. Don’t be an asshat.

  • Ashley

    Don’t you just love how it IS in fact all about money? I also love how “set in their ways” people can be; Kendall feels she is right so she IS right, right?? LOL Well anyway, loved your post. Exactly what I would have posted had you not first.

  • Shay

    Is that the best excuse she/you could come up with to justify her cowardly killing ? Seriously ???!!!!

    Not her fault- but the safari companies ?
    She killed to feed the village ?
    She killed to control population ??

    Does anyone really believe this none sense ?

    She should find herself more suitable and morally correct hobby!!

    Killing animals is definitely a wrong one.

    And comparing our current era and lions/elephants/rhinos population with the the ones at Hamingway’s time is really irrelevant and silly.

  • David Zwanetz

    No one is attacking her per at. She used social media to post pics of her very legal hobby. The result is that the general populous now hates her for it, thinks she is disgusting, and overwealmingly wishes that she be mauled by a wild animal on one of her excursions. I think everyone knows that what she is doing is not some sort of free for all as if that were the case she would probably have lasted no lore than 5 seconds.

  • David Zwanetz

    *per se. Autocorrect.

  • Simon Wakefield

    Lions may be endangered but that doesn’t just mean you let their numbers go unmanaged, just as you don’t let deer numbers go unmanaged. Successful conservation is all about getting a balance so even with engaged species you sometimes need tactical pruning of the numbers both for the good of other species which unchecked numbers could impact but also to ensure the population is as strong and diverse as possible.

    If the required culling can be done in a licenced manner that feeds the market for hunting so less people are driven to illegal hunting and it brings in money that can go towards conservation efforts then there is nothing wrong with it

  • Simon Wakefield

    You can’t just relocate them, most suitable areas to relocate them already have populations of these animals and just dumping an animal into this existing populations can be troublesome. You need a population that at that time needs the fresh blood (or an area where they are trying to reintroduce the species to a range) and unless at the time the action is required one of these areas is looking for such animals what other options are they.

  • Adam

    The issue here is not that she is killing them for a good cause. It is because she is taking photos with the dead animals with a shit eating grin on her face. Obviously the true motive is because she enjoys killing the animals. She grew up with hunting. Anybody who has ever enjoyed hunting only enjoys it because it’s something their parents taught them. If she truly cared about the reasons behind killing these beautiful animals she wouldn’t be taking photos of herself sitting all over their corpses, that is disgusting. She likes doing it obviously. These “green hunt” things are only an excuse for people to hunt exotic animals. People who back this stuff, only do so because they don’t want people to think that they actually like doing it.

  • Jenn

    The asshole does not realize that by killing a male lion you may have just killed a whole pride. The cubs are no longer protected and a new make May come in and kill all the young to take over. Guess she isn’t that educated after all and this is still outrageous and a bunch of bull shit because all of the African should be on the endangered species list as they are soon to be a memory;(

  • Amanda

    I’ve grown up in a family that hunts, so I’m used to it, but completely understand why people who aren’t used to it cringe when they see hunting photos. It’s completely normal to take photos with the game… and even when we’re camping we take photos of the fish we catch! Lol. It’s a way to document our trip and it’s a memory for that person.
    Hunting isn’t for everyone, I get it. But if it’s done legally and appropriately there’s no danger to cause an endangered species. Example. The deer population in our area would get out of control if the gov’t didn’t allow a certain amount of tags every year for hunting. It is a way of conservation…. As long as it’s done right and rules are followed.
    We have photos from hunts and try to be sensitive to who we share it with as it’s not everyone’s “cup of tea”. We do eat animals… most people eat beef, chicken, etc and they all had to be killed to get there… hunting isn’t cruel if you are responsible. If you shoot the animal properly (whether bullet or arrow) then you only need one shot and they are down, no suffering. In fact they die quicker than most farm animals that are raised for food.  (also grew up on a dairy farm)

  • Brian Cotgrove

    I agree with a previous comment, there is absolutely no way that you can justify killing any animal whether it is Canned Hunting or Otherwise. We as a society have moved on since the days of the “Big Wealthy Game Hunter” justified his existence by “GOING HUNTING”, mainly because he could afford to, that doesn’t cut it any more, nor does, Villagers came and took home a Little Protein. That is no excuse either, just because “Daddy Did It” doesn’t make it right either…grow up girl and join the real world. Stop trying to justify your existence with bullshit, a majority of us are already grown up and can easily see through that…?

  • Ray tiedeman

    It is not murder when the animal killed is feeding the village. Population control of predators is necessary to achieve and keep balance in the ecosystem. So all of you hater anti everything dumbasses shut the fuck up and get a life. Where do you people think food comes from, the supermarket !! It comes from animals dipshit! Most are raised for consumption others are leagally hunted for FOOD!!! Try finding deer or dove meat at a grocery store. You can’t . So if Texas cheerleader can afford to hunt, more power to her!!! You go girl!!! For all of you hater/ animal rights nazis…….Fuck Off and realize where food comes from!!!

  • Lol-ing

    “Is this article speaking out against critical thinking” – No, in fact, the writer of this article IS thinking critically by questioning the media frenzy and checking his/her sources.

    “Should we all just kill babies because everyone else is doing it?” – Your statement implies there’s no point in hunting besides to murder baby animals. You’re ignoring the larger issue – namely if these animal populations are not controlled, they would very likely kill African villagers.

    “It is time for us to stand up as humans and leave these babies alone! Let them flourish and let them be happy” – If you’re going to suggest that they should let those wild beasts roam free and “happy”, then I’ll assume you also assume the same logic should apply wherever you live. You’re effectively saying we not kill baby spiders either. Or mosquitoes. Termites. Flies. How about coyotes? Coyotes aren’t even half the size of a leopard, so I’m assuming you probably think they could and should also be left alone to roam free. So what if they pee on your grass? So what if they go through your garbage and eat your food? So what if they kill your pet? As long as they’re happy, that’s what really matters.

  • azi

    ” It used to be full and teeming with life. Instead, it’s full and teeming with humans. ”
    …and the local humans are EXACTLY why the wildlife is vanishing… people paying to hunt some creatures means that there is enough money for the locals to have there BE creatures. No-one can afford to be green when they’re starving.

  • http://facebook samdra

    Shemust be seriously infected. ….brain damage pr just…f..ed in the.head????

  • Sheryl

    Sickening and horrific. If she wants to contribute to Africa, she needs to do something besides give candy to schoolchildren and kill their wildlife. World Wildlife Fund and African Wildlife Foundation work closely with native villagers for the preservation of animals. They have training programs for bright young people to teach them skills as guides, trackers, researchers and environmentalists. This provides them with a career. Tourism is 9% of the East African GDP. Most of that is from photo safaris that do not destroy the animals the tourists come to see. Zimbabwe does have one of the better hunting programs since a percentage of the revenue from hunts and trophy kills goes to local governments and villages. And for the person who thought that the leopard and lion were just “drugged” that is wishful thinking. They are clearly dead. Leopards are endangered. She should not be allowed to slaughter endangered species.

  • Beth

    I’m sorry, its called the food chain. Read about it. That one lion she killed is not going to stop Lions from eating. It is absolutely ignorant and self centered to use that as an excuse to take a life. As for the leopard, locals should be completely responsible for protecting their own livestock, to use that as an excuse to get your kill and do it with pleasure, is sadistic and wrong.

  • Dorito

    So she’s doing what nature does naturally and even as a little girl had this to say, “As badly as I wanted to shoot something…” Yeah, she’s an asshole who just likes shooting stuff.
    I hope she gets mauled or gets malaria.

  • Ana

    THANK YOU. People don’t seem to understand this. What this girl is doing is drastically different than deer hunting. Top conservationists IN Africa are condemning her actions. In fact, one of the most well-known Lion conservationists (Kevin Richardson) called her actions “bloodlust” and “immoral at best.” If that doesn’t say something, then I don’t know what will.

  • Josh

    You people are so ignorant, it’s unbelievable to me that you actually think you know anything about hunting. Hunting does so much for the animals, without it animals would be become overpopulated and die from painful desieses a slow death at that. I am a hunter and 99 percent of my kills are humane with the animal expired with in seconds of the shot. You should really try educating yourself and if you think hunting is easy then come out and try it, I would bet money that you couldn’t harvest anything even if you really tried peace out tree huggers have a nice day

  • Hannah

    With the handsome amount of money she payed to hunt, she could have provided mountains of food for the villagers. However, people shouldnt hate her. Whats done is done. Shes doing what humans have done years: hunt. I dont agree with her hunt of choice, but thats that.

  • Kate

    The endangerment of these animals is not cause by hunters like Kendall who have permits and hunt the animals withing specific ranges. The animals are endangered by the behavior of poachers who hunt for their own personal gain and profit. I am fairly certain that female lions are the primary hunters in lion prides, and according to this article, at least, Kendall and people like her hunt some (not all, I’m sure permits control the number of kills allowed each year) of the males in the population to prevent them from killing the offspring of other males which will eventually increase the overall population. I understand why some people oppose hunting all-together, but if this type of hunting legitimately damaged ecosystems, it would be illegal.

  • liz

    I would give her ‘green hunt’ the benefit of the doubt if she weren’t posing so proudly beside the hunted animals. If someone had to put down a lion, truly for the sake of conserving the lion prides and other endangered animals, they would be doing it with a heavy heart, no?

  • aaron

    murder is a hobby, today I shot and killed a rabbit in my yard, just because he was messing around in my garden. I sure was fun to see him jump up in the air when I hit him in the side with the bb. then he hopped around for a lil, then I shot him again in head, do I fell bad, hell no. just a stupid rabbit, would shoot another if I had the chance. hunting is so much fun =)

  • Sasha

    The process of farming animals for food will never change unless the ignorance of consumers @ the supermarket dramatically changes so that, when people actually consider what they buy and how it gets there…and NOT buy it because of how the animal was treated….unfortunately until this happens – nothing will change!

  • http://facebook Connie

    Yes, I agree. Whatever her reasons… she needs to stop posting photos of her kills, with that big goofy smile on her face. If she’s so dawned smart, she should have known that posting photos like these were going to stir people up, no matter her reasons. Let nature take its course. The animals will do what they do. The food chain is what it is. Nature takes care of itself.

  • Laxn28

    Oh come on people. You act like your meat comes from some special, magical land where no animal is killed or hurt. Get a grip! Your beef, your pork, your poultry comes from slaughter houses. Animals are killed, and you eat them everyday. I’m sorry but no matter how you want to sugar coat the fact, the meat you are eating used to be alive; living, feeling, experiencing, alive.
    This girl has done nothing against the law. Lets face it, this may offend you, may make you mad, but that is not grounds for the government to act. That is not grounds for any lawful body to act. That is equivalent to someone getting mad because someone ate bagel while they were on a diet and couldn’t themselves. Its irrelevant.

  • Emma

    I totally agree! If there’s a reason why people in the internet would go mad because of this girl’s behavior is the FACT that she hunts ENDANGERED animals. Yeah sure, we could all understand that people in Africa are starving, and killing one giant animal would probably do no harm(as all of you who defend Kendall insist) but really? Do you have to post it all over facebook and brag about it? If you are genuinely helping, there’s really no need to show off. This just makes it clearer that Kendall is an attention whore. And to pay millions of dollars just to hunt? Wow, you could’ve provided a FEEDING PROGRAM where everybody gets to fill their hungry stomachs without laying a single bullet on an innocent animal. She posted pictures on the internet, and so i guess she should’ve been prepared as well for the negative reactions as a result. What you post in the internet is your RESPONSIBILITY. Whether you’re a 19 year old or a senior citizen, you should own what you post.

  • Emma

    “She’s 19, she’s young, give her a break” blah blab blah. Fck your logic! If it is to defend her, you go on and say that she’s young as if you mean to tell us that she does not know what she’s doing. But if everybody starts to criticize her, you go on and say it’s her love for this kind of sport, don’t hate her because she just does what she loves to do. Blah blah. NO. YOU give us a break. She’s freakin’ 19 years old. In a few months she’ll no longer be a teenager. And she knows EXACTLY what she does so cut the crap and stop defending her like she’s a baby girl who needs the protection of her mommy. Ugh

  • caryn


  • haha


  • Not My Real Name

    She is showing genuine concern for the people over here, having paid the locals and the government, as well as donating the meat to the locals. She was performing a much-needed conservation task, leopards having destroyed a sizeable amount of the locals’ cattle. I do not know a person who would let a fellow human starve to save an animal. “Look at the cute endangered animals” is not an excuse to allow locals to go hungry.

  • Comrade

    How about if you don’t like hunting and killing and you don’t want to see pictures of it. THEN STOP FUCKING LOOKING FOR IT! Leave the girl and her decisions alone! All of your stupid fucking opinions aren’t going to change her mind and it shouldn’t. She is as American as you are and she can damn well chose what she wants to do. All you fuck-tards who bitch and moan. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Like the other 90% of Americans who don’t give a shit… There’s no point in beating the issue for days and days. It’s not like she keeps the animals in her house. And besides if your all against killing animals then besides being vegetarians I hope you all drive a Prius, and use solar panels and reuse water bc carbon dioxide, and oil, and coal, and rubber and all the shit we use everyday kill animals… So unless you live in a fucking cave and ride a bike stop bitching and keep your mouths fucking shut because whether you know it or not your actions everyday kill animals. So really everyone just shut the fuck up…

  • barry badrinath

    wah wah

  • Lesley

    She did nothing to feed the starving villagers. Africans do not eat the meat from lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, and rhinos so it likely went to waste instead.

  • MoFresh

    I get what youre trying to say about the endangered lions but the point i guess the point you didnt read was that the lions she killed were gonna be killed by her as population control or by another lion looking to take over the pride.

  • husk

    Hunting is Not a sport and never should be a sport, Stup! If your Gathering or Killing a animal to feed “you” or your family then nobody would care, but Stup, this is not the case of providing, it’s a typical case of getting pleasure out of killing a beautiful animal that is based on Fun or being some kind of Big Man! The argument you made about the farm animals is not relevant to this story, farm animals feed the people across the country and yes, the way they treat them should be monitored better & enforced to insure life quality for all farm animals. As you see most people believe shooting/killing animals for sport, and not out of necessity, is so wrong that it angers us! Your ridiculous statement suggests that if someone eats a hamburger than they are a hypocrite for opposing what this Chick does, sounds Stupid! What’s your excuse for the one’s that say they hunt for the food, but shops at the supermarket for their meats? Sicko, get this through your “Tough Guy” mind, When you shoot an animal for sport, so you can either hang their head on your wall or to get a Selfie with this animal you murdered, it does not make you any tougher, rather the loser you portrayed in your post, Wake the Fuck Up!

  • Shura Kelly

    Ummm, the data in this article is so skewed it’s ridiculous.

    What this young girl is doing is immoral and wrong.

  • Shura Kelly

  • Scott Smith

    You are dumb to think that the world cares about the overpopulated human population in Africa. Seriously I care more about the wildlife there than the humans inhabiting that part of the world. Get your head out of your ass and realize Africa will always have a messed up human population. At least let’s try to conserve Africa’s wildlife beauty by not allowing some of the most beautiful predators go extinct due to cunts like this, that hunt for glory.

  • http://n/a liesl

    Stop defending this girl. There is something sick when a parent teaches their child to hunt “for the fun of it” and because they get off on the “blood lust” of the hunt. There is something wrong in allowing a 13yr old to handle a gun to shoot for pleasure, then allowing her to brag about it. Shame on you daddy. What happens when she loses the thrill of killing animals, is she going to start killing humans?. So she can maintain her love for the “blood lust”. Who’s next on Miss Kendalls list???

  • Isaac

    Your the stupid one let me guess your a vegetarian grow up

  • Reily

    I am a vegetarian. Vegan, actually. Hunting is wrong. Period. Where’s the “authorized population control” for all the damn people over populating the whole planet. Are we so arrogant as to believe we should be orchestrating life as we know it? Man up. Leave the animals the fuck alone.

  • Cody Kopowski

    If Hunting Barbie wants to post pictures of herself doing her hobby on her facebook thats her right… If you dont like it… don’t go to her facebook. I’m here to tell you that the world is a dirty place… if this is how you’re chosing to fight your fight against the horrible people of the world… you’re grossly missing your target. You’re entitled to your opinion just as much as she’s entitled to her hobby… But going on her facebook page to bitch and complain about it is childish… If you want to stop it… go after the organizations that hold these trips? Or go find a hobby of your own because obviously you’re not exactly a contributing member of society as it is with the time to rant on the subject.

  • A Compassionate Thinker

    Yes as a species we kill and eat animals. Yes, as another poster stated, the feed yards are reprehensible and disgusting and very unhealthy for the consumer as well as the animals. I am not convinced of her conservationist aims. Helping to feed a village could be done by using the money the hunting permits cost to purchase domestic animals for them to raise or creating compounds to protect the domestic animals they have, from wild predation. There are many ways she could accomplish those goals, besides killing endangered animals. For your parting remarks, of course no one thinks the leopard will not attack and eat you if given a chance. It does not have the same options we have. No predator except for humans, has the option of subsisting off of abundant domesticated animals or becoming vegetarians. Fortunately we are omnivores who are able to feed ourselves through agriculture. While everyone has a right to pursue happiness, killing endangered species can not be condoned. Perhaps she would find more acceptance if all of her hunting was green.

  • Anit

    Her boastful bravery aside, this little spoilt brat is incapable of handling the flac. I have been stopped from posting on her page – I never used any foul language, hate speech etc. – just logical arguments, but she obviously did not want to hear what I said. Her page is heavily sanitised and her likes went up from around 39 000 to some astronomical number almost overnight, obviously obtained by some means or another. Even the great Melissa Bachman only currently has around 51 000 likes, while this one’s likes are now suddenly close to half a million. Where did all these hunting supporters suddenly come from? I suggest her likes do not reflect the real situation. Can we start a counter page against her actions, like someone did for the Melissa Bachman issue? We MUST stop this inane practice of using psychopathic bimbos to feed the endangered species of the world to poor starving villagers.

  • ivonne

    Yes,I am vegan. Yes,hunting is wrong. Yes,she is wrong. Yes,Africa is wrong for selling out their animals and endangered species for money just like they sold each other off into slavery to the white man many moons ago. Wrong-Wrong-Wrong–there is no justifiable argurment on the planet to justify this. kendal wanted publicity she got. What she wasn’t expecting is that it would be negative publicity. And for Kendalls comments that Africans eat bush meat I seem to recall an African woman being outraged at this because she said Africans don’t eat bush meat. As for conservation another big friggin lie. If you care about animals and conservation then just donate money without having to kill an animal. Sociopaths are being outed on the planet left and right And Ms Kendal Jones is one of them. Good people are speaking out.

  • A Compassionate Thinker

    If this young woman has a clear conscience about what she is doing, she should not be concerned about what other people think. If they can learn from each other, all the better. She is the one who decided to make public what she is doing, by posting on the internet. She is 19 years old. No longer a child. She needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions and the resulting consequences. That is what adults do. If she wants to help people in need, there are plenty of people in Texas who are living in third world conditions. She would save money on travel and have additional funds to put toward relieving their plight.

  • Em

    I feel like a lot of people are tossing around the word “murder” when referring to these animals, so I thought I would clear that up for a few people…
    The elements of common law murder are:

    1. Unlawful
    2. killing
    3. OF A HUMAN!!!!!
    4. by another human
    5. with malice aforethought.

    Therefore: Please stop throwing the word murder around when referring to this girl hunting. She is not MURDERING these animals. Whether or not you agree with her hunting it is not, by definition, murder.

  • TheSchaef

    So if this one lion is left to live, then takes over a pride and kills a dozen cubs, how do you figure this improves the endangered situation?

  • Kianna

    Humans have been hunting for thousands of years. Its is no different than her staying here and hunting deer. We view the animals that she hunted as “exotic”, and therefore people think its horrible for her to kill them. These animals in africa are no different than our deers, squirells, birds, and other game. We do not see animals such as rhinos, and lions, on daily basis, but those in africa do. Just like all animals, thir population have to be controlled. The difference is, she is not hunting just for the thrill or score. If you even bothered to read, families and communities were fed from this animal. Not all hunting is bad (actually good in comparision to what they do to our chickens, cows, and hogs here in america). If you want to judge someone for hunting these “exotic animals”, place your judgement on those who kill for the kill, the ones who skin thier kill and dispose of the meat. The ones who hunt forjust the sport. At least she had fed people, and possibly helped another family survive with substance. Dont be to quick to judge, everyone has a reason for something.

  • Me

    OK so I jump on the emotional bandwagon, just like most of the people here. Then I was reminded that: Every time you feel yourself being pulled into other peoples drama, repeat these words… NOT MY CIRCUS NOT MY MONKEY – (Polish Proverb). The real issues here are our beliefs and understanding of hunting, conservation, animal rights and endangered species. Those are the important issues we should be working on – Not some media circus about one girls Facebook page. She did nothing illegal. If you disagree with the laws work on getting them changed. Focus on the issues, not one person. OK obviously I need to repeat this: Not my circus not my monkeys. Best to everyone.

  • Bree

    To everyone that thinks what Kendall is doing is wrong,

    You go try having a life in Africa with nothing to live off of except your cattle that’s being slaughtered by leopards and other predators then tell me you wouldn’t want to defend your livestock.

    Also, in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with the “green hunts”. She’s HELPING the animals for crying out loud. And the ones that aren’t green hunts are being eaten, the animal is not just rotting or anything like that. Personally I’d rather see an animal be shot and killed with one shit than killed the way some of the slaughter houses for the animals we eat here are killed.

    And get over yourselves! If she wants to take a picture with her kills or the animals she tranquillized and post it on Facebook or whatever then so be it! She’s not poaching, it’s not illegal. If you don’t want to see it, don’t look.

  • John

    I think every hunter should post pictures of harvested game on Facebook. Lets see how many we can get.

  • pat

    I completely agree with you. The reaction of these anti-hunting folk is based completely on half truths and general assumptions. Anyone who believes social media hype is usually a mindless drone, incapable of critical, rational thinking. I encourage anyone who is emotionally driven about their anti-hunting views to educate themselves on the fundamentals of environmental conservation.

  • Derek Zurfluh

    You are right. Some people will have negative reactions to hunting for sport, even if it is done within the confines of law and good conservation management. However, rather than attacking the person, then address how conservation management is wrong headed and should not be funded through hunting permits. However, so many people have made so many claims that demonstrate ignorance of hunting in general and conservation in particular, that their opinions aren’t going to carry much weight. Good, sensible, well-informed dialogue between people of differing opinions is terrific. Name-calling and emotional knee-jerking is not going to be helpful. I’m not saying that’s what your post did. I’m putting this in your post because it appears by what you wrote that you have some sense, despite me not agreeing with your position.

  • Frank

    You’re right, we should make it even and hunt people, too. It’s only fair.
    Stupid ignorant people..

  • caleb

    There is no justification needed here….. any of you who have ever bought a mouse trap, a fly swatter, bug spray, smacked a mosquito on your arm should be considered just as guilty for killing an innocent creature. Just because you didnt think that fly was as beautiful as that leapard doesnt making killing the fly any better and doesnt make you any better of a person for thinking what she has done is wrong…. animals and humans have been hunting one another for as long as time can serve us and will continue to. Not only did she kill some of these for the greater good of the population of these animals…. but some she didnt kill at all and half you out there didnt even read the entire article to find that out…. you saw a post on Facebook or something and immediately decided she was in the wrong. Of coarse she is happy!!!! She followed in her dads footsteps and she has every right to be damn proud of that!!! If you have issues with people killing animals im sorry but your living on the wrong planet then. This will never change, not within your lifetime nor any other. You feel so bad for the animals out there then get up off your couch and go save some of them….. if you can do that then good for you, people like you will help to balance the scale of things and in your eyes and you can feel better about it. But if your sitting on your couch reading this and are pissed off and you havent done a single thing to try and help save animals that need it then in my opinion you are just as guilty for sitting there letting it happen.

  • Tanner

    Sheesh, people sure do overreact. I totally understand what this poor girl is ACTUALLY doing. I’ve read plenty about population control in several History classes and get the fact that it is absolutely needed to prevent wildlife disasters.

  • Adam Cooper

    You’re right she should just go back to posting pics of being drunk and half naked like everyone else right? How much money did you give to wildlife conservation last year. Ducks Unlimited is a hunter based charity, compare their work to the sierra club or peta. The see who does more for wildlife, hunters or people like you.

  • Adam Cooper

    That happens all the time, new males come in and chase off old males and kill the babies. Welcome to nature. It isn’t Disney Bullshit. Predators eat other animals while they’re still alive. Herd animals will kill their own babies if they’re crippled. Babies in a nest kill their brothers and sisters. That male lion help chase of the male or males before him and killed the babies. The males after him will do the same thing.

    You cry over the death of a lion calling it evil, but you’ll call abortion “woman’s right to chose”. See anything wrong here? Abortion okay, hunting evil? Humans have mixed up morals or they simply don’t have any.

  • Adam Cooper

    That’s not true! Every body knows that the Meat Fairy visits every grocery store to fill the bellies of all the good little boys and girls. I think I might hate these people. They all have backward morals. They claim to love wildlife, but when was the last time they did anything for them other than build their house in their habitat. You’re family has done more for wildlife, thanks to liciences and tags than any of these self righteous assholes ever will. But guess what? They will still hate and look down on your family. They’d probably tell you that ducks live perfectly find in golf coarses and all deer live perfectly fine in backyards. They’ve never seen any of these animals, no nothing about them, yet know what’s good and upright on managing them. But kudos for having more patience with their stupidity than I do.

  • ken

    wtf are you going on about oh why she posted picture because its her fucking right and she should be prod of what she dose its way more then you ever will by eating vegetables and bitching on forms

  • Brad

    You are also an idiot

  • Jennifer Herrington

    Yeah,there is a way to justify it.If it wasn’t her doing it,someone else would be.Although there are ALOT of other people that do it.And some of them only do it for sport. She does it for positive reasons also.Do you realize, she is feeding people,a lot of people.She is protecting people by helping keep certain populations of animals to a minimum. If these populations were to get too large,not only would they be killing endangered species, they would be eventually “running amok” and killing people. She is also paying money that goes to the villages.She is paying to help them,do what has to be done.She is doing it the right way,the legal way.Which is more than a lot of people that do that can say.I say she is doing a positive thing.How many people have you feed? People you didn’t know?How many villages have you helped? And how many times have you PAID to help others? I’m thinking, none. And if the girl loves the sport of it also,so what? What is the difference in her doing that versus people that live off the land and hunt for their food? Or worse,people that do it just cause they want a trophy?And let the meat go to waste?Atleast she is helping people while she is doing what she loves.Again how many people have YOU helped on that large of a scale.I think she is amazing and we need more loving, caring, intelligent, young people like her! And READ the whole thing people! That “fence” is 45,000 acres! That is NOT confined. And again if they did not allow this legal version of population control,people would still be doing it,and NOBODY would benefit. The way she does it,people benefit from it.And nobody seems to realize she is also helping hurt/endangered animals.And if all you people bitching,aren’t vegans.Then you are contributing to animals being raised for slaughter in deplorable conditions. Atleast she is honest about what she does and who she is.Willing to bet,99% of y’all can’t say the same!The girl is not hurting you. If you don’t like what she does/says/post,then don’t read her page/post.Complain about something that will affect US! Like our government!

  • PavePusher

    Jane: So, you are either too stupid to understand what this blog stated, or didn’t actually read it….

  • PavePusher

    One can mourn the act while taking pride in the skill required to perform it, with a bow, no less.

    And celebrate the life of an excellent specimen of the species.

  • Goron

    I think a lot of this is because she is a young woman. If a boy her age had similar pictures there wouldn’t be as much of a fervor.

    Yep, a guy brought sexism into it.

    I also think that people see someone with a gun next to the bodies of animals and assume “big game hunter killing animals for the hell of it.” Clearly this is the wrong assumption, as every kill has had a point to it besides the kill itself. Predator populations get out of control here and we have some deer/elk or wolves/mountain lion troubles. In Africa they have troubles with lions, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, and a slew of other incredibly dangerous species and the communities in the area are not developed enough to be completely safe.

    Remember, the girl is nineteen, it takes a lot of effort to take down animals like this, of course she is going to celebrate with a photo.

    Should she be bragging this way? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean she’s the bitch all of you are making her out to be.

  • PavePusher

    Your ignorance is noted.

  • ken

    oh i am sorry because she hunts she cant go to church now lmfao now she is not allowed to be leave in her own religion if she wanted to . Do you know the rapper the game goes to church and hes a straight up g hes stolen shit pretty sure he has killed but no one cares if he goes to church or not or what he believes in. Why can you people not just leave her the fuck alone if you have such a big deal bout it go to the reserve and go picket them for living a life and trying to make money to keep the reserve going so instead of of lion getting picked off a year by someone you got a group shooting as many of them as they want .

  • lana

    i agree.. a vegetarian they better be.. do you know how hanieous the process of cattle and pigs and chickens go through here??? my parents are vegetarian and my aunt went to turkey burgers and hot dogs.. WHY?? bc if you want to see cruelty and complete turn head to indecency you would look at american farming and whats stocking your grocery store.. this is her hunting.. hunting animals in their natural habitat..

  • PavePusher

    Extending your ‘logic’, millennia-old cave paintings of game animals are disrespectful.

    You, and all your fellow travelers, are idiots. Please don’t breed or vote, you are dangerous.

  • Ashley

    As much as I am against killing endangered species it goes without saying that this article is basically nothing anymore. Zimbabwe’s government has recently banned white people from even entering… Needless to say she won’t do anymore killing there

  • Linda

    What is her rationale for killng springbok and zebra, which are both prey animals that big cats need within their habitat. How is she any less predatory? She is not hunting for conservation as she would have you believe. She has her ass in a sling because of her actions and is trying to rationalize her insidious behavior through propagandizing.

  • Michael Thorne

    I got an idea everyone, lets go out and televise our hunting of the homeless. Right now, they’re actually competing against one another for panhandling locations and handouts…but with our help, we can reduce the amount of homeless while simultaneously raising awareness! Great idea right?!

    Yeah, no.

    Strange how people’s opinion on what needs to be done shifts whenever the switch the species out with humans, isn’t it? Let that hypocrisy sink in for a bit…

  • Anon

    I agree with everyone else. In my eyes, what she’s doing isn’t as “for the good” as she thinks it is. Before anyone criticizes me, I’m not attacking her–I’m just saying that if she really feels like she’s trying to be charitable, her way of thinking about doing it is flawed.
    For one, if she’s really concerned about population control, then she should be helping out the endangered animals by helping move them to reserves (and if she really did tranquilize that Rhino to tag it, take blood samples, good for her). Rather than shooting a leopard that’s been over-hunting Zebras (as an example) she should take a few Zebras and isolate them to reserves to raise the population so that there’s more Zebras so that way the leopards can still hunt, but there can also be plenty of Zebras to further populate.

    She’s giving her hunt to the African people to eat? Her intention is good. But she probably could’ve used a different game that may cause less controversy. Instead of killing a lion for the people to eat, she could do her research on species that are not under protection and give them the meat from those animals.

    As for posing with her game, I’ve had hunters in my family who showed off deer they’d hunt. But the problem with that is that posing with a deer versus posing with an elephant are two entirely different things. African Elephants are currently in iucnredlist under Vulnerable species. That means they are just barely above endangered. On the same iucnredlist, White Tailed Deer are categorized as Least Concern. This means, the population is stable and there’s plenty to go around.

    And honestly, she shouldn’t be this surprised by all the backlash that she’s receiving for the photos. It’s just common sense that if you pose like that next to an animal that is known to have vulnerable population count in the first place and post it on the internet, it’s going to cause controversy–not just to vegans, but to people who really care about wildlife conservation.

    Another problem I have with this article is that it says she hunts in fenced in areas that are spacious enough to be considered fair game. Okay, but how do you know that the people that own the hunting grounds aren’t poachers themselves? Did they show certificates stating that they caught their stock legally? Yes, she may have needed a licence from them to hunt their game, but anyone can fool a person with fake documents and such, whose to say that others that have hunt on the same grounds she has provided fake id and the owners went along with them? Not to mention, to me, if there’s a fenced in area that takes in animals like lions and leopards and elephants–all of which are on the verge of being endangered, to me that sounds more like a reservation than hunting grounds.

    So, to sum up, her heart may have been in the right place, it may not have–I don’t know as I don’t know her personally and the truth can be twisted easily. But the way she went about things was a mistake on her part.

  • Matthew

    Did you read the article? She killed the male lions so they wouldn’t murder cubs. Do you know what 45,000 acres looks like? I’ll give you a hint. 5 acres is about 100m x 100m. Not exactly fenced in. Then she goes and gives the meat to the starving villages there, after paying them for the kill, and helping the ecosystem. She probably did more in one weekend to help Africa than you’ve done in your entire life.

  • Other Matt

    Corruption is everywhere in America, too. Europe’s got it. Asia. South America. Hell, I bet even the penguins are corrupt.

  • Matthew

    HOW on EARTH is that trophy hunting?

  • Garrett

    There ya go.It’s an article that is a first-hand explanation by someone that I would consider fairly knowledgeable on the topic. I haven’t found a good source for the counter-argument, so if someone else could help with that, it would be appreciated.

  • Carrie

    How is it any different than a hunter posing with a buck, bear, moose, etc? It’s not. No one is crying about that so you should quit crying about this. Whiners like you are making this into a bigger deal than it needs to be.

  • JT

    Maybe next time you home is infested roaches you will think twice about killing “babies” and let the population in your home go unchecked. God forbid it is termites or rats which can literay eat you out of house and home much like predatory animals can destroy the live stock and way of life of villagers. I pray you are a vegan and don’t buy babies wrapped up in one pound packages at the market so you don’t have to hunt and kill and get that blood on your hands. Maybe you should boycott all markets that stock packaged “babies”.

  • JJ AA

    You are a buffoon. No kill policies do not work. As a matter of fact no kill policies in other countries in Africa have been disastrous. Look up the CAMPFIRE program in Zimbabwe. Just as an example their conservation efforts with elephants has been so successful they are darting their elephants with contraception drugs. They are trying to send them to other countries but CITES is making that very difficult.

    Educate yourself.

    CAMPFIRE has benefited wildlife and has improved the lives of some two million rural Zimbabweans. The program funds schools, hospitals, roads, and access to water, and provides other necessities. By trying to undermine CAMPFIRE, animal rights groups now threaten to reverse the major gains made in elephant conservation. In large part due to CAMPFIRE, Zimbabwe’s elephant population has soared from 48,000 in 1984 to 67,000 today and land set aside for wildlife habitat has increased from 12 percent to 33 percent of the country. In contrast, over the same period in Kenya, where a protectionist approach to wildlife management was followed, the elephant population plummeted from 100,000 to 26,000. Removing the economic incentives for rural Zimbabweans to conserve elephants would only increase the chances of a repeat of the Kenya debacle.

  • marceli

    and you’re an ignoramus.

  • Pipkin

    not to say i hunt personally, or I agree with her posting these images (brought these arguments to her own doorstep with those) But Are you trying to say there’s no skill in stalking an animal with far better senses and being a good shot? you dismiss Someone else abilities off the assumption that it’s easy, when you’ve obviously never tried it yourself. That’s fairly ignorant.

  • Why

    Shut up you stupid freaking invironazi.

  • Bryan

    You Peta bleeding hearts make me sick. How do you think we survived back in the cave days? We HUNTED. So save your opinions, everyone has them and no one cares what NY one else’s is. Go have a rally with other people that care.

  • Pipkin

    finally, someone pissed about this that doesn’t sound like an idiot. I still agree with what’s she’s doing (assuming this is all legal and helping), but still kudos to you. I support all of this.

  • marceli

    Before I start, i would also like to state that I am, a vegetarian—have been for whats going to be 10 years (since I was 9) this December 14. In between those 10 years i was also a vegan for 2 years, but its incredibly difficult to do so in a 3rd world country, so i switched back to vegetarianism.
    ^ above you will see the status of some of the animals shot by the girl in question. Lions are also listed under “Vulnerable”, but i digress. Do you honestly believe the “authorized population control” takes into account the stases or the animals whatsoever. If you do, you are incredibly mistaken. The “authorized population control” completely ignores the fact that these species are Critically endangered, vulnerable etc. It is placed there to protect livestock and the money those people make by it, and for the government to pocket the money they make by allowing some of these beautiful creatures to be hunted by several ignorant people acting like they’re ding the world a favor. yes, it provides food for people, but at what cost. In the last decade alone i can easily think of 10 maybe 11 species, and I personally feel like people are almost TRYING to add more onto that list. Thats great save some live stock thats not going to go everywhere. I get it, people needa eat, people need to sell people need to slaughter, and thats great, but why is it that murder is the only solution? What about relocation? No but that doesn’t cross people minds because for some reason people find pleasure and pride in shooting down something beautiful. There’s nothing pride full about that.
    Look at that link. That looks like so much fun does it. How would you like to be 10 feet from someone or something and have no clue that in the next 5 minutes after you play around and try to nap, you’re no longer going to be alive. So fun, isn’t it. Anyways, my point was not to belittle you in any point, because you’re stance is not wrong, just more misinformed, and misplaced. Just like you shouldn’t believe everything you read, you shouldn’t believe that just because a country or government gives the okay to do something, means they took into full account the consequences their actions could have. Have a good day.

  • Pipkin

    because she took pictures and smiled about it. really we don’t know her personal reasons, and we never really will without meeting her in person. besides, people are complex, and generally have more then one motivation for doing anything. she could be a complete sweet heart for wanting to help people wile still being a mildly sadistic glory hound for wanting to conquest over awesome creatures. You don’t really have to be one or the other, and you can’t really tell without getting to know someone.

    as for why everyone else is bitching? they’d rather assume then find out. people will always belive in whatever’s convenient rather then seek truth.

  • Jack

    Well said! It’s almost like they didn’t even read the article and just scrolled down to begin their mindless ranting. By her hunting in this controlled, legal fashion, she has done more to HELP the animal populations than all the efforts of these complainers combined.

    I applaud her, not only for her animal conservation efforts, but for making a statement that her gender isn’t going to limit her, that she has a great self-image that doesn’t depend on the approval of the masses, that she mixes in humanitarian efforts with the African villagers, and that along with displaying her pictures with pride, she comments in an effort to “educate” others on true animal conservationism.

  • debbie knight

    The issue here is : A human with a high powered rifle against an innocent animal who has done nothing to that human..These animals are murdered for her pleasure!!! And some are endangered…She has no right to wipe out another countries WILDLIFE!!! Africa is not her country!!!

  • Pipkin

    because she took pictures and smiled about it. really we don’t know her personal reasons, and we never really will without meeting her in person. besides, people are complex, and generally have more then one motivation for doing anything. she could be a complete sweet heart for wanting to help people wile still being a mildly sadistic glory hound for wanting to conquest over awesome creatures. You don’t really have to be one or the other, and you can’t really tell without getting to know someone.

    as for why everyone else is bitching? they’d rather assume then find out. people will always belie in whatever’s convenient rather then seek truth.

  • That one guy

    What a garbage ass attempt at defending a garbage ass hobby. We don’t HAVE to have population control. It was never up to us to control how much wildlife we have on a world that came with this amount of wildlife by default. Fuck her, and fuck you.

  • Anonymous

    So I assume you’re ignorant about what culling is. So here let me explain why this is beneficial for the endangered animal population:

    These hunts are actually GOOD for the endangered species. The animals tagged to be hunted in these kinds of hunting trips are either old, sterile, overly aggressive, or damaging to the population in some other way. For example, overly aggressive dominant White Rhino males will kill male infants of the group to retain its dominance, so by REMOVING those individuals you actually allow the population to GROW.

    Hunters like her pay a very high fee to hunt each animal, proceeds which go back into conservation efforts including preventing poachers from killing other members of the endangered species.

  • Tyler Durden

    You’re a dumb fcuk.

  • Stasha

    Do nothing? people who sit around doing nothing are why animals are endangered in the first place. Maybe you don’t care if these animals become extinct but that’s because you can’t comprehend the domino effect losing any animal forever causes our ecosystem.

    This is called canned hunting and no real hunter would ever do it. i was raised by hunters and they find this to be disgusting and disrespectful.

  • sdm

    Yeah, it becomes personal when my 10 month old daughter may never get to see a lion, or any of these other animals in her life because they are all extinct! We as humans should be grateful to have such animals. I understand helping population control when needed, but there is no need for this if they are on an endangered species list! And deer for instance, a lot of times need a population control in areas because there are so many that they run out of food and starve to death and rather than dying slowly of hunger it would be kind to kill them quick and painless with a bullet. I’ve read about how the population of certain kind of snakes in Florida have risen so high that they have people find and kill them but you must obey the rule that it is done in a humane way, and that’s a snake not a beautiful majestic animal! How can someone be so happy about killing such a beautiful creature, I could never even kill a deer because they are so beautiful but if it came to survival for my family there is no choice. People wanna bring up all the chicken and cows we use for burgers and crappy, well every damn living creature has to kill for survival. Just as lions must kill buffalo and all other sorts of animals to find there family. The difference between them and humans is that they specifically kill to eat or defend, we kill just for the hell of it. This girl isn’t out here starving and killing for survival she is killing for sport. If she actually was starving and had to kill it would be reasonable. These animals were here before us this is there earth too! Us humans are the ones destroying it. Animals aren’t causing wars, deforestation, mountains of trash or pollution WE are. They have way more of a right to be here than us. We kill cows and chickens and pigs to survive and feed ourselves just like these lions do to feed them selves and their,, family. Saying you better be a vegetation to be disagreeing with this just makes you look like a damn fool cause the reason we kill for meet is the same reason lions do..SURVIVAL! Even if humans could live off of just vegetation doesn’t make a difference. There are plenty of animals that are omnivores and could just eat plants yet still choose meat as well. If this girl thinks its helping the villages so much she is sadly mistaken. Why not use all of that money she spends to hunt and boost her ego to actually bring food to those people and shelter and fresh water. One lion isn’t gonna feed that many people but I guarantee the money she uses to hunt would feed a hell of a lot more and then some. Use the money directly so it will for sure go to the people and what they need. I mean of course it would be awesome to have a picture with a lion, who wouldn’t want to!? But a dead one?? That’s an endangered species? That very well may go extinct in her lifetime? That’s just a tragedy): we as humans have always said how wrong it is to kill another human, but its okay to kill an animal that is struggling to keep its species going? How about the over population of humans? You don’t see genocide happening to control human population. And maybe if we were taking up so much of there land they wouldn’t need to take our food. There’s plenty of buffalo and other animals rather then endangered ones that could feed the villages

  • get off your high horse

    so she needs to understand that people have different opinions than hers even though you haven’t seemed to grasp that other people will have different opinions than yours? sounds a little hypocritical don’t you think?

  • damian

    then wouldn’t lions already be extinct …

  • heaven

    To the people who say she is causing more houses to be built and more lions to be killed I have to ask just what right do you have your house was built and chased away bear deer fox etc. So what happens when they show up in your yard???? You call someone to remove it and most times it gets killed so until you live out side with nothing dont judge cause our land was once full of beautiful animals also

  • Andrew

    Tarran, You’re talking about accepting views of others while forcing your view to everyone In this comment section. Get off your high horse. How about you accept the cheerleaders point of view. Or you accept the view on population control. Or accept the view that if male lions weren’t in population control, that lion cubs would have a much lower chance of survival. She is actually increasing the lion population by hunting them. Everybody thinks different and everyone has their own actions. And btw I would much rather be focused on what Obama is doing than some cheerleader who shot a lion who eats his own young. Obama is ruining this great country and you are all focused on stupid shit. Grow up and focus on what’s important.

  • Orlando Wan

    What an idiot. Endangered species have no season you moron.

  • Cody Morris

    You are a fuckin moron, I hunt and so do 20 more people that i know on a first name basis. We all pose and smile next to our pictures and we hunt deer and elk, however there isn’t a big controversy over people hunting within the united states, so why does a young woman who grew up IN THE HUNTING CULTURE get ridiculed because she WANTED TO DO SOMETHING SHE COULDNT DO AS A CHILD?! It does not make sense, maybe instead of worrying about a girl who likes to hunt and is helping out the population control, we should be worrying about more pressing issues in the states.

  • Natalie


  • Natalie

    on being an ideiot. lol

  • Zach

    Yep, agreed Jane is a dipshit…

  • Eva

    CONSERVATIONS*** geez if you’re going to argue on the internet and try to sound intelligent at least spellcheck….

  • Hailey Reed

    Would people drop this already? We see this all the time and every day. It’s apart of culture. People of the culture and area that she is shooting from does it too. It’s been something done for years and years. But, because the headlines show “Texas Cheerleader” it gives off something incredibly negative about this person. Stop hating on something. If it was wrong, and inhumane the government would stop it. There are far worst things in this world then some one hunting. Get over it and drop it. She’s probably a great person but media and vegetarians make this young women look like a monster. There is a little monster in all of us and your monster is showing too by gravitating so much hate to this person. Just stop.

  • Koopa

    “If it bothers you so much just ignore it too or don’t follow the page.”

    Yes, ignorance is a much better option. God forbid people speak out against the things they feel are wrong. Just look the other way – that’s what will create change in our world.

  • Joe Mamma

    I wish we could hunt humans instead, because I’ve just read the comments of quite a few morons that should be exterminated. Leave the girl alone – she’s not doing anything wrong nor illegal. If you’re all that worried about these animals, next time you see a lion, go run up and give it a hug! Just make sure someone is videotaping it and posts it so we can all see how great of a person you are.

  • Michael

    Complains about how she doesnt understand other people’s views, completely misunderstands and ignores her views at the same time.

  • Smith

    To all the motherfuckers posting shit about some chick shooting exotic animals lets play devils advocate for a second, it may seem counter intuitive but hunting “Sustainably” often boosts conservation efforts considerably more so than those that would have hunting outlawed. Hunting on game reserves can give financial incentive for the owners/backers to keep the land needed undeveloped and endangered species alive. Until those that espouse not hunting these animals provide as much of a financial incentive to conserve these animals as the hunters, hunters will remain the more successful conservationists. Don’t expect outlawing the hunting of these animals to conserve there numbers, ask the rhino population how many fucks the black market gives about conservation the demand in the market to hunt these animals is not going away because some piece of paper that says its illegal, at least if its done above the table it can be done sustainably… Incentive is the only thing that seems to keep species from extinction, for example the american buffalo was nearly extinct until they started to be farmed, don’t like hunting/farming these animals provide a better incentive to keep up there numbers/habitats… Don’t for a second think appeasing your conscience is worth letting a species go extinct like many in the anti hunting crowd have done for example the animal in the video below…

  • alissa

    The Rhino thing she did was great! It is more ways to help people track and take care of the rhino (and other rhinos) and track it. The rest is not. I don’t understand how anyone is allowed to kill any threatened, vunerable, endangered, or critically endangered animal without some serious punishment. Conservationists have many ideas on how to deal with these animals and I guarantee killing them would not be their first choice by any means (go to WWF’s website they conserve species not by killing them that is counter productive). I feel bad for my great great great grandkids who might possibly have to learn about lions, leopards, gorillas, etc from textbooks. (I sure hope not, that would be so sad)

    Maybe she just shouldn’t post controversial things on the internet if she doesn’t want an outlash from people who are uneducated on the pictures she is showing or who don’t share her views. Also, I know she is just in high school but her future possible employers could easily be on the side against…. All I heard from my college professors about getting jobs was to watch out what they show and write on social media. Many jobs check out facebook pages!! I mean if showing a beer in a picture is not okay then this probably isn’t good either. :/

    No I am not a hunter and no I will never will be, but I cannot condemn someone who hunts. To each their own. Although, there is a difference between hunting African lions and deer. One is over populated and the other is not… but again we are all just giving opinions here and I am sure some people will love my comment while others will think I am an idiot.

  • Frank

    Kayla, one of the major contributing factors for the endangered status of many predator animals in Africa is habitat destruction. This is true of both four-legged and winged predators. I recall an African wild animal rehab facility I visited in 2005 telling me that they could not simply release birds as they healed, as the domain of a single male bird was substantial. Releasing a second inside that domain would result in a territorial fight. They were running out of available habitat to release birds to, and as such were forced to keep many in cages.

    It is the same (as the article states) with lions. If the size of the available habitat won’t sustain a larger population due to the size of the domain of each individual male, it would cause a greater harm to the population to release a second male into the domain of another. Also, much of the habitat is now fenced off in sub-Saharan Africa. This is done both to demarcate private property, and to keep large animals away from roads…you think seeing a deer on a road is bad? Try a rhino! (been there). The side effect of the fencing is that the traditional roaming of animals is substantially reduced. That reduces the habitat even further.

    So if a lion is raised in captivity for the purpose of hunting, or there is a lion who is putting an established pride at risk by trying to fight with another male, killing that lion for population control is generally a necessary thing for the sustainability of the population. She’s done nothing wrong as far as I can see. Learn before speaking.

  • KendallDon’tWriteGood

    Maybe she should spend more time working on her writing competence. Subject/verb agreement and spelling are not her strong suits.

  • KayBird

    So we’re all evil killers for being a part of the food chain? Animals kill and eat each other (rather horribly I might add) every single day. The problem I have is if man did not go in there and destroy forests, needlessly kill, and upset the balance of nature, there would be no need for so called “population control”. Killing animals with a gun for sport and then bragging about it cannot be justified. And by the way, I’m a vegetarian…

  • Nobody Special

    Hunting largely or purely for sport is just one of those significantly-less-than-civilized activities that humanity hasn’t quite grown out of yet.

  • Bryan Wooden

    Well, the daft little cow should spend more time studying, and less time killing majestic animals and flopping her tits around so frat boys and jocks can have masturbation fantasies. Her spelling, grammar, and punctuation make me question who’s dick she is sucking to stay enrolled. Fuck her, and fuck all of you defending her. She kills animals for fun. End of fucking discussion.

  • Nobody Special

    Exactly. The apparent message is that. Just because people who like to kill living things can be channeled into less-than-catastrophic behaviors. All of a sudden the people who enjoy killing are to be praised?

    Even without the corruption that $35K probably has a fair bit of overhead. Considering that through any number of food programs you could feed a village of 100 for a year with less than a quarter of that. It’s hard to look at this as really beneficial.

  • Amy

    It sounds to me like you aren’t accepting her view, only YOUR own… The leopards had killed over 100 head of cattle… That means they killed over 100 cows that were meant to provide meat or milk to the people. Are they supposed to starve and allow the leopards to kill their flocks? What happens when their herds are gone and the leopards start hunting their children? Hunting and foraging is a way of life, and has been as long as humankind has been around. She hasn’t done anything wrong.

  • Katrina

    She probably posts those pictures because she believes she is helping to educate people about alternative conservations tactics. The local population and other conservationists are applauding her efforts because she is helping them out. I really do not think a lot of you have even read the article. While I understand how you could be morally against these kinds of efforts, you need to at least learn the facts behind them.

  • Matt

    lets all be real here, sure there is a government approval for the systematic hunting of animals for whatever reason. yea i get that, good for you you paid people to let you hunt. but honestly you will be hated on. so deal with it, you are still an awful person, whoever wrot ethis article in her defense for whatever reason, good for you, you probably got paid to do it, but lets now thing about money. money is something given worth by humans and means nothing in the grand scheme of things. i dont GAF how much you pay for whatever reason to kill animals let alone endangered ones, if you still think its ok because it kills goats of fuck idk runs through the garden too many times, you are wrong. because basically what you are defending is the idea that is something is bothering me i can pay someone to come and “take care of it” so by this logic YOU are bothering me by hunting species that may become exstint in our lifetime. (RIP african black rhino). so i can pay someone to get “rid” of you and thats totally ok… cept not, there are laws and stuff that would have serious repercussions for me. these animals have no such things. these animals MUST do this to surivive. i honestly dont give two shits about what you do, but you make it apparent to me and the rest of the public and then cry about it like its nothing wrong, is very inappropriate. basically, dont post controversial things if you dont want to get owned for it. and i would highly advise watching the lorax over and over until ur eyes bleed, because you CANNOT justify anything you do with any sort of human ideology, because (spoiler alert) these animals are not human

  • Matt

    45,000 acres… verus entire planet free roaming…is actually quite confined. any native americans on a reservation wanna step up here? also i think ur kinda hot so if youre ever in the midwest you can feel free to hunt me anytime. p.s. i bite

  • Wookington

    Get real, what she looks like is hardly the issue, rather a huge cliche.

    How is she saving any of these people? Are they fresh out of bullets in Africa?

    Rather, her family lawyers payoff the officials and use some BS circumstantial loophole to blast away at rare game. Her dad probably tells the stories everyday at the country club.

  • matt

    Woah, slow down there honky

  • Sanda

    She is a disgrace! She was proud of her kills, just another good ol boy story with daughters.. $$ buys you anything and allows you to kill what you wish… I hope that TT removes you as a cheerleader! And let Karma take care of the rest! Next time think before you kill some animal! You are the animal. If this were about feeing tribes, etc., then it would have been done quietly and without her braggadocios photographs like she just won Miss Texas! Sickening to say the least..

  • Hunter

    You can’t murder animals you can kill them. When you said “Kevin Richardson , the lion whisperer…” You do realize humans can’t talk to animals that is just a metophor for an expert. Anyone can call themselves that like so, I am Hunter the human whisperer and the earth is 13.7 billion years old. See anyone can say that to sound perfessional and by the ways were do you get your food? If you eat meat you better start changing your diet or eles you are a hypocrite. And of course there will be an end to killings when every living thing is six feet under. Hunting is the best hobby in my opinion. There is nothing wrong when you use everything from the carcass that you killed like she did.

  • JayBear

    It’s amazes me how all the pro-hunting people who claim to be so knowledgeable about conservation, particularly African conservation, continually make ignorant statements that completely contradict what REAL African and South African conservationists are saying. And no, the farmer who lets you shoot animals on his farm is not a conservationist – he’s a farmer exploiting your dollars/duitschmark/Euro. #Clueless/Arrogant/Livingindenial/STAYOUTOFMYCOUNTRY

  • Tifiney

    I agree….Lions are ENDANGERED. ….I don’t care if they are in “controlled” areas. Due to the hunting of people like Ernest Hemingway and Teddy Roosevelt there are less than 45000 lions left in the wild….this spoiled brat just took one more away.

  • andrew

    Lol fenced animals! Have you ever read her page? Also where does it say anything about killing the prized ones! She is culling the herd and does not hunt the healthy animals. Read the opposition before you speak next time so you don’t sound as much like a moron haha

    Also what if you had a hobby that others didn’t agree with, would that automatically make you a nasty person! Grow up and be mindful we live in a society and the world doesn’t revolve around you. Just because you think something should be done a certain way doesn’t make it the right way… Just some food for thought

  • jaweakne

    You are a moron. How do you think humans survive? By just eating vegetables and fruits? I guarantee that in some way you have been responsible for killing animals whether by eating them or destroying their habitat. Hopefully karma takes care of you and does not allow you to reproduce for the sake of the world

  • Kaelan

    Many of you people post on these websites without even thinking. It would be ridiculous to put a season on humans, and it would also be rediculous to kill off people in other over populated countries. Many of you obviously did not read the artical this person wrote or the quotes that he used from Jones. Without control these animal that you ignorant people are complaining are so in danger would destroy themselves. Lions for example; male adult lions fight each other for leader of a pride. When a younger male forces the older male out the young male will kill all of the cubs that were born of the older male. So when she is killing only one lion that without her would most likely kill 5-10 cubs depending on the size of the pride. Another example of her helping a species is killing a couple of leopards. Without her and others killing the leopards many farmers of cattle would kill every leopard they see, reducing the population of leopard much more than killing 1 or 2 would. As for the elephant she shot, it helped to feed a village of most likely starving people for a couple of days. Many of you will most likely just disregard this as a bunch of crap but for those of you that actually learned something from this then please go and share what you have learned. And to those of you that still think she is not justified and that I am white trash and that she is white trash I only wish you people the best.

  • Mitch

    Did you even read the fucking article?

  • JC

    You say… “I hate that she thinks it is okay and doesn’t understand and other views then her own” then go on to call her a “nasty little thing” for her views… Ladies and Gentlemen, this is hypocrisy, at its finest.

  • Chris daniel

    Your still a spoiled rotten child who’s been raised wrong by your idiot , and I say this loosely , parents ! You will never justify your actions . Do us all a favor , live your spoiled rotten life and disappear

  • Nobody Special

    “That means they killed over 100 cows that were meant to provide meat or milk to the people. Are they supposed to starve and allow the leopards to kill their flocks?”

    Over all leopards over a year in a 1011 km^2. Which means that all leopards are responsible for killing at most 0.8% of the population. Which means that this particular leopard was responsible for, at most 0.03% of the cattle population…or about three head of cattle.

    I’m not a professional farmer but I’m pretty sure you’re exaggerating the impact this one leopard had and by extension the help that was provided by Big Game Barbie.

    “Hunting and foraging is a way of life, and has been as long as humankind has been around.”

    Since when is the alleged age of something indicative of it’s correctness?

    “She hasn’t done anything wrong”
    I’m not going to make a moral judgement but I’d say that there’s some efficiency in attempting to channel someones need to kill things into something less destructive to the environment. At the same time teaching children to enjoy the killing of animals seems to be pretty loopy.

  • Buck Dempsey

    Okay, first off whatch you gonna say when a damn l Ooooooo on jumps on your ass? Oh that texas cheerleader was doin somethin right. Just leave common sense to hunters. Not skinny lovers.

  • bob

    I guess that means that all the rest of people on fb should stop posting pictures about them and their friends getting wasted and being proud of that too. Or that they’re proud that they got out of the shower in the morning. Or that they’re proud that their dog was able to lick its own balls. I really think people are allowed to do what they want and everyone else needs to be quiet and do what they want. Its called freedom of speech.

  • JJ

    Start a petition for a season to hunt the stupid people.

  • Christian Hahn

    There’s no way you can justify your clearly biased bigotry. Did you even fucking read the article? She is -helping- many people and causes larger than her actions or herself. Are ranchers going to stop sending their livestock to the slaughterhouses because you don’t like knowing where your food comes from? Grow the fuck up and worry about yourself. If you aren’t also bitching about the 12 trees that were cut down for the construction of an elementary school, then you have no right to bitch about something that is arguably equal in terms of ethics. Also for the fuckwad claiming killing babies is the same as this (honestly..); I have 3 suggestions: 1. Learn to think before you make yourself sound like an asshole. 2. Realize the world doesn’t revolve around your (clearly skewed and self-righteous) morals, and 3. Learn to read.

  • atr

    why don’t you go ahead and do the environment a favour and kill yourself then? or sell your car, house ect… and go live in a tent in a lion and leopard dense area and see how you like it. la de da

  • steve

    Please become part of the solution to this human overpopulation pandemic by killing yourself. Take out some of your wacko friends while you are at it too. (It is selfish to talk about overpopulation and yet still contribute to it by wasting resources on yourself)

  • MEC

    It would be tempting to say that little jane doesn’t matter. She doesn’t-but she Does satisfy the literal definition of Matter: She has shape and occupies space….. and that’s about all. In many ways, she is an endanger feces all by herself. A danger to self and others who is only alive because people who actually DO things created a temporary environment where natural selection is suspended….for a while

  • 99cent big gulp

    It does appear that you do find 134,000 people that are much worse than a hobbyist hunter. I think it is important to point out that there are 134,000 looking to revoke her first amendment right of free speech, because she is doing something legal. So now, we have our criminals. Can we remove their webpages and internet access? They obviously have no idea what it is used for and also they band together, posing a major threat to anyone exercising these rights.
    When I think of what’s wrong with the world, I think of them.

  • Steve Stinson

    Hunting is a great hobby you should try it sometime and stop hugging trees, libs can’t hunt so we’ll help put the meat on your table :)

  • Dee

    I agree… You are an idiot. My family shoot, kill & eat deer all the time.

  • rmt


    I’ll assume you verified all of her information she shared and didn’t just take her word on it. I’d hate to think you’re as ignorant as the readers you complain about by just taking a statement on face value without doing any research.

    So, of course you verified all her information and statements, so I’m sure you wouldn’t mind sharing that verified information with us ignorant readers.

    Greatly appreciated.

  • rmt

    Animal population control is necessary and happens all the time. However, if an animal control worker posts pictures of herself holding up euthanized dogs or cats and sporting a big stupid grin, I’m gonna consider her a big, capital A-hole. Sorry.

  • Casey

    Say what you will about her intentions, the point is that in some of these she is helping the people, not animals. “She thinks she’s helping the animals by paying the people”… No. That’s not what it says. And I am having a hard time understanding why you are shaming the “oppressive poverty party”, of actual human beings while crusading for groups of animals. Yes, they are majestic. Somehow, I value human life more.

  • David

    I have to admit. I laughed out loud. They weren’t killed out of need? What are you talking about? The conservation reasons are spelled out clearly in the article. The starving person might not have been her, but she gave to to starving Africans! Why is doing that service evil? As for the posing, I find it FAR more tasteless when a woman her age takes mirror selfies to show off her body than to pose with an animal that she has killed. These commenters remind me of the activists back home who clubbed the endangered seals to save the endangered fish and saw nothing wrong with that. Actually that’s giving them too much credit as many of these people would probably never lift a finger to help anyone. Why does everyone think that the internet exists only to spread hate?

  • Niall

    You say there’s no justification? How would you like elephants running throug your town, fucking everything you own up, because the population is too high? That’s what happens in African villages and that’s why people hunt big game in Africa. All of you people opposed to this are idiots that don’t know what you’re talking about

  • Carina

    So true. Most meats and produce that are sold in large supermarket chains (safeway, giant, walmart ect.) are harvested through massive industrial farm chains. The animals are abused and slaughtered using some of the most inhumane methods. Plus, the hormones that are injected into the animals to produce more meat, are the primary cause for why children are now starting puberty at the average age of 8.

  • Trevor

    I am a vegetarian for the record, since you seem to feel that qualification is required, and I will be the first to say that there is a place for hunting in some areas and some species due to concerns of overpopulation. However, hunting species like Elephants, even if listed as ‘control’ cannot be justified in that way because the animal is already struggling to maintain populations. As far as the idea that its alright because companies are taking people on these trips, or because governments say its alright is a non-starter as an argument in relation to the ethics of hunting endangered or threatened species, which most of these animals are. If we refuse to take advantage of the permits, and if we as humans opt to use the prefrontal cortex we have to think through our actions based on logic and not our desire to feel cool, then issues like this would cease. I also agree with a previous post where someone said that she brought this on with her public Facebook photos. If she doesn’t want the criticism, than posting them on Facebook publicly, especially something as controversial as this, was an incredibly bad idea and she will have to live with the consequences of that choice.

  • Jeff

    Did you read the article or explanations at all or are you willfully ignorant? An animal can still kill you even though it is in a fence that spans 70 miles, but beyond that the purpose was to help the species flourish you idiot. And killing someone’s pet isn’t even close to the same thing that was happening in this story. These animals aren’t someone’s pet and the leopards were killing people’s livestock which is how they make their living. You are just a stupid hippy who didn’t take the time to learn you just spew your bullshit and self righteous banter on others to feel morally superior.

  • Ian

    Well according to most of the know-it-alls on here, I should stop hunting deer to fill my freezer so I can feed my 2 kids. Especially since I hunt them in a wooded area that’s just a fraction of the size this girl hunts in. I’m a mass murderer I guess. Sorry hippies.

  • Nobody Special

    “Did you even fucking read the article? She is -helping- many people and causes larger than her actions or herself.”

    Well I did read it. Apparently closer than you did. She isn’t helping very many people and I think it’s not unreasonable to say that she would still hunt if it helped nobody. So this is hardly humanitarian venture. So after the necessity to hunt is gone and the idea that it’s helpful. You’re kind of left with teaching kids to enjoy killing animals. Does that sound well adjusted to you?

  • Jay

    Ok honestly…. Lets really get one thing straight.. This girl did absolutely nothing wrong. She paid her money and went on a hunting trip… Millions of people do it ever year….. Albeit probably not to Africa? Really who can afford to spend up to $80,000 on a hunting trip….. There is nothing illegal about this… Just leave this poor girl alone, she paid her money and had her hunt.

  • rob

    you think you’re smart & yet you probably have no idea how ecology works. most hunters have become better conservationists and know more about ecosystems than you or most other tree huggers ever will.
    -p.s.- good internet statistics, what were you posting that for? read the article

  • Conan doesn’t like Barbie

    Are you sure she isn’t an endangered species killing A-hole?

    According to a South African, this girl is lying and using excuses as a faced for hunting.

    A petition was started to ban Jones from entering any African state and stop her from hunting in Africa. The petition was started by Kieron Brown, a singer-songwriter in Cape Town, South Africa. The petition has received more than 6,800 signatures and reads:

    “Kendall Jones is an American born hunter who has entered the continent and has been hunting African wildlife under the facade of conservation. She has publicly stated that she hopes to have a television hunting show and she is using endangered and helpless African animals as a stepping stone to further her popularity on social media platforms.

    She has already recieved much protest, peaceful or otherwise from a wide variety of people from all over the world on her social profiles, and has, on those platforms, visibly scoffed and shaken off those protests, claiming that protestors are misinformed, or simply the “sheep” to her “lion” morals.

    With enough support globally we can take a step in the right direction with regards to animal conservation, and help put an end to practices such as these, in hopes of conserving what precious little is left of our natural world.”

  • Conan doesn’t like Barbie

    “facade” – it’s a facade.

  • Conan doesn’t like Barbie

    she just wants to be popular
    she just wants to be famous
    she just wants to be a celebrity
    she even wants to start her own reality show
    typical barbie
    typical superficial, self-justifying, fake republican redneck from texas

  • Stewart

    Kevin Richardson – the lion whisperer

  • PavePusher

  • robert

    All I can say is you go girl. I think it is good what you are doing. I enjoy seeing the pics I know I would love to be able to do something like that. And damn if I had the chance to do it I would be posting the pictures too.

  • PavePusher

    In the meantime, I doubt a petition will much effect on any African nation’s government. About as effective as a hash-tag campaign.

    I suggest you donate money and your personal time, sweat and skin to the anti-poaching efforts ongoing in all those places. It’ll have much better results… if you are competent.

  • Bruce Tillmn

    Let me start with this….WE are predators. Killing a fellow predator is wrong. Yes it does happen in the wild. If you wish to kill a predator, You need to fight one on one with no weapons. Actually, you should take prey animals the same way. You will not be forgiven for being a blonde rich b. Look at your life. Please take up the hobby your kind normally has. Go redye your fake blonde hair!

  • PavePusher

    Trevor, it depends very much on the location. In some places, elephants are very much overpopulated. It’s nearly impossible to move them long distances to places where they are not plentiful, and those places are mostly occupied by homo sapiens. So culling is the most reasonable approach. Why not make a virtue out of necessity, and make it a revenue generator?

    Or perhaps you can “use the prefrontal cortex (you) have” and give us some solutions, instead of mere platitudes?

    P.S. I lived in western central Africa for three years, so I’m fairly aware of most of the issues involved. You’re going to have to know what you are talking about.

  • PavePusher

    Facts only confuse and anger them, Niall.

  • Sammy Jones

    Great!! so… how do we control human overpopulation of the world… get out guns out?
    Poor attempt in this article to justify what is plainly wrong. You enjoy killing, you have a serious problem.. period! You wish to help the community? DONATE… I’m sure the locals can hunt and eat their prey without the need of a Texan spoiled bloodthirsty idiot! A bully is what she is… and so are everyone else supporting trophy hunts.

  • Joe

    Did…did you not actually read any of this? Did you choose to ignore this article, or are you as stupid as you are (apparently) blind?

  • Takoda Taylor

    You can’t even spell thrill right. Get a little bit more educated before you say people have things wrong with them.

  • John

    Please tell me who doesn’t pose with their kill or catch? Let me give you a hint: nobody!

  • Tara

    This is such an ignorant comment… even after reading all the facts I can’t believe people STILL insist on talking as if they lack all intelligence on a particular subject.

  • Brad

    I’m surprised it took this long for Goodwin’s law to come into play :)

    But moving on; as contradictory as it sounds, there is some evidence to suggest that hunting can be a solution for conservation – especially when the animals are under high risk from poachers.

    Have a look at Zimbabwe’s Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE). It’s a “community-based sustainable conservation initiative, designed to simultaneously protect endangered animals and help local communities utilise the animals as sources of income”.

    One of their methods of raising funds is elephant hunting and Zimbabwe’s elephant population has been steadily increasing from ~20,000 in 1975 to over ~100,000 in 2010.

    Whereas conversely Kenya, with a blanket ban on all elephant hunting, has seen a dramatic decrease in elephant population due to poaching during the same period. From ~170,000 down to ~30,000.

    The numbers certainly tell an interesting tale and is something worth thinking about, I would say.

  • Ee

    I would like to respond to this… but any adequate response would require you to leave your comfort zone and read some actual academic articles. That may just be asking too much.

  • Scott

    I love to hunt. I have a legal license. She is no different. Everyone get a life.

  • Kafir

    We need population control for the liberal idiots in America…

  • John

    You literally chose to ignore the entirety of the information in this article

  • Riktor

    We do kill babies, it’s called abortion.

  • Anna

    Well said.

  • Anna


  • nick

    So are you trying to say that we should be killing babies in Africa to control population?!?!

  • Chelsea

    Perhaps people would take her seriously if she didn’t misspell her arguments or use improper grammar.

  • adam

    All you people bitching about hunting better be fucking vegetarians. You think the animals you eat just will themselves to death. You say killing is killing well enjoy your next burger, because some horrible person murder that cow. Liberal fucks

  • jake

    Okay get it straight you idiots, the rhino wasn’t dead just unconscious so they could help it because it was injured. Secondly the elephant is a picture showing that it’s to help feed people who needed it. That’s like here of someone on a farm decided to give free beef or chicken away and taking a pic. But you wouldn’t complain about that would you? Or maybe you would because you need to prove how much of a better person you are. Leave her alone you guys harassing her isn’t going to stop anyone from eating elephant. That’s what they got there. You don’t want them to eat elephant? Then you go fly your happy ass over there and bring em a cow or a big to eat instead. Don’t want her to to help the rhino by first ensuring her own safety by tranquility? Then you go walk up to that rhino yourself see what it does, it will more than likely feel threatened and scared and attack. That’s fact. People need to eat, animals need to be helped. Or was she supposed to just let them starve and let the rhino suffer in pain maybe even die? She’s doing more than you idiots and that’s why you guys feel the need to put her down. You need to make yourselves feel high and mighty in your small little lives.

  • bonnie

    I, personally, am against the hunting. They are beautiful creatures to me but that gives me no right to go and criticize this girl for hunting or helping these animals and posting the pictures to her wall. It’s her facebook page and her experience and people should butt out of her business and facebook should be ashamed to make her take them down, I bet some of you people wouldn’t like it if we went thru your facebook page and decided that we thought your kid or husband was ugly and petitioned to have your photos taken down simply because we didn’t like them. if you don’t like her pictures STOP LOOKING AT THEM!!!! its that simple. its a sad and cruel world, animals will be hunted, eaten, poached, tortured. sometimes you can help and sometimes you cant. but what’s worse to think about, an animal shot one time and taken out and not suffer, or a pride/pack/heard of animals slowly taking down one single animal with bites, scratches, suffocating them, the pain they feel for sometimes for hours before they die, sometimes being eaten alive because of the overpopulation is so bad the animals are starving and the animals cant wait until the animal is completely dead to eat. which is worse or do you consider animal cruelty? think about that? nature is nature, and this lady is only doing what she was raised to do in her nature, and that is hunt. leave this girl alone already. let someone examine your life and put it out on front street of the media and see if you like it over a few photo’s that you might not think was bad, but other people did because they were against something you were raised to believe was right. think about that before you go and judge people. better yet, why don’t you people complaining travel to these third world countries and help the poor so they don’t hunt these animals and offend you, because they have been doing this for thousands of years, that is what they know and what they were taught.

  • michael

    There are so many things wrong with both sides of this argument, first we all know that these animals are disappearing on a rapid rate, ie the fact that there are fenced in areas for these animals. people are paying the counsel’s so they can hunt “legally” shows there is a problem. The next is that the people of these countries have to rely on give hunting passes for money to support them states that there needs to be a better economic solution to this problem. I do not know what the solution is but this one is clearly not working for either side. Love it or hate it the fact is it is a gapping wound we are only putting a Band-Aid on. It is easy for us in the western world to condemn these actions because we can go to the tap and get a CLEAN glass of water when ever we want, keep that in mind when leaving comments using profanity and derogatory words it only cheapens your arguments and takes away from the real issues that are present.

  • Commonsense

    You didn’t read the article. The animals were not fenced in and she didn’t kill them all, she helped one and the others helped save more animals lives. It was all for good causes!

  • Amanda

    Agreed with Brad.

    There is no longer a natural balance because of humans… which is why there is a need for population control by hunting. Hunters are more avid conservationists than any PETA-proud hipster I’ve ever met.

  • g

    Wow…you are naive and stupid on an immeasurable level. You should try doing a little research before blurting out your opinion,

  • Rob

    You are an idiot

  • Reese

    I have one sentence. FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  • dontcare

    Idc what your reason are and this isnt the 1930’s. Im not a “tree hugger” or a “hippie” and idc what rules she had to look up and dig into a handbook to justify the killing of the animals. This shit is wrong and stupid.

  • Sumitta Hudson

    unless that the was the Leopard community council, that is no different than shooting canadians because the profits go to the residents of Niagra Falls, NY. And while lions do hunt many species, not within the confines of a 70 mile park designed ot raise lions to be hunted. Being “considered to be fair play” is a relative term. She hunted these animals for sports– and I don’t care how you package that– it makes her a douchebag in my opinion. Have her stick to the “green” hunts she was talking about.

  • John Brennan

    A beautiful 19 year old girl is hunting in Africa, legally hunting in Africa I might add, and everyone on here seams to think they can make her some sort of villain for doing something people all over the world do. I find it amusing that ya’ll have a problem with this but if she was aborting unborn children no one would bat an eye….lets get our priorities straight people….

  • Wes

    I don’t know, it seems weird that it’s okay with some people to abort human babies but the same people get so upset about this.

  • hunterhere

    I am a hunter myself. Too be honest Anyone who has an issue with hunting should either be a vegetarian or vegan. The meat that you buy at stores is a dead animal. Raised in cruel conditions its whole life to die and feed your idiotic brain with energy. Instead of raising all hell because a 19 year old girl posted pictures of her hunts on facebook why don’t you take the time to research the situation some more than what the Media told you. Have you ever stopped to think that the Media is owned by the government. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your kills. But then, if you weren’t a hunter you wouldn’t understand that. and In addition to this. Its not like there is pools of blood dripping out of the animals onto the ground. The pictures are as humane as can be possible. As well as the hunt. Every hunt she did was 110% legal. and I find it astounding how sensitive you are about hunting in other countries when you could be trying to solve the problems in your own country.

  • Brianne

    Did you not bother to read the post? “Trying to ensure survival of cubs”. “Treating an injured Rhino”. “Feeding a village full of people”. “Saving livestock from leopard attacks”. No. You see a person posing with a dead animal and say “Oh, woe is me. It’s murder!!!”. Seriously? just stfu.

  • Jim

    Let’s look at it this way. Did this girl kill 1 lion? Or, did she save a family who will not starve because the lion killed their cattle, which is their only way to survive?

  • Bob

    no sir. you are

  • Bradley

    You really are an idiot, using a typo as reasoning that you’re right is moronic at best and you compared this girl to Hitler? first Hitler killed Jews because they didn’t fit with his ideals for a perfect Germany, not because he was preserving it. second, what this girl is doing is perfectly legal, unless your deluded enough to think Hitler legally murdered countless people. Hitler violated human rights by murdering those who didn’t fit his perfect vision of the future, this girl merely took part in a sport in which she paid the have the right which went to preserving many more of those animals and helping the natives, hell if you bothered to actually look at the pictures you’d notice most of them aren’t even dead they’re merely tranquilized. Judgmental jackasses like you are a major problem with the world today

  • Dave

    I understand the necessity of population control and agree that it needs to be done. And it appears that a lot of good can come from money paid for licences, this also allows greater control over the hunting and minimises illegal poaching. It is the posing in front of the camera and the total lack of respect for these incredible animals which is shocking.

  • Butch

    Im a hunter. I enjoy hunting. When I havest a deer, I eat that deer. When I harvest squirrels, I eat those squirrel and they are delicious. I hunt quail, pheasant, rabbit, woodcock, dove, turkey, grouse. I eat them all.
    I will not kill a elephant. I cant use an elephant. I will not kill a bear. I do not enjoy bear meat. I definatly will not eat a cat, so I wouldn’t kill one.
    To hunt exotic game for the pleasure of killing something is a little sick IMHO. You can disguise your motives by saying,”We have to thin the herd”, or, “We’re feeding the native people. You’re not hunting these animals for this reason. If you were you would have displeasure on you face when these pictures were taken, if someone took a picture without you knowing, Because you wouldn’t allow pictures taken.
    She’s killing these animals because shes an over privalaged young kid that gets her jollies from killing, thats it.

  • Shay

    I would like to say as a vegetarian, I am not upset by this. People in third world countries don’t have the luxury of being vegetarians, or the luxury to be picky about what they eat. So I certainly understand the need for her hunt. People do this all of the time. Why are you people not protesting about the deer, elk, and other types of hunting that takes place all over the US? You all should do your research before posting your uneducated opinions. And rather than sitting here and complaining/bullying over the internet, if you feel so strongly about it then take a proactive approach to getting these things stopped. Not only in Africa but probably where you live, as well.

  • Chandler

    Hello Mother Nature……..oh wait you’re not mother nature…….well quit playing the role.

  • http://Facebook Courtney

    Too bad there isn’t authorized population control for humans. I am an animal lover but I’m also a hunter. We will never be able to fix stupid so as far as I’m concerned, it’s not even worth explaining to these idiots!

  • A concerned person.

    What people don’t seem to get is, no one has an issue with the conservation aspect of the ordeal. We have an issue with the killing part of it and with the disrespectful manner in which it is flaunted so that a profit can ultimately be made. If you can look at the photos and feel anything but disgust and sadness, perhaps you should get your head checked because you are most likely a sociopath, or worse.

  • lindsay

    i think what shes doing for those people is Great. oh sorry they have to survive by hunting and fending for themselves while us Americans can just go to the store and buy 10 lbs of meat. they have a different species population than we do. GET OVER IT

  • ashlee

    Ok really, this is so stupid that there is so much controversy over this. Is it because she posed with the animals?

    As a female hunter myself, who has posed with my deer that I shot and killed, I can’t help but wonder if this would be an issue if she was male.

    They don’t let just anyone go to Africa to get their big 5. As she has explained a billion times, she was NOT poaching, she paid for her licenses. It was population control. People do this in the states with deer, elk, caribou, and other various animals.

    I extend a challenge to educate yourself about what it means to be a sportsman and the culture and village situation where she hunted.

  • A concerned person.

    Not only do I want to ruin her entire life, I want to shoot her in the stupid head and post a selfie with it. But, as many have pointed out, that would not be legal. Sadly what she and many others do, is. Hopefully this will help change hunting endangered animals into being ILLEGAL. There needs to be a Dexter out there killing psychopaths like Ms. Kendall Jones, that would be the ONLY justice in this situation.

  • JohoJoho

    If she doesn’t want critisism, she shouldn’t pose as Miss America on an animal she killed, brag about that by posting photos of it and the fact that she will get her own tv-show! If you strip this girl away from her weapons and her daddy’s money she wouldn’t survive a day out there. Survivalist and conservationist my foot! The people of Africa don’t need people like her.

  • Kenneth

    The only thing this exceptional young lady did wrong was forget to properly set the security settings on her Facebook page so that the “I’m gonna give away your money AND tell you how to live your life” liberal asshats couldn’t see the pictures.

  • dalton

    You all are freaking retarded. You all can’t tell her how to live her life if she want to go up there and kill big game then so be it. And for all of you guys bitching you all better be vegetarians other wise you are all retarded. Were do you think meat comes from? How can you tell her that she is living her life how would you guys like it if whatever you dumb ass Hobbie is was under fire like hers is. She did nothing against the law. And as a matter of fact if you look into it hunter car for animals more so then all you hippie loving fags. We car for the outdoors and do everything in are power to make sure that the animals habitat is in better condition then when we got there. So maybe you guys should look at her side and see that there is nothing wrong with what she did you are just very one minded people that have nothing better to do the criticize a high schooler….. get a life

  • CB

    What is truly horrible is that individuals who support terrorist organizations poach 100’s of elephants in order to raise money. The story was broadcast on NPR last week. At least this woman and other legal trophy hunters are paying exorbitant sums to legal entities. Herds are monitored – they want to keep it a thriving business. I have no interest in trophy hunting, yet I have no qualms about it as long as it is done legally and everything is documented: the licensing, the funds, the sponsors, the participants, the trackers, the health of the herd. In most cases these permits are issued in a lottery system. Only so many hunters are granted the permit and only so many animals are allowed to be hunted. Huge difference than what is going on with terrorist groups which only seek to ruthlessly slaughter animals of all ages without any concern for the health of the herd in order to get funds to carry on their operations.

  • Nicole Mikulis

    Maybe instead of “Authorized Kill Zones” they should just tranquilize the animals and relocate them versus killing them when they’re already near extinction. The villagers don’t need to eat elephant meat, that’s what the cattle they’re trying to protect are for. Poaching is ignorant and selfish and if you can’t see that then you really shouldn’t be holding a gun (or bow and arrow) or supporting it for that matter.

  • Nicole Mikulis

    Also, she’s displaying these animals like she’s proud of killing them. You should never be proud to end the life of an animal that is part of an endangered, near-extinct, species.

  • Nicky

    You’re all fucking idiots. She is and should be damn proud that a tiny girl like that can hunt the way she does. Do you give a speech about how hunting is wrong to everyone that hang up their deer antlers or deer head or people that wear fur coats or even people with leather wallets. You better be a fucking vegan too because otherwise you should damn well know that the way they treat factory farm animals is much worse that what she is doing. She also helps and gives charity to the villages near by. So talking shit on something that she has the right to be proud of in every way is so wrong. You’re all judgmental fucks and should probably look at your own life before you comment on hers.

  • Tom Cnyc

    how is absolutely everything about Obama?

  • FilthyLiberal

    I’d listen to National Geographic before any hunter/faux conservationist. I’m sorry, but trophy hunting is NOT in the “spirit of the hunt.” It’s pure ego. Unless you’re feeding your family (and this doesn’t mean simply supplementing your beef/chicken/factory farmed meat with delicacies) then it’s vanity. Posing with your kill in photos is proof of this ego stroking activity.

    How can there be such thing as population control of an endangered species? It’s not like they are deer which are overpopulated because they have no natural predators any longer (again, the fault of humans.) These are animals whose numbers are dwindling and don’t need culling by ego maniacal humans.

  • confused

    Just curious as to the number of people who are outraged at the hunting of these animals are pro-choice. Because honestly if you’re more upset about an animal being hunted than you are about the murder of a baby, then Kendall is not the one with issues. If you hold the life of an animal more precious than a human life then your values and morals are not matching up.

  • Kurt

    I guess you’re right that the cheerleader isn’t an “a-hole” as you described, because she doesn’t actually realize what she’s doing. She thinks she’s paying a government, giving meat, and getting DNA for testing. The author and the Texas Cheerleader are just severely but understandably ignorant to how none of those reasons are legit. Once she researches a little deeper and opens her eyes a little, she might be overcome with regret at being played.

  • Lua

    I agree! There is NO way of justifying killing these innocent animals! And to post a website so that more people can sign up and kill more of them is horrible! Just because Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway did it does not justify it. People should stop justifying what they are doing and we all should make more of an effort to help the population get stronger. We all share this world and to hunt these endangered animals for sport is just insane.

  • Dan

    Yes, i criticize even people that kill deer and other animal to eat, i criticize everyone who takes pleasure in killing, i criticize hunting cause it develop the fun for murdering since young age. Probably you are one of those NRA A-Hole and your brain isn’t large enough to get it.

  • Morgan

    Her “prize winning horse” that is Fenced in isn’t killing foals to force a mare into heat. Idiot.

  • campble

    You are a pice of crap shes not doing nothing wrong read again and go back to school you stupid life of shit

  • lisa

    I am a huge animal lover, however after reading through all of these mostly ridiculous comments I feel I have to say at least this. Several people spoke about these “innocent” animals, and how its so wrong that they be hunted, but how in the hell do you know they are innocent ? They are wild animals who kill for their own food just as we humans do. And they will also kill animals not for food purposes but to make a territorial claim. So stop attacking a person, whom you dont know from Jane. If it really bothers you that much get off your computer and do something about it. But unless you plan on moving to Africa you really have n reason to be so outraged. I am sure that they think some of our laws or things that are a social norm here are ridiculous. Just because you disagree with some one or with something they do does not mean you should verbally attack or abuse another human .

  • Erin

    Yeah – gotta worry about those elephant populations…they’re getting out of hand. *eyeroll*

    Sanctioned or not, authorized by the country or not, people are saying it’s disgusting because it is. It’s 2014 and we know more about these animals than we did in Roosevelt’s day…and since Roosevelt shot his famous rhino…two rhino species have been declared extinct.

    Don’t you think it’s time to stop allowing people to kill endangered animals? Even on a farm…even inside a fence. The photos of this girl will be seen all over the WORLD. People that want rhino horn see that she downed a rhino along with a lion, elephant, and two leopards. Do they know it’s a green hunt? Nope. Do they want the horn? Yep. The picture suggests that rhinos and elephants are back on the hunting menu.

    It’s not that we don’t know the information posted in this article…it’s that it doesn’t matter. Humanity is moving past needing to shoot things with giant guns at hundreds of feet away to get your rocks off. We’ve depleted these animal populations horrifically…why continue to do it?

  • Terry Krenski

    I agree….you can not sugar coat dead animals. No matter how you tart it up.

  • Keira

    Thank you for saying that. I would have otherwise. I’ve watched Kevin Richardson’s 3-part documentary/show on youtube and I’ve also seen the two-min clip of a male lion who kills cubs so he could become the new leader of a pride. I understand that it’s a lion thing, hardwired into them, but its sad. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for not bashing Kendall (when I am on her side) and for sticking up for her. You may not care for my post but I just wanted to get my two cents in.

  • Honesty

    Isaac Howser
    shut up.

  • BJ

    The real question is: is this girl single? 😉

  • http://Facebook Alex

    This girl rocks if she has the money and ability to do it let her. She is living the life many hunters wish they could. Hunting is a way of life for many it provides entertainment and food for the lucky person. Young hunters are more excited for the kill earlier in his or her career. When you have been in the sport for a good while you find more respect for the animal you are hunting. In the end though you are the to kill your quarry. There is nothing wrong with it so please leave her alone.

  • sarah

    Just because something is legal doesn’t mean that it’s right….publicly stoning women to death for adultery is legal in some countries too, does that make it ok??
    Your ‘green hunting’ fair enough, well done, you provided a service…as for the rest of it, it’s rubbish. The animal kingdom survived perfectly well by itself before humans got involved. You want to kill something to eat it, then fine…. you want to kill an endangered species so you can take a selfie with it, that’s disgusting. The world has a way of making things right, one way or another, so I”m sure you’ll get yours sweetheart. I hope that one day you learn the value of of the world around you.

  • tahonie woods

    to everybody hating on the texas cheerleader for what she did but Americans can kill animals cows,pigs,chickens its ok for yall to do it but yet this girl is wrong at least she has good intentions on what she doing your only makeing her more famous

  • Smarter Than You

    She’s still an f-ing a hole and so are other “sport” hunters

  • Niece1964

    So I guess your ok with people killing each other and abortions so that the animals can rule the world? Your being a little overly dramatic I would say!

  • Niece1964

    Most of you are such hypocrites! You would condone abortions and eat meat but you don’t want a girl to show a picture of a dead animal she killed. You do realize that people are eaten by such animals when the food supply gets short for them? I guess the animals are more important. Weirdos!

  • Ella

    The fact of the matter Bob, is that people care whether it be about trophy hunting, education, or inhumane treatment overseas ect… Trophy hunting is wrong. Just because it is legal does not make it right. Us “tree huggers” like to state or opinions and try to make a difference, I know that can be hard for you to understand. I’m sure the only concern for you is your self, and maybe your family if you are able to find one, but there are 4 billion other people in this world and over 8 million species most of which have been affected destructively by what humans have done. Trophy hunting is just one more egocentric superfluous pleasure people act on that has negative impacts on the environment and the local tribes. Kendall’s (and many others) personal entertainment hurts indigenous people more then it helps and the money that goes towards the tribes is minuscule to the amount that goes into some dimwit’s pocket. It is detrimental to the environment and the population of many species. The only reasons Africans accept this is because they are so poverty driven by americans they have no other choice. It is important for people to act out on what is wrong and callous in the world no matter how little it is. “Treehuggers” care about what is most important the environment and the people living on it. Sporthunting is wasteful and we are living during a time when being wasteful will be unmanageable. So how about you not complain about people complaining about something that matters.

  • don E

    You animal rights, and so called humane people make me laugh, your the same f**k’s who want to bitch and moan about “save the animals” or ” help the poor little starving babies in Africa”. Yet you walk past the homeless man at the gas station everyday with out so much as a glance or a second thought, f**k you and your mixed up since of values. You’d rather save the lions and fuck the homeless, or just the humans in general. I’d eat a hamburger in your faces and tell you to blow me, but guess what? I am that homeless man you see at the gas station you f**K’s. I’m somebody’s son, brother, family member, and loved one, but you f**K’s could care less, so f**k you and your cause. Oh and last but not least, comment all you want, I won’t receive them. Ha!

  • Pati

    Fine…if she is truly helping the conservation effort that’s fine. But IMHO it is ALL about EGO posting those sicking smiling photos of herself and the dead animal. Like some fascination with death. .She apparently ENJOYS killing these animals. If it is for population control or other duty because humans have messed up the balance so much then do it with with respect and reverence not with a big old smiling photo with the body of the dead animals. That is what is truly sick about this girl that she seems to need the publicity.
    I feel the same about smiling idiots with their big ‘trophy deer'; like they did something great like cure cancer when all they did was shoot something.
    I don’t have a problem with folks hunting with respect and reverence and mercy. They need to be skilled and take a kill shot. Not like the gut shot button buck that died in pain and misery on my property. I’d love to find whoever did that.
    As long as humans ENJOY killing then they will be some subspecies less than the animals they kill. IMHO.

  • Leigh

    It seems like everyone has the same problem with this…the fact that she took a “smiling selfie” with the animals. First of all I’m not a huge fan of this type of hunting, however it is necassary. As a female that hunts I can tell you that you are all misinterpreting the “smiling selfies”. I have a smiling picture with my first doe. I’m a single mother with 3 children and knowing that I had just provided my family with almost a year worth of meat…was amazing. It takes skill, knowledge, and lots of patience to do this. You don’t just grab a gun and shoot whatever you see.Whenever you put time and effort into what you do, you have the right to be proud of your achievement. Whether you’ve provided food for your kids, or a small impoverished village, you still have the right to feel happy. This is no different than the gardener that takes a pic with his freshley plucked tomatoes….and says look what I did. Its still food.

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone is forgetting where they even came from! The Indians …HUNTED. The settlers …HUNTED. NONE OF US would even be here if it wasn’t for hunting. Animals kill each other anyway. Go yell at the lions for killing the hippos and rhinos. They HUNT to eat as well. Leave this girl alone. Damn

  • Funny Explosion

    What’s truly funny is that it was because Facebook took down her page for posting pictures that were against their rules and then SHE went to Fox Friends to whine about it and sensationalize it. Leave it up to Fox.

  • lol

    This is funny because everyone on here took the time to argue about this girl that will still continue to do what she does but evoke had to write an essay about how its ok to do it or how it’s horrible to do it …ya.everyone has an opinion .but this is a lil much lol your comments mean nothing out of 123456789billion people in the world and in different countries..nothing you say will stop it or stop what this girl is doing she kills and helps animals. Leave it at that. Jeesusss . Lol. This is crazy. And I am one to sayI i don’t like people killing animals as a hobby but do u see me commenting and say omg horrible horrible girl for doing this out of the 23577 people tht also do it and the 13356 people tht don’t do it.your opinion means nothing and its also going to solve and do.NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. The end.

  • Jerrod

    You obviously didn’t read the story. Not all the animals she posed with were dead and you make it sounds like these “fenced in animals” we’re backed into a corner with nowhere to run when, in reality they had 70 square miles to run. Photos of the hunt don’t make it poaching. If you don’t like what you see, change the channel. Pull your head out of your ass and realized that if it weren’t for game hunting for meat and skins, your ancestors would have died of long ago and you would not be around a bitch.

  • Cat

    That’s true, but she is bating the public with images of lifeless endangered animals. Most people here cant understand the economic and social complexities of those hunts and to be honest, I’m not convinced that she does either. I am unconvinced that the big money that she pays for her hunts doesn’t pervert the local economy where she is hunting. I have no question that her hunts are “legal” but that does not make them “right”.

  • annoyedbitch

    people are stupid.

  • treehugger

    later, racist troll

  • Timo

    First of all I would like to say respect to reminding people that one should fully investigate a story before forming a lynch mob. We (as in the human collective) are in deed driven by smart headlines rather than substantial insights, which marks a great danger.

    But on the story in detail: I appreciate the green hunt aspect – which is most definitely a conservatism effort. So no one should condemn this particular – isolated – incident. But whenever a wild animal is brought down for good it is hard to argue the reason as conservation and killing mark the two opposite sides of the same axis. Sure; it is complex but there just no case where killing a wild/healthy animal is the best practice.

    The often used “excuse” of killing a “killer” who slaughters livestock of the poor African farmers does not hold up. The human population in Africa is exploding and therefore encroaching into the habitats of these wild animals. Humans decide to herd kettle and goats in the hunting grounds of lions and leopards and then scream “murder” if one of these carnivores takes them up on the offer. Humans invited this to happen and no one is entitled to point fingers at the animal that did nothing out of the ordinary – full stop.

    The reasoning behind the natural behavior of male lions is plainly stupid – excuse me but I have to call BS when such a constructed “excuse” is brought forward. The killing of lion cubs is a NATURAL behavior and works in favor of the lion population as it ensures the survival of the fittest. A system that has worked for lions for hundreds of years – before humans decided to know better. But after half of the world population watched Disney’s Lion King it suddenly became acceptable for us humans to interfere and save the cute lion cub from the bad, aggressive adult male lion. Big game hunters have been paddling this argument for quite some time now and it just doesn’t make sense.

    Same answer to the story of lions killing cute innocent young of other species – that is the lions bloody job in the “Circle of Life” (*insert Elton John song here*). They are put in place by mother nature to do exactly this gruesome job. Predators are important to keep the population of the species around them in check. And with the bigger species they will take out the young. Nothing about that entitles us to interfere with guns and once more decide we know better.

    And last but not least: Paying big sums of money to local authorities does not rectify the killing of an animal. If you want to spend a lot of money on wildlife conservation – do it. Why do you need to bring your gun along? And by the way – the corruption rates in Africa are through the roof. I wouldn’t bank on the fact that your money actually ends up in the hands intended. Spend it with trustworthy conservation companies and everyone will be better off for it.

    And one last note on her – the “Texas Cheerleader”. Not only does her comment about her dad’s Big 5 give away the sporty nature of this families attitude when it comes to hunting. But someone with the intrinsic desire to protect animals does not smile so stupidly on pictures with the dead bodies of some of nature’s most majestic creatures showcasing HER F#@%*NG PINK BARBIE HUNTER’S BOW!!

    Good effort on your part but I’m afraid you fell for her crooked stories alongside her looks.

  • AS IT IS

    Dear Just the way it is, I live in South Africa and my husband is an environmentalist and academic whose research has shown that all of what you say are only partial truths. Yes there is poverty in certain parts of our country but the reason for the poverty is largely due to privatization of our natural resources by foreign owned companies such as the United States, and not our natural wildlife which humans co-existed with prior to industrialization. If anyone needs to get their priorities in check it would be the corrupt governments of the US and SA as well as the media that they are in cahoots with. The US probably cares for it’s citizens as much as the SA government does. The top dogs just shine the shoes of an elitist group who maintain the current status-quo. Barbie over here is a lucrative pawn. Do you think sweets and coloring books benefit our communities? Whatever money Kendall and other sadistic folk pay in this tourist scam lines the pockets of the top-dogs not the communities. And do you think that any government or community have a right over the lives of other beings, to be killed on a whim? No one can take ownership for life because no one can restore it. This boils down to a simple set of characteristics that define real humans from people. Real humans have empathy and compassion for all, and aim to live honest and ethical lives minimizing harm to others, whereas people just live without true purpose and values defending their bad habits and raising their tempers on a slightest trigger. True humans intuitively understand that capitalism is a hazard to the natural order and try to make others aware. We are all guilty of being ignorant, but if we set our egos aside and try to understand with an open mind, the bigger picture, there would be more peacefulness and our responsibilities will not be in such denial. Capitalism ultimately destroys lives and cites greed and divisions among human society. Do you know that Ethiopia was once a wealthy and prosperous nation. It did not become so depraved and undernourished by wildlife. Did you know that some large pharmaceutical companies from the States use these poorly people for drug testing purposes and when drugs fail and people die the rest of the world thinks it was due to poverty? Animals have minded their own business until humans created the land imbalance. If someone took your home away, where would you go? Your displacement would make you less than human to others and perhaps your own self, and people would treat you like a tramp, despise you, and think you are a nuisance digging in their trash for food. The only difference between you and an animal at that point is that you can speak in a way everyone can understand, and anyone who chose to, could help you and empathize with your grief. But if you were an animal they would just trap you and either use you as a guinea pig in a laboratory or kill you. Therefore to truly understand life in anothers’ shoes, we have to envision ourselves in their circumstance to know what is the correct action. What is correct for them would be correct for you . Do you want to be a trophy hunt? If killing humans was legalized does that mean killing is acceptable? If it is not acceptable for you or your family to be butchered, why is it acceptable for someone elses? If you think that these hunters are helping the animal population in South Africa, you must be quite naïve. Our country is not as underdeveloped or as third world as western media portrays. If animal population control was required it would be done without proud base Barbie selfies.

  • Soraya Torrens

    This retarded spoiled girl should be used to feed the lions. People like these shouldn’t exist. Mass ignorance is what’s killing our world.

  • Kevin Schutz

    Why do humans feel the need to play god? Before we were the most dominant species on the planet species became extinct. Let nature take its course, if these animals die off it was meant to be. We don’t need save them. The only exception I can think of is if we are the ones causing them to die off but even then perhaps that is how it was meant to go. It wouldn’t be the first time a species died off because a new more dominant species supplanted an existing one and took over their habitat. Just because we can recognize our own mortality does not mean we need to anthropomorphize them and try to save them. Animals die off just like we eventually will.

  • http://facebook Terry Senft

    Your article is bullshit …….Why don’t you just address the fact that she is a canned hunter……And here’s a heads up for you “No” we are not going to leave her alone !!!

  • Barb

    I have to agree with Craig. It does seem alarming when u first read the headline, however, these hunting laws in Africa are not American normalcy.

    Come on tho…this young girl is a misguided, thrill seeker. She’s getting her message across in an inappropriate manner. Wait! Does she truly have a message to tell? Doesn’t seem like it.

  • chandra

    After reading some comments all I have to say is be thankful you can live. Be thankful you can walk out of your house, that you have a house, clean water and food provided right down the road. If you dont kill things, the world will become over populated. Imagine every insect, mamal, cristation….never dies…ever…. dinasaurs never died. For one humans would be the first to get killed cuz we are all fucking idiots. Lol. But in general its just the circle of life. Things HAVE to die. So stop whining its not like she went over and killed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE ANIMALS. cuz she didnt. So qouting jenna marbles “PIPE THE FUCK DOWN”

  • Kim

    She’s still an asshole for posting pictures of her holding dead animals. Just like all hunters. If youre going to hunt for for food and use every single piece of the creature you destroy, at least don’t post photos about it, it’s disrespectful to the animal who’s life you just ended. No one wants to see people bragging how they “killed for the greater good” or however she wants to sort of justify it. These are majestic creatures that should be protected not used as trophies.

  • Wow

    I just feel like none of you actually read the article…

    But I guess that’s what you people do best. Ignore facts. If it goes against your misaligned moral compass than damn everyone else.

    You think she’s doing this for fame? She’s just enjoying her hobby. A hobby which also benefits the locals of a third world country and protects certain species. What have you done lately? Send a dollar over to Haiti?

    Be careful getting off your high horses because it’s a long way down.

  • Wow

    So creating a irrational shitstorm over someone posting pictures isn’t childish in the least bit.

    Reminds me of a baby crying over a toy someone else has.

  • Frank

    The only time this is fair is when we give the animals guns as well. Then the hunt become equitable. No surprise she’s from Texas.

  • Animal Lover

    To all pro-hunting people – you’re jizz! Hunting for food is understood, hunting precious animals that would become extinct if this continues, is different! These people hunt only because they are trophy hunters, so they can stuff the animals head on a plaque and put it on a wall and show their friends what fucking “hero’s” they are!. For starters, trophy hunters never hunt on an equal playing field, yet they take the glory when they shoot a lion (they’ve shot the king of the jungle)! They shoot the animal from like 300m away, and think they are just “it” now! Killing an animal says a lot about your and every other hunters, personality – you all have cold callus hearts! You want to hunt – even the playing field – go into an area, with a lion, you go in only with the ammo God provided you with – your bare hands – and the lion goes in with what they’ve got? Fair? Please call me when you do that, now that would be a fucking awesome show to watch!! Lion – 1, Dickhead – 0. Conservation/preservation – my ass!! Hunters who argue about “eating meat” have no leg to stand on, the one has absolutely fuck all to do with the other. You have to be a moron to argue that! If you hunt a buck, and eat the whole thing, fine, but no body, NO BODY, hunts lions, leopards, rhino’s and elephants to eat!! That is purely trophy killing. Fucking morons!

  • Animal Lover

    Very bloody well said!!! *clap* *clap* Love it!

  • Bobby

    Killing is wrong………….period. The Creator did not give anyone of us the right to take the life of another of His creations. If we stayed out of it, nature will take care of itself….has been doing so even before ‘man’. If a highly intelligent life from another planet visited Earth, started experimenting with or hunting humans, would that be right? I’ll bet the alien could say “Population control’ or “they’re screwing up the planet anyway” and justify his/her/its actions. The species doesn’t matter…..KILLING IS WRONG!

  • Scott

    You obviously know nothing about hunting in general. People take pictures of their kills. It’s like taking a picture when you kid wins an award/medal/etc. I have pictures of all my deer kills and by the way, we ate the whole thing so only the bone carcass was “wasted” which it would be anyways in the wild as coyotes and wolfs don’t eat/use that part either. Once cameras were invented people have been taking pictures of their kills. Nothing wrong with it, it’s like an award because of the skill, patience, and determination it requires to accomplish the task.

    The ridicule of her is very unnecessary. If you’re so against hunting/killing, you should genetically modify all animals to be vegetarian also, you should ban abortions because they stop life. Also, you should convert to vegetarianism and stop eating food, because in many cases, you’re taking life in order for you to live. Maybe you can be one of those people who believes we can do photosynthesis…

    I think this blog post describes very well that most people “outraged” by this are by far completely misplacing their outrage.

  • Megan

    You are an absolute idiot! Read the article!

  • Alyssa

    If it wasn’t her killing the animals, it would be someone else. What she is doing isn’t illegal. And everyone commenting and making a huge deal of it is just giving her more media attention and fame. Good job!! Hope you are all vegetarians..

  • annoyed

    The only population control this planet needs is humans..

  • Alex

    People act like this girl jumped in a jeep full or rebels and went out to poach?!?! Stop complaining for the sake of complaining. Hunting is a sport more times than not regulated and controlled in situations like big game hunting. The picture of her kill is the trophy. This is more humane then the cheese burger you just ate where the cow was, brutally murdered, or took a bolt to the temple. So stop ridiculing a teenager for the sake of trying to make yourself feel better.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh you silly vegetarian…let’s not stray from the subject…I mean we could talk about fur too…sorry if I offend anyone, but God fucked up when he made people…

  • Alvin McCrorey

    If all these “SHEEPOLE” was as concerned about our Constitutional Rights being stolen away as they are a dead animal, then this country would be in a hellva lot better shape than it is.

  • Felipe Humberg

    What a b**tch, filly rich, spoiled brat, that thinks money buys everything….

  • Felipe Humberg

    I meant “filthy rich”

  • http://Johnson Shirley

    You say she shouldn’t be playing God, yet I don’t you see you complaining about the people in America playing God by voting for capital punishment and having abortions just because it isn’t convenient for them to have a baby. People freak out over frikin animals being killed, but the majority of people don’t give a shit and are happy when a women decides to kill a child. You people are pathetic to complain about animals being killed but not the human genocide that is happening in this country. You want to see something disgusting? How about you go see the women smiling and laughing after killing her baby all because she decided she didn’t want to take care the the child. Do you people even understand that instead of people having to abstain from having sex because they find it to much fun, they would rather have sex and get pregnant and then kill a child. How the hell is that less disgusting, revolting, and evil then killing animals. How the fuck is a women killing a child less important then some lady shooting some animals.
    I don’t know if this lady is right or wrong because I have not done enough research to even begin to form an opinion ( as I am sure most of you didn’t didn’t do any research before making your opinion). I suggest you don’t rely on news outlets for your information. Their goal isn’t to inform you about the truth it is to get more viewers and to make money. So maybe you people should stop being frikin hypocrites because if you are going to complain and bitch about animals being killed, you better be bitching and complaining about the thousand of babies being killed for no other reason then that they are to much work.

  • Ryan Evans

    You have the mind of a child it’s not murder it’s population control as stated in the article above in third world countries like Africa it is very necessary would like to be stuck in a mud hut with a lion or leopard outside of it I think not sorry friend but you are an idiot.

  • Max

    You sir, are an idiot.

  • Morgan

    God, this pisses me off SO much. IT IS NOT OUR JOBS AS HUMANS TO CONTROL THE POPULATIONS OF OTHER SPECIES. That is fucked up. I’m sick of people thinking they can play creator/God. It is not that little blonde bitches job to control the lion and cheetah populations in Africa. If she wants to help starving people, and she has so much money she can go out and buy food to give to these people instead of killing the wildlife in Africa and “controlling the populations”. The fact that she is taking pictures and posting them on social media makes me want to vomit. For Christ’s sake, just let nature, the food chain and the circle of life run its course. FUCK.

  • Anonymous

    A very important difference when your talking about “population control” is that while deer and turkey are extremely prevalent in American, many of the animals in Africa, including the ones being hunted are threatened or endangered. Meaning there aren’t many of them left and they are headed towards extinction. So you are arguing she is helping with “population control” and “conservation” of animals that zoos and agencies all over the world are working tirelessly to keep alive. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. And, unless you are extremely familiar with the African government, which I doubt most of you are, you cannot sit there and argue that all of these places operate by having permits and only shooting x amount of each animal and operate within seasons and blah blah blah because chances are high that they don’t. Not all governments operate like America. No I don’t want a lion invading my house but if my people weren’t destroying lion habitat left and right I wouldn’t have to worry. People in Colorado don’t want bears in their house either but that doesn’t mean they have the right to kill any one they see either.

  • Brenten

    Ooooohhh she paid mooneeeyyy that makes it ok then………*Obvious sarcasm*

  • Josh

    Defenseless animals? LOL you ever seen one of these up close? Every species of animal she has hunted has also hunted a human or two in their day.

  • Josh

    Thank you Shirley! I couldn’t agree more. We have babies being murdered by their own parents, and we are outraged over killing “defenseless” lions and hippos. It blows my mind that this girl has even been brought to the front of media (social and journal alike). This whole deal boils down to one word, “distraction”. This is a distraction. Don’t focus on the fact that babies are being murdered, don’t focus on IRS targeting of conservatives, don’t focus on Israeli children being murdered, don’t focus on the fact that the US is now negotiating with terrorists on behalf of a deserter, but can’t find a way to bring home Saeed, an American Christian pastor that is imprisoned in Iran. It makes me sick to think that a random lion in another country can garner this much outrage and passion, and yet we have children falling between the cracks, human trafficking at an all time high, and delinquent rich teens getting off of murder charges due to “affluenza”. Save those “not even endangered” species though. lol

  • David Jump

    All of you anti-hunters are disgusting! You think with your emotions and don’t bother to understand exactly what you are complaining about. Leave Miss Jones alone. We hunters are getting tired of your high minded nonsense.

    For the millionth time, hunting is an important and necessary part of wildlife management. No endangered species were killed. For the record, the Southern White Rhino is not, I repeat not an endangered species,although the northern White Rhino is.

  • Omar

    Great article! Unfortunately, no matter what you or anyone else says, the haters are still going to want to say how this is an outrage yada yada yada. She could’ve been doing this for any number of noble reasons, but the talking heads are still going to shout “the animals could and should have been spared!” Thanks for clearing this up though.

  • Just Saying

    All I got to say is just cuz something is legal doesn’t make it right. Slavery used to be legal along with a whole list of other f-ed up crap. As for population control, we wouldn’t need to control the population of animals if we stayed the hell out of their lands. We expanded into their habitats, they didn’t invade ours.

  • athb

    to craig– while I don’t totally agree with the whole adventure/process/pleasure in killing a wild animal, you make the most important point about what we are eating everyday and how farm animals are treated– well said……

  • athb

    well said!!

  • Jessica

    I see where people try to justify themselves by hiding behind “fair game” and population control and blahblahblah. With that in mind, let me ask you a question; When has a lion, leopard, elephant or any other wild animal carried around a bow and arrow or gun for protection? Never. When a person hunts and kills a wild animal with nothing but they’re two bare hands and possibly a knife is what I would consider “fair game”. Sitting from yards and yards away and killing something when it has virtually no chance of escape is a bitch ass move, sorry for vulgar terms but its how I feel. Nature has always balanced itself out long before we were here. What makes people think they can do a better job? Now about population control. In nature there is an amazing balance that is upheld, and has always been upheld, that is until us pesky humans came around and starting fucking everything up with our greed and need to OWN EVERYTHING. If you haven’t noticed, the more our population grows, the more our planet has fallen apart. We are constantly in need of more and more space, more and more of everything really, so naturally we expand but in doing so we destroy land and force wildlife out. If the animals lived here and ate here, why would they change they’re habits and go elsewhere? By solving our problem for space we in turn create a much larger and complicated problem. Cattle gets taken, maybe even some human lives, and species begin to overpopulate due to the lack of space left for them, space that BELONGED to them in the first place. WE created this problem. WE should be the ones fixing it. When will it stop? When people over-populate the world?

  • Tera

    You know what I find so funny is there are so many animal lovers who are trashing this girl for killing animals but are all for abortions. Is not the life of a human baby more important than any animal on earth. But then again is it not better for a animal to be eaten then to have its horn or horns removed and the rest of the animal left to waste. You have a women who videoed her on abortion laughing the whole time and nothing was said. No big news site posted any rejection about it, but you have a woman who shots a animal and everyone is up in arms take her out back and shot her. 40 or 50 years ago we shot wild dogs found on our land and raised and killed our own animals to feed the family but now days the only animal people in the USA want to kill are the wild mustangs or domesticated horses to sell the toxic meat overseas.

  • BamBam

    Trophy hunting brings in a lot less money to a community than ecotourism, so that argument for killing endangered animals:

  • Jill

    Apparently they think that the ecosystem that the Lord established isn’t good enough so that theirs is better. I understand and have thoroughly read about endangered species and could not personally stand to watch one animal loose its life to another but I also understand that is the circle of life, not withstanding humans.

  • m

    yup idiot

  • perry

    What do they call this thing people have been doing forever to survive? Hunting? Huh, never heard of it.

  • Dace

    Oh and on the subject of Abortion and such. The killing them is more often than not a mercy. You tell me the last person to be born to a prostitute, or a teen mom who can’t even take care of herself. That became someone notable or just not fucked up.

  • RJ

    I hunt deer. My problem with this girl’s conservation excuse is that her original thought was NOT, “I want to go help conserve animals and communities in Africa.” No. Her first thought was, “I want to kill animals.” She’s only backtracking now and using it as an excuse.

  • Keith

    So what you’re saying is that we should start killing people because the world at one point was teeming with life (not just Africa). Where i love you can go hunting for elk, common practice, but the elk are gone, not extinct just gone. This is due to a rapid increase in the population of humans. Do be a favor, start advocating for people to stop procreating, that’s the problem. 7 billion people in the world and you feel that hunting is going to stop because it lowers the animal population. People need to eat, we are predators is what we do.

    So i guess my solution is start killing people and don’t procreate until the population level of humans is back down to a few billion.

  • chiemi heil

    ha, that’s a nice attempt to put a pr spin on it. You keep telling yourself that it’s population control, and helping the locals. This is so shameful and pathetic.

  • james

    just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. i have a hard time believing in this so called “conservation” of these animals when the populations are diminishing exponentially each year.

  • ShaneTellsJikes

    Yes. Everything you post on a place like Facebook is open to judgement and condemnation. It’s public. I think the truth is a middle ground of what both sides are saying and I’m, personally, still against it. She could have donated the money to the villages without being the one to shoot the animals. When there are less than 50,000 of a creature, how do you justify population control?

  • bill

    Yes. I’m sure the people of Africa have been praying for a teenager from Texas to come save them with her rifle. “Thank you oh great “Longhorn” warrior princess for saving us! For without you we had no hope!”

  • bill

    Yes. I’m sure the people of Africa have been praying for a teenager from Texas to come save them with her rifle. “Thank you oh great “Longhorn” warrior princess for saving us! For without you we had no hope!”

  • Brian O’Connell

    Stephen, great post. It would be nice if all the rest were as thoughtful and intelligent as yours.

  • Gardien

    Maybe just avoid to show the pics then….ti look like: “Hey look at me i got a dead animal, i kill it myself…

    Okay …..and ?

  • Kim

    How is her pictures any different than heads on the wall of a hunting lodge? Its just put up on the interent instead of her walls.

  • Tito

    Are you kidding me???? LOL, justifying ignorance!!! No fences would be a fair chase. Better yet, take a picture it last longer and others can enjoy these magnificent creatures. I agree that nuisance animals need to be taken care of when they endanger humans. But why do we (humans) have the right to say what species is over populated? We should be happy that they are hanging in there, despite us!!!! And bringing up Hemingway and Roosevelt… if I lived back then and believe what I believe that is right…. I would be calling them assholes as well, and don’t forget, it’s because people like them that animals species are extinct and many more are endangered. Be honest, trophy hunting sucks!!! I don’t have any problem with people hunting and fishing to feed their family and I don’t she needs to hunt to survive.

  • Stone

    Well lets examine “free chase” since this is what she is claiming, whicher animals she hunted she paid to hunt it legally, the free case part well if you call a plane spotting it and her being driven to it with a whole pack of vehicles free case is giving the animal a chance, what is being done there is just a canned hunt if don’t agree you are pretty much a moron. She did not have to hunt the animal it was pretty much just handed to her. While this is legal the killing of the buffalo here in the USA was legal and well now we have very very few where there were millions of them.

    Now baout her killing the lion to save the existing pack of lions the older males and cubs and so on from invading males, well lions have been doing this for millions of years, this is nature a rouge younger stronger male moves in and takes over, been that way since lions have been around, why is she interfering with nature is the real question.

  • kevin

    I don’t care how u put it nature takes care of its self find a new hobby anyone that shoots animal’s like that need the big 5 upside there head till there dead . Seriously 70 miles what a joke it was there land first leave them the fuc alone

  • kevin

    They are not there heads should me on a wall killing these beautiful creatures

  • Michael

    Wow. Talk about stupid…Yeah the stupid people we need seasons on are the ones who think that culling animals so humans can take as much as they want equals conservation. And the ones who use “yall” in a comment.

  • Dillon

    So is farm processing and making farm animals like cows, chickens, etc. “Disgusting”. Everyone eats that food and I dont see you complaining about something like that. Some of these comments calling her a bad person are just idiotic when other people do the same exact thing all over the world. AND the fact that she is helping those less fortunate than us, you know ACTUAL humans.

  • amy

    #bringbackourboys #konydoesntsoshit #yesallmen

  • educate_bob

    “if someone wants to go out and hunt mind your fucking business”

    No. Just no – if it’s an endangered species – fight for it.

    And sure there are plenty of other issues – this happens to be an article where we discuss this particular issue. Go rant in your journal or something.

  • Meredith Goodwin

    I am not understanding the uproar about these photos. It seems to me as this young lady had explained, provided proof and as many others posted her pride in ways she has both (1) helped others (2) accomplished a dream of a hobby….. Why are people pointing fingers? As someone stated, why is this particular issue being sought out by so many, when there are plenty of others that post the exact same type of photos from their hunts/hobby/entertainment or for food for many?

    Kendall Jones, you are a great role model in my eyes. I have a 7 year old that loves her bow, has not hunted at this time, but, she is learning the pros and cons of the bow. I want to say thank you for showing young girls that have the same interest as you that it can be done.
    I am so sorry for how rude, inconsiderate, selfish and uneducated some of these people are. I dislike the fact they are so fast to call you names and show the lack of respect each person deserves.
    As a parent, I know your parents must be so very proud of you and how you show the respect and are not allowing the ugly comments stop you from showing off your ways of helping.

  • Meredith Goodwin

    NaTosha……AMEN!!!!! Well said!!!!!

  • Rev tlc

    Excuse me tarren, but aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black ? sounds to me like you are acting just like the person you are decimating, ” I hate that she thinks it is okay and doesn’t understand and other views then her own ” I quoted this from your comment. Just because others have different opinions than you does not make either one right. That is the beauty of freedom, you can make your own decisions, right or wrong.

  • The Walrus

    Tell me….how did animals control their populations before humans?
    The argument that populations need to be controlled is a senseless one.

  • Noah Ger

    True, you weren’t there when it all started, nor when Adam sinned, but it affected all mankind! We all have the opportunity, in the course of our lives, to change from a bad course. You can renounce wanton life-destruction: don’t use lame arguments to justify a wrong. I am sure that even your hero, Roosevelt will (some day), or later on, did come to the realization that he did wrong. Slave trade was conducted: it was wrong and many came to the realization and acted to stop it. I hope that those who license this wickedness will someday realize the error and stop it, or better still, people of goodwill will stop the heinous perpetrators of this ill the same way they stopped APARTHEID.

  • Noah Ger

    Brilliant argument: they have done their thing the way they were made to do it since they first appeared on planed EARTH.

  • Noah Ger

    I concur, and when I read these discussions, then I realize that the non-hunting Safaris are humane, therefore, best! Maasais would kill for either of two reasons: 1) If they or their livestock are endangered, or 2) To feed their families – which, in fact, is more of the exception.

  • Daniel


  • Antoine

    After leaving the Army 75th Rangers I worked for a security contractor tracking poachers in the DRC for a little over a year. These animal preserves have a hard as hell time protecting these animals. We often found park rangers assisting poachers in killing elephants for their tusks in exchange for a little pay off on the side. The governments are no better. They sell the right to hunt endangered animals in order to make some money off of rich, overprivileged, spoiled Americans such as this brat. It is corruption that is leading to the eradication of species in the name of humanity. I believe in hunting. I love bagging a buck to feed my family for the year, but killing something just to hang its head over your fireplace is disgusting to me. Taking a human’s life is fine with me, but taking the life of one of God’s innocent creatures just for the hell of it and because you got a gun is despicable.

  • allen


  • Old Hunter

    Isaac, you are preaching my thoughts. I know some of these idiots eat chicken, turkey and beef and truly believe there is a difference because what they eat is bought in the store wrapped in cellophane. I hate the outspoken pantywaist people that our country is pumping out like Chinese made products. Pretty soon babies will start having their brains sucked out at birth just to fit in.

  • Old Hunter

    That’s OK, there should only be one * in B*tch. So sad that the uneducated are allowed to speak out.

  • CJP

    For everyone who keep saying that one reason this is done is to keep the population down…. Well humans are very over populated in certain countries should we start hunting then to keep the number down.

  • Casey Anderson

    No we read it however we also realize that there is more to the story. I live in Utah where they do something like what is being described with Buffalo. Once a year the rangers on the reserve round up all the Buffalo. Then hunters get to buy their way onto the reserve where a ranger will point out what animals can be killed based on age and health. (the sick and elder are killed)

    The difference though is Utah is not a poor nation in Africa. Where time and time again money and putting food on the table are often placed at a higher priority than the endangered species needs. The fact of the matter is while this young girl may very well think she is doing the right thing…and in some of these hunts might actually be doing the right thing.

    There is still a major issue with poaching, and by posting these pictures she endorses the hunting of these animals. In fact i would not be one bit surprised if more than one of the animals she has killed shouldn’t have been, but she was allowed to because of a wad of cash.

    The regions in question are very poor and that makes a world of difference when it comes to preservation. If all the people in the area had good jobs and no money issues…well we could probably have some faith in the system being used to determine what animals are being hunted. That is not the case though. So now the question is how much money does it take for them to decide that otherwise healthy young lion is not as young or healthy any more?

  • Lorraine Keshner

    Lots of people don’t slaughter and many, many people do not consume meat or dairy of any kind. Hunting does nothing but give a giant stroke to the hunter’s ego. That is it and that is all. You do nothing to stop factory farming I’m sure and you will, in a heartbeat, find any excuse to murder and take a life of someone unwilling to give theirs up.I would suggest you try vegetables .. that will certainly help with “your” whiny and defensive attitude toward the taking of lives. One day you will look into the eyes of one more dying animal and you finally open “your” eyes and see the suffering and fear in your victims eyes. That will be a very dark day for you indeed.

  • Josephine

    I don’t care if Ernest Hemmingway and Teddy Roosevelt did their Big 5, it doesn’t detract from their literary and political acheivements, and nor do their literary and political acheivements make their poaching and killing other living things any less deplorable.

    To the girl in Texas, you need help! You’re sick! Trying to convince yourself that taking lives is okay, trying to justify the poaching of any animal is disgusting! Trying to play these actions off as ‘Green hunts’ and ‘necessary’ to helping the local peoples is wrong! These species are endangered! The murder of another living thing can NEVER be passed off as something positive like you try and do when you dub something a ‘green’ hunt. And as for the leopard, killing it didn’t solve the problem! You didn’t save 127 goats in doing that, and don’t try and put the statistics together to make it appear that you did! What needs doing is a sustainable food source that is not the livestock of S. African farmers needs to be found for these animals. What we don’t need is American Texan Cheerleaders flying over to Africa and hunting animals for their enyoyment, it helps no one and only serves to satiate your sadistic fantasies of seeing powerful animals run scared at your hands! That’s what makes you sick! The fact that you derive enjoyment from spreading fear and suffering!

    I am a vegetarian Hindu and I believe strongly that EVERY living thing on this planet has a lifeforce, an energy that is essential to the world, and more importantly that is of no less or no more value than that of a human being. We’re all animals, we’re all equal.

  • http://na Roger Connor

    Perhaps you didn’t understand what you read of her activities. The results of her activities, were a benefit to both the animal populations, and the human populations involved. Your desire to “leave them alone to flourish” is delusional thinking – first, they would NOT flourish if left alone, second,, with the increase in encroachment by the native populations on habitat as well, there is even more pressure on the animals. From a biological point of view, species either adapt to changing conditions or they become extinct. The Earth is a closed system. One of the species that needs to come to grips with this is H.sapiens.

  • A Rare Person with Common Sense

    All of you are like “she doesn’t understand the value of life” and “she killed an animal in a fence (that is 70 sq/miles).” Why are everyone one of you suddenly interested in the private life of an individual? Because she posts pictures “looking proud” with her kill? Hell, who wouldn’t be proud of something like that? Its not for you to try and wrap your brain around it why she does it, she just does it. Its like i dont understand why any of you post pictures with your kids on social media? Because you’re proud? and yet at the same time that you are showing pictures of you and your kids and places you have been, could potentially lead to a child molester being able to prey on your kids because of what they see on your social media posts! Lets let some common sense come into play here, why does it matter to you what this girl does with her life? If something like this bothers you this much and gets you so fired up, why don’t you get interested in politics stuff that actually pertains to you? Stuff that matters. Please don’t give me the crap animals have rights and all of this, because in this country its illegal and punishable by 10 years or more in prison and a fine of $250,000 to just crack a Bald Eagle’s egg, but its perfectly legal with no repercussions to kill a child that’s lets say 18 weeks in the womb. Please don’t think the animals are the victims here, its so childish of all of you, get invigorated by something of actual worth like government policies and laws not something thats so meaningless like this, people hunt in Africa 365/24/7 and where are the petitions against them? this girl isnt alone, lots of people hunt in Africa. So my rational thinking here is go find another problem that is of actual worth, if this is a problem and you love and care about animals, get off your computer leave your house and burn your clothes and go live in the woods because everything you are touching, wearing, living in, has affected an animal in some way, so maybe there should be a petition against you for buying clothes because its “cruel to animals” as well. We leave in a society that is so backwards we blame an object like a gun for shootings and not the person who pulled the trigger, or we sit her and have spent gosh who knows how much money on things that they say “kill you” like cigarettes and car emissions, we are so wrapped up in stuff that “kills you” that we forget we are trying to stop something that isn’t able to be stopped, death is coming no matter what. So why get wrapped up in something that cant be changed. Backwards and forwards it doesn’t even matter because we are so messed up as a country we don’t even know whats right and whats wrong anymore.

  • kristen

    There is 100% a difference between hunting endangered species and slaughtering for food. Slaughtering may not always be as humane as we would all love to believe but cows, chickens, pigs..these animals are not on their way to extinction. To think that one day you could have to explain to your grandchildren what a lion is or what a leopard is because we carelessly allowed them to become extinct.. Population control??? Relocate instead of killing if the end game truly is preservation. Hunt animals that are plentiful..

  • bobsyouruncle

    nerds*. No letter u, or capital, is needed.

  • Pierre

    At least an article who really point out how ignorant and brain washed ecologists, environmentalists, and animal lovers are for assuming something just through a series of pictures. They jumped the bandwagon! None of them really looked at the pictures. They only saw animals and guns. They assume animals were dead, because of the association Animal-Gun. They did not even see that there is no blood around those animal (something that always shows up when shot down!) Hanna Arendt Ph.D., evaluating the trial against Eichmann, once wrote and said that fanatical people do not think! That is their judgment is totally blinded by their obsession. I think that Dr Arendt’s comment totally apply to all of those who signed that petition.

  • Crying over Killing

    Hi. I can see the cheerleader’s side to all of this. She’s helping with some of the everyday situations that we don’t experience in our comfy city lives. Unfortunately, when you (texas cheerleader) posts pictures of you holding your “kill” or posing with the animals, you’re opening up a can of worms, where ignorant people will realize they can go out and become poachers, or try to overcrowd the hunting operations out that way. Maybe having a facebook page to try and justify what you do isn’t the best option. You aren’t going to get everyone on your side. This is a HUGELY touchy situation. Everyone on this cushy side of the planet only knows that you’re killing endangered species, no matter the reason.
    And for you, news reporter, how many of us were alive or old enough to say something back when Rosevelt was alive? Don’t even compare how people were back then to how we are now. We’ve become smarter, yet also ignorant due to the internet. There were different animal population numbers back then as well. No one realized a lot of things that we realize today.

    Can the lions be relocated, rather than killed, just because they’re doing what is normal in their lifestyle? You are being judge & jury if you are killing a male lion who wants to challenge another to try and take over the pride. Isn’t it better to have nature take its’ course (even though humans have completely controlled the world, and we’re going to be hugely sorry for it down the road). And also the lions who come at people when they’re drawing blood from a rhino, can the lion not be shot with tranquillizers as well? That way everyone is fine, life goes on, and the animals can continue doing what they were put on this earth to do.

  • Robert Miller

    Article only demonstrates you’re stupider than the parasite.

  • caroline anderson

    “Those people” who kill those beautiful animals for fun and MAKE a LOT of MONEY of it don’t deserve the name of Human
    they are so disgusting !

  • caroline anderson

    There is no way of justifying to kill beautiful animals , it’s just about MONEY

  • anne

    you are being brain washed to hear what they want you to believe time to grow up before somebody decides dumb blondes need to be so called cleared fro the planet

  • mark

    I believe there is a time for every thing. Some times it is important to control the wild life I have seen where wild animals destroy their own environment. So if something doesn’t thin the heard then they will all die. But it is not like our lovers of abortion they have killed over 56-million babes real human babes over the years it has been legal, not some dumb animal that would have died anyway. Some of these kids could have found a cure for cancer or found a way to produce low cost energy. This gal is doing something good why not leave her alone.

  • Joel Wise

    I had burgers for lunch, steak for dinner, just finished cleaning one of my firearms, and am currently playing with my dog. I long for the day I may hunt in Africa, love the feel of leather, go fishing on a regular basis, and make it a point to laugh at PITA every chance I get. These uneducated people commenting on this article have no clue the facts about hunting and population control. Kendall, I applaud you and wish you the best of luck on your next hunt!

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  • tbhhate

    !!! good luck !!!

  • http://None Richard

    You Suck for that

  • Cindy

    Hey Devon – Dr. Who would become enraged if he witnessed one of these animals being senselessly killed in this manner. I guess you watch – and like – the show but don’t take in its messages.

  • Grumpthasaurus

    The utter stupidity of your absurd defence of this grinning moron pouring money into Africa’s animal murder for profit regime is in no way aided by your absurd rearguard. Your paragraph, for example:” Lots of people participate in this, have always participated in this, and will continue to participate in this. Nobody flipped out when Ernest Hemingway did it, nobody flipped out when Teddy Roosevelt did it, so nobody should freak out when “Texas Cheerleader” does it.” … is a beautiful summary of how absurd the premise of your defines of this violent ignoramus is. “Lots of people participate in this”. – Argumentum ad populem, the most ignorant of all fallacies. “…, have always participated in this.” – straightforwardly, obviously and absolutely a lie. “And will continue to participate in this.” – to the shame of all humankind. But what is your freaking point? Oh, yes, and then you continue with a weak and wonderfully stupid appeal to authority, wrapped up in another argumentum ad populem: “Nobody complained when Teddy Roosevelt did it.” Yeah… but that was during a time when there were cocaine children’s toothache drops and mass sterilisation campaigns among other idiocies, and what part of NO ONE PERCEIVED THE HORRIFIC DECLINE OF AFRICAN SPEIES MODERN RIFLES BROUGHT ABOUT ACROSS THE 20TH CENTURY don’t you idiots get???? The rest just underlines how spectacularly stupid the author of this piece really is, and must consider her audience to be.

  • Grumpthasaurus

    “native populations”??? What the f do you know about it, id1ot. I am very much willing to bet you have never been to Africa, and you are DEFINITELY talking crap. The very “farms” you are speaking of could indeed be turned over to national land and left, like the Kruger or Yellowstone or many many other similar, as reserves simply for actual wildlife. Instead they are turned into captive breeding programmes for vain and stupid jakehoffs from chiefly the US to come and make themselves feel better in some weird sense about themselves by murdering hand reared and tame examples of whatever species it might be. Fool.

  • Grumpthasaurus

    And you? Do you need to go and kill some hand reared lion in an enclosure to feel good about yourself?

  • Grumpthasaurus

    Really? You feed your family that way? I mean… you don’t, like, buy anything? So… where do you live? It must be a remarkable place to be subsistence hunting ONLY and also have internet and typing skills, even ALL CAPS SHOUTING.

  • Grumpthasaurus

    Totally. There is only one animal that SERIOUSLY needs its population controlled.

  • Grumpthasaurus

    What on earth are you talking about? You think that the animal murder for profit business in South Africa is somehow a noble pursuit as a “hobby”? AND you want your daughter to do the same? I just hope that she outgrows you and learns her own mind before it is contaminated with dreadful simplicities that you labour under.

  • Grumpthasaurus

    Yes. These lions are hand reared. Practically fully tame and habituated to humans. A freaking sick joke.

  • Silus

    “If hunting animals for sport should be legal, hunting humans should be legal too!”
    I agree. Let’s start with you.

  • Disdyakis Triacontahedron

    You do realize that animals became extinct before humans, too, right?

  • Disdyakis Triacontahedron

    I’m not defending hunting, I merely pointed out that nature is not necessarily “perfect” at balancing all the species.

  • lalaloo

    Have you ever reallised that without animals we would not be alive fore more than some secounds. It is totally mental animals are super inportant in the foodchain just think of the gray wolf. Some years ago it nearly got extinct in america, therfor the animals pray got overpopulated and could not be controlled by human. The people had lots of trobke with parasites and jerms these animals took with them. The gray wolf eats mise, and small creatures but when these animals hunt together they take on bigger creatures together.
    I personnaly am onely a child whoe go to PYP but I can bet anything on that I know much more than that Kandall Jones when it comes to thinking.