Travel Channel puts Adam Richman’s ‘Man Finds Food’ on “indefinite hiatus”

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Image Courtesy of the LA Times

Image Courtesy of the LA Times

Adam Richman may be a lot of things, but a role model is not one of them. This is the guy who spent several seasons on the Travel Channel’s hit show ‘Man vs. Food’ stuffing his face with all manner of elephantine portions and surface of the sun hot sauced substances. The fact that he’s not dead or dying is a major miracle considering all the calories he’s inhaled in the name of competitive eating (or something like that). After that series ended in 2010, Richman left such gluttony behind and went on to host three more shows for the network. He also decided to get healthy and lose a lot of weight…and that’s when the trouble began. Now, his latest foray into craving comestibles, ‘Man Finds Food,’ has been put on indefinite hiatus (according to outlets like The Wrap) by TC, and all because of a hashtag, a series of unconscionably stupid Instagram posts, and some strident social media backlash.

As the current spokesman for Walmart meats (wait – isn’t that a kind of oxymoron?), Richman has been pimping his loss of pounds all over the web, sometimes using the hashtage “#thinspiration” as a sign-off. Immediately, the agenda police mobilized, making sure the quasi-celebrity understood the horror of emphasizing such a shout out. You see, “thinspiration” is a buzzword/label used by the unnaturally skinny to celebrate their obvious anorexia. Sites which glorify such unnatural looking body images have been targeted by those who believe – RIGHTLY, one must add – that such “pro-ana” stances are horrifyingly detrimental to anyone suffering from said condition, as well as human beings in general. Those calling for Richman’s head have made it very clear that, if he knew about #thinspiration’s meaning, he should have NEVER used it, and if he didn’t, a couple of minutes on Google would easily fill him in.

Richman’s response was to call out his critics in F-bomb laced attacks and putdowns (The Wrap piece has all the curse-laden specifics). Cue the possible pink slip.

Now, there is nothing wrong with Travel Channel distancing itself from Richman, especially right now. The controversy is nuclear, and nothing is going to eradicate the TV personality’s less than professional, epithet filled diatribes against those who criticized him. On the other hand – and this is a very small caveat so don’t go ballistic – Richman has a right to say what he wants…and just like any other celebrity who places their apparently clueless tootsies into their (in this case, virtual) mouth, he deserves to pay whatever the penalty, be it a boycott, Comment section critiques, or the loss of his cable gig, that comes from it. Besides, anyone listening to Richman for health advice was and or is a fool. After all, this is the man who consistently ate 12 patty hamburgers with a five pound side of fries as a profession/past time.

Source: The Wrap

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