Former Superman Brandon Routh joins ‘Arrow’ as The Atom

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brandon routhCW’s Arrow is turning into a full-on superhero party. Flash showed up last season en route to his spinoff. Now Ray Palmer, better known to comic fans as The Atom, will make an appearance. Brandon Routh, who played the Man of Steel in 2006’s “Superman Returns,” will tackle the shrinking scientist. In the comics, Palmer has the power to shrink to microscopic size while still retaining his full strength. While that may not seem like the most useful power, Palmer’s scientific gifts make him a tough foe at any height.

Marvel is working on a movie for Ant-Man, who has a similar skill set. This move will put DC’s tiny hero into the public eye first, and that timing is probably not a coincidence. The Atom probably wouldn’t be in high demand for an eventual Justice League movie, so TV is a good place to use the character.

According to Deadline, Palmer will be the new owner of Queen Consolidated, which ran into financial problems last season. His arc is supposed to run 14 episodes and include being a love interest for Felicity Smoak. There were a number of problems with “Superman Returns,” including a bloated script and Kevin Spacey going full camp with his Lex Luthor performance. But I thought Routh was a solid addition, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in this role. Arrow’s third season premieres October 8.

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