The Weinstein Company says “No!” to Kevin Smith, ‘Clerks 3′

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Image Courtesy of Morbidly Amusing. com

Image Courtesy of Morbidly Amusing. com

What is it with famous filmmakers and their supposed “retirements.” Steven Soderbergh has said repeatedly that he is giving up show biz and yet he’s, perhaps, more prominent in the media than ever before (Ok…ok…so he’s not actually DIRECTING movies…so sue me). Dude has like two TV shows, a play, and other projects in the works (but NO feature films, all right?).

The same can be said for Kevin Smith. On more than one occasion he made it clear that a project called ‘Hit Somebody’ would be his “last,” only to turn around and develop several more films including the upcoming horror hoot ‘Tusk,’ another fright night anthology about a Christmas creature called the Krampus, and a Rapture themed film entitled ‘Helena Handbag.’ There’s even something called ‘Yoga-Hosers.’ Of course, what most fans want is ‘Clerks III,’ and Smith is prepared to give it to them (a script has already been completed). Sadly, Harvey Weinstein doesn’t.

The fabled film producer/distributor, known “affectionately” as “Harvey Scissorhands” (for his tendency to edit films – often without input from the directors – before they are released) has passed on financing the third installment in Smith’s slacker series. He says he would gladly release it, just not pay for it, according to the story over at Variety. This has left the director with a $6 million problem (and, as of this blog post, no future options).

Not that he cares, honestly. ‘Tusk‘ is coming out soon, and he’s high (literally – he he) on the ‘Yoga-Hosers” spin-off. Maybe, if his next film is a big fat hit, Weinstein will come crawling back, checkbook in hand. Who knows. Just remember – those rumors about his slowing down, like Soderbergh’s, have been greatly exaggerated.

Source: Variety

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