New Trailer Debuts For Eastwood’s “Trouble With the Curve”

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Clint Eastwood in "Trouble With the Curve"

Remember the scene in “Moneyball” in which Billy Beane argued with a table full of crusty, set-in-their-ways baseball scouts, all of whom looked to be about 80 years old? A new movie out next month enlists the legendary Clint Eastwood to tell the story of a man sort of like them.

“Trouble With the Curve,” directed by Robert Lorenz- who is credited as second-unit director on several of Eastwood’s films- stars Clint as a veteran baseball scout grabbling with his deteriorating site as well as his relationship with his daughter (Amy Adams.) Here’s the trailer:

The film, which also stars Justin Timberlake and John Goodman, comes out in September.

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