Report: Daniel Bryan’s injuries more serious than first thought, no timetable for his return

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daniel bryanWe’re getting more of the news we never want to hear about any wrestler. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Daniel Bryan’s neck isn’t healing according to plan, and further examination revealed shoulder injuries as well. Another surgery may be necessary, and WWE at this point has no idea when Bryan may appear on the active roster again. Now, I’ve learned to never put 100 percent faith in anything I hear in this business. I remember Shawn Michaels saying we’d probably never see HBK in the ring again about 24 hours before appearing on Raw and working another ten Wrestlemanias. I would love nothing better than for this all to be a “work” and Bryan to return in a month or so.

If this is true, it’s disheartening news for one of the best underdog stories in recent WWE memory. After toiling for years to get to the mountaintop, the little guy did it. His signature “YES!” chant went mainstream, appearing at pro and college sporting events. His Wrestlemania victories were emotional moments for a growing fanbase. If Bryan is able to return, he will certainly have to change his wrestling style. The diving headbutt is probably not something he should do anymore.

There’s never a good time for a company to lose a main event wrestler. As we’ve been reporting, the WWE Network isn’t performing to expectations. It’s offering another free trial and doing all it can to increase interest in the product. A recent Monday Night Raw saw Chris Jericho, The Miz and AJ Lee all return to competition. Sting, who signed with WWE a while back and hasn’t done much outside of interviews, tweeted “7.14.14” earlier this week. Considering the timeframe, this is as likely to be promotion for the WWE 2K15 video game as it is for an in-ring return. But even a brief on camera appearance by “The Stinger” could spike ratings and interest for at least one show.

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