Fin: Kate Upton (not) in Playboy, LeBron and Louie and Hitler, AMA

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Kate Upton says she's not posing for Playboy. Will she be posing for Playboy?

Kate Upton says she’s not posing for Playboy, which raises the question: Will she be posing for Playboy?

Somehow, Kate Upton stating, on the record, “I’m not doing Playboy” led to such headlines as “Kate Upton dishes on posing for Playboy,” “Upton doesn’t rule out Playboy” and “Kate Upton in Playboy?” (E! Online)

Ever want to see highlights from “Snowpiercer,” cut to Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train”? Twitpic user Jacob Gentry came through (Twitpic)

Now that writer Roberto Orci isn’t involved, “The Amazing Spider-man 3″ stands an excellent chance of going down as the best “Spider-Man 3 movie of all time (The Dissolve)

That the comic book character Archie reportedly died saving his gay friend puts the whole “Archie and Jughead were lovers” speech from “Chasing Amy” in a new light (Mashable)

This piece arguing that Louis CK informed LeBron James’ decision to go back to Cleveland somehow fails to mention that in the Louie universe, LeBron is dead, having perished due to Hurricane Jasmine Forsythe (The New Republic)

Fantastic piece about the history of Rap Genius, and the extreme douchiness of its founders. We also learn that the company is now called “Genius,” and that Cavs owner/investor Dan Gilbert has given them more money this year than he’ll be giving LeBron James (Business Insider)

It hasn’t been verified, but someone claiming to be Adolf Hitler (username “SweatyNuts69″) did a Reddit AMA (Reddit)

The USA series announced Monday, Mr. Robot, is missing an “o.” (The Wrap)

On this week’s edition of his podcast with Alan Sepinwall, Dan Fienberg tells the story about how, on a press panel, he mistakenly stated that Gaby Hoffmann was Jewish. Embarrassing, yes, but not nearly as bad as when the guy on CNBC the other week referred to Tim Cook as “openly gay.” (Firewall and Iceberg)

Speaking of which, the latest “this celebrity who very much isn’t Jewish actually is Jewish” is about Prince. Please. I’m from Minneapolis. If Prince were Jewish, he would probably have belonged to my synagogue (Forward)

IFC, which has been associated for most of the last few years with Portlandia and TV shows based on popular podcasts, is now officially no longer the Independent Film Channel (Paste Magazine)

If the departure of Anthony Cumia created a glaring hole in Sirius XM’s human awfulness quota, they’ve quickly filled it, bringing in Jenny McCarthy to host a weekly show.  (The Wrap)

Your music-downloading workarounds are going away one by one: Soundcloud is said to be nearing a licensing deal with the major record labels (Bloomberg News)

Badass Digest’s “Daily Trailer” features the 1990 killer-baboon movie “Shakma.” I’ve told the story before, but some acquaintances of mine used to have a Rocky-horror-style ritual for that film, complete with costumes (Badass Digest)

And finally, say one last goodbye to the World Cup, with every Univision GOOOOOOOOOOAL (Deadspin)

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