Randy Travis Arrested for DWI After Naked Trip to Convenience Store

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Randy Travis

Folks around the Dallas area know Grammy Award winning country star Randy Travis lives in the area. It’s not unusual to see him out shopping or at a restaurant. Tuesday night, however, a convenience store clerk was flabbergasted to see the country legend walk in naked and attempt to purchase cigarettes.

The clerk told DFW’s Fox 4 News he couldn’t complete the transaction because Travis had no clothes – or money. Things only got worse for the singer, who wrecked his Pontiac Trans Am near Tioga, about 60 miles north of Dallas. A 911 caller described the bizarre scene, telling police they saw what initially appeared to be an animal lying in the road. After realizing it was a human, the caller alerted authorities.

According to the incident report, Travis threatened state troopers and was combative. He left jail in Sherman, Texas Wednesday morning after posted $21, 500 bond. He is known for his deep voice and wholesome songs such as “Forever and Ever, Amen.” Lately, his life has been like something out of the most depressing country ditty imaginable. This is his second arrest in 2012, the first coming on Super Bowl Sunday. Then police found Travis reportedly intoxicated in a church parking lot.

He’s also involved in very messy court proceedings with his ex-wife of 20 years. She was also his manager, and her court filing alleges Travis made it impossible for her to work. He’s countersuing saying she released information that could damage his career.

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