MTV Names Kevin Hart VMA Host

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When white people over thirty years old aren’t complaining about how poppy/young-skewing the stuff MTV nominates for the VMAs is they’re complaining about how much the nominated videos, hosts, and performances skew towards R & B and hip-hop.

After the 2005 VMAs, an affair hosted by the man now called “Diddy,” I remember someone I knew who had actually worked in the music industry in the 90s (and worked mostly on “urban” music no less) complaining that the show was “too black.”

People of that mindset are unlikely to be happy with this year’s version of the VMAs. In addition to the nominees recognizing the Drake and Rihanna dominated state of pop music today it’s been announced that the host will be none other than Kevin Hart, who now in one short year has made the leap from hosting the BET awards to hosting the MTV Video Music Awards.

Hart has recruited the celebrity couple entity known as Kim Ye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) to do something like acting in a little promotional video hyping the announcement. If you don’t know who any of these people are or do know who these people are and hate them, then I don’t suggest you tune in to the awards show, which happens on September 6.


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