‘The One I Love’ trailer: Elisabeth Moss, Mark Duplass fall into a planned trap

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TheOneILoveAfter doing a genuine festival tour de force, with a premiere in Sundance (where else?) and subsequent screenings in Dallas, Sarasota, Tribeca, Nashville, San Francisco, Seattle and Nantucket among others, uber-hyped romantic dramedy “The One I Love” is at last (nearly) ready to take theaters by storm.

And VOD channels. Mostly VOD channels, I’m guessing, since the trailer makes it pretty clear we’re not dealing with a very conventional or “normal” film. Teased as incorporating elements from both Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman’s worlds, the indie is aimed squarely at die-hard fans of quirky, whimsical, unpredictable micro-budget movies.

As such, Radius-TWC, which are the distributors, go at great lengths to reveal as little as possible of the storyline, showing bits and pieces of dialogue that merely suggest a big twist and blending them with quotes of rave reviews.

Okay, I’ll bite. And not just because I love seeing Golden Globe winner Elisabeth Moss on the big screen, where she belongs. Or as I find myself more and more allured by Mark Duplass’ perennially solid independent work. But also as I’m legitimately curious to check out the “twist” every critic from Sarasota to Nantucket is lauding.

Don’t disappoint me, first-time feature writer Justin Lader and rookie director Charlie McDowell.

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