NPH appears in LG promo

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NPH gets a big head in LG's new Art of the Pixel promo

NPH gets a big head in LG’s new Art of the Pixel promo

Actor Neil Patrick Harris, who has gone from playing Doogie Howser to Hedwig on Broadway- with an eight-year run on How I Met Your Motherin between- signed on as a spokesman for LG Electronics earlier this year. The actor is a pitchman, as well as “artistic advisor and ambassador,” for “The Art of the Pixel,” a campaign and competition by LG to encourage art students to create “digital masterpieces,” which will be rendered on LG’s 4K Ultra HD and OLED TVs. 

 Here’s the nearly two-minute video, posted to LG’s YouTube channel, in which Harris talks about the TVs, describing the LG 4K TV as “a canvass that is inspiring artists nationwide.” Harris shares art created by his young children, as well as some of this own:

I certainly was not expecting the turn that video took at the 1:25 mark…

See more about the arts campaign here. 

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