Fin: The very professional Scott Disick, Fred Durst for eHarmony and back-to-back-to-back AAU national championships

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For a fee, this man will come to your next party

For a fee, this man will come to your next party

At last month’s CE Week event in New York, Kardashian boyfriend Scott Disick appeared as a paid celebrity guest at an official party sponsored by a headphone company. Now we learn that only four days earlier, Disick had been hospitalized in the Hamptons for alcohol poisoning as, Page Six reported, he was “so messed up that he could ‘barely put a sentence together.'” Yet Disick, only 96 hours later, had made a remarkable recovery and was right there in his capacity as a professional paid party guest. You really have to admire the man’s professionalism and commitment to his work (Page Six.)

That crazy Kickstarter about a “Breaking Bad sequel” to star Slash and Val Kilmer? It’s been cancelled, after Kilmer called the producer a “goofball” on Twitter (Pajiba)

A completely made-up history of blogging (The Morning News)

The Christian-tinged dating site eHarmony has signed up Fred “I did it all for the nookie” Durst as a commercial director (Ad Age)

You thought Jason Biggs’ character on Orange is the New Black was an asshole? That’s nothing compared to Jason Biggs in real life. I wonder what the guy who plays Pornstache is like off-camera (Uproxx)

Bill Maher, though? He’s like that all the time (Washington Post)

Another reason not to trust sponsored content- it leads to reputable publications “endorsing” horrible movies like “Sex Tape” (Buzzfeed)

Good news- deposed Entertainment Weekly film critic Owen Gleiberman is back on the beat, at the BBC (

Hasn’t the Howard Stern fan prank call bit gotten a bit old at this point, after 25 years? (Warming Glow)

A stab at explaining where all the Zach Braff hate comes from (Badass Digest)

Remember Tom Emanski, the hitting coach responsible for  late night TV ads and back to back to back AAU national championships? The crazy story of what happened to him (Fox Sports)

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