Best Buy channels “Rushmore” in back to school ad

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Today's Max Fisher?

Today’s Max Fisher?

Did anyone else get a distinct Wes Anderson vibe from Best Buy’s new Back to School commercial, which debuted this week? That might be because- in addition to the visual similarities- the spot uses the same song that opens Anderson’s 1998 film “Rushmore.”

Here’s the spot, featuring a student who- like Max Fisher- appears to be involved in a wide variety of school activities, fencing and theater among them. Then there’s that complex math problem on a blackboard.” I’m thinking it has to be deliberate homage:

Here’s the opening yearbook montage of “Rushmore,” featuring the same song, The Creation’s 1967 hit “Makin’ Time”:

And to think, Max Fisher did it all without a computer… The Best Buy ads were produced by Best Buy’s ad agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. The other ads in the campaign, which mostly focuses on various tablet and laptop computers,  can be viewed at Best Buy’s YouTube channel. 

The song from the last scene of “Rushmore,” The Faces’ “Ooh La La”- the one with the chorus that goes “I wish that/I knew all I know now/when I was younger” has been used in numerous TV commercials over the years, for everything from cars to health insurance.

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