Remember ALF? He’s Back, in Movie Form

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"Ha! I kill me!"

So yeah, apparently they’re really putting an ALF movie in development. The original ALF sitcom, perhaps surprisingly, aired on NBC for only the four short years between 1986 and 1990, but has sort of burbled in the background of popular culture ever since as one of those go-to, semi-obscure “wacky” 80s references that people like to make.

ALF depicted the wacky hi jinx which ensued as an eight-stomached, cat-eating alien named Gordon Shumway (ALF was an acronym for Alien Life Form) lived with a typical sitcom suburban family. ALF himself was a puppet operated and voiced by Paul Fusco, a pupeteer and voice actor who co-created the show with Tom Patchett, and Fusco has relentlessly been trying to keep the character in the public consciousness for pretty much the entire time the show’s been off the air since it’s more or less the only credit he has to his name. There’s been an ALF Marvel Comics series than ran for 50 issues, a TV movie in the 90s and most recently a short-lived talk show/parody of a talk show called ALF’s Hit Talk Show which aired on TV Land in 2004.

Since we are now living in an era of Battleship and Stretch Armstrong and He-Man movies, Fusco sensed the moment was right and signed a deal with Sony Pictures Animation to do the voice acting for the ALF character in a big budget CGI/live action hybrid ALF movie. Inauspiciously, the producer will be Jordan Kerner, who managed to drain whatever small amount of wit and vitality existed in the Smurfs franchise with a movie, The Smurfs, that took a similar approach and made gobs of money last year.

The most famous ALF reference in popular culture, of course, is the clip from The Simpsons below, already making fun of how irrelevant and obscure ALF was way back in 1995:

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