Jess meets Jess in ‘New Girl’ season 4 premiere as Biel circles back to TV

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Jessica Biel Zooey DeschanelJessica Biel’s once flourishing big-screen career, back in the days of “The Illusionist”, “Cellular”, even “Elizabethtown”, took hit after hit recently (“Valentine’s Day”, “The A-Team”, “New Year’s Eve”, “Total Recall” and, oh my, “Playing for Keeps”), so sooner or later, the 7th Heaven whiz-kid was bound to need TV again to help pay the bills.

But apparently, she can’t even secure steady cable drama work anymore, instead stooping so low so as to consciously join one of the big networks’ most painfully sinking ships: New Girl. Either that, or Biel, alongside a handful of Fox execs and Zooey Deschanel, are the only people in the world that still believe the sitcom can recover after a horrible, dreadful, atrocious season 3.

Of course, since the rom-com veteran is signed for just one episode, the season 4 curtain raiser, it’s entirely possible she’s actually doing this for pleasure, not to get paid. Besides, her stint on the Hollywood big stage is somehow not over yet, with three titles in the pipeline: dramas “Shiva and May” and “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”, and thriller “The Blunderer”.

Wait, no chick flicks? I’ll be damned. As for Biel’s New Girl persona, that’s going to be Kat, “the hottest scientist in the world” and a romantic contender for the other Jess, the show’s quirky, once cute, now just annoying protagonist. The hottest scientist in the world? Well, that’s original. And totally, completely unexpected (sarcasm overload).

Via [The Hollywood Reporter]

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