‘The Walking Dead’ cast delivers trailer, talks about Terminus

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Get ready for more Rick on "The Walking Dead"

Get ready for more Rick on “The Walking Dead”

All roads in season 4 of The Walking Dead led to Terminus, a creepy community filled with people whose angle we don’t know. The trailer makes one thing certain. This season doesn’t start with gardening. The residents of Terminus don’t appear to be cannibals, but they don’t seem very friendly, either. As you see in the trailer, Rick is ready to play rough if necessary.

Perhaps the biggest surprise revealed was confirmation that Beth is alive and well. Daryl was teaching her survival skills, and she’s somewhere she’s going to need them. Actress Emily Kinney told the audience she’s sworn to secrecy and can’t reveal anymore than what was in the trailer. Of course, the pair didn’t talk about tracking and archery all the time. There’s an obvious chemistry between the two actors, and Kinney said the relationship between these characters has grown deeper.

That’s not the only potential romance fans are buzzing about. Rick, Michonne and Carl have been acting a lot like a family. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) called this the no. 1 question viewers are asking the actors. Sorry guys, no spoilers here either. After four seasons of this, these actors know every trick we might use to pry a little extra info out of them. Lincoln did tell the audience that Rick has dealt with his demons. We may have seen the end of Ghost Lori, at least for the immediate future.

The Walking Dead returns October 12.



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