‘New Girl’ drafts ‘Veep’ star Reid Scott for season 4 premiere cameo

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Reid Scott New GirlReid Scott’s sleazy, backstabbing, go-getting, oddly charming Dan Egan character on HBO smash hit Veep doesn’t really have a lot of time for relationships. Well, aside from the occasional career-boosting politicians’ daughters fling.

But that’s what network sitcoms are for, as Scott will reportedly round out a steamy, dreamy love triangle on Fox’s New Girl season 4 premiere. The object of both Jessica Day and Jessica Biel’s attraction, the young hunk is faced with some tough decisions, though since he’s merely booked for a one-episode cameo, he clearly won’t be picking Nick Miller’s ex.

I guess that means “Ted”, his New Girl character, is more into hot scientists than perky, quirky teachers. Either way, between Scott’s cameo, Biel’s guest stint, Damon Wayans Jr.’s promotion to series regular and the end of the dreadful Jess/Nick romance, it’s obvious Fox is pulling all the stops to keep the once hilarious show afloat.

Too bad the Veep star can’t bring any shred of his HBO profanity and sting to broadcast programming. Now that’s an idea: a bitter, irreverent, coarse New Girl on cable. The network cancelation might not be very far down the road, so, you know, food for thought.

Via [Hollywood Reporter]

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