Universal shocks Comic-Con crowd with ‘King Kong: Skull Island’ reveal

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king-kong-300x165After a panel that talked up a “Godzilla”sequel and the upcoming ‘World of Warcraft’ flick, the audience saw a short clip of a deserted island. Finally, the king himself revealed his presence to the audience.  “Skull Island” will explore the strange home of King Kong, which has dinosaurs and many other monstrous creatures. It’s definitely not the place you want to go for a summer vacation.

It’s coming November 4, 2016. Universal has reportedly offered the director’s gig to Joe Cornish, a hot commodity after his “Attack the Block” impressed moviegoers. “Godzilla” writer Max Borenstein will write this origin story for Kong and his home. The studio has several legendary movie monsters in its portfolio, and hopes to turn them into long-running franchises. In addition to the Kong sequel, it’s working on a Marvel-style shared cinematic universe including horror heavyweights such as Frankenstein and The Mummy.

In a development that may not be a coincidence, Universal’s Orlando theme park is building a King Kong-themed attraction. Might it be ready by November 2016? Everybody put their hands together and say “synergy” three times.


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