Man launches Kickstarter campaign for Kenny Loggins concert in his living room

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Crowdfunding has been a hot topic in recent weeks, most notably when idiots try to use it as a tool for irony and archer-loggins1_featured_photo_galleryinternet fame, like the guy who decided to raise $10,000 to make a bowl of potato salad, or the guy who used GoFundMe to fund “an outrageous adventure” to see a childhood friend.

The latest in absurd abuses of crowdfunding has come in the form of Mr. Erick Sanchez, a DC native who’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to get Kenny Loggins to play an intimate, 75 minute set in his living room. Sanchez’s goal is to raise $30,000, and the donation incentives (outside of the highest ones) aren’t exactly the kind of thing that will make you want to fork over your hard earned money just so that some jackass can have bring a running joke from “Archer” to life. If you donate a minimum of $300 (!!) you’ll get a seat at the living room jam session, and if you donate a minimum of $5,000 (!!!) you’ll get a seat, and a private, pre-show meet and greet with Kenny and his band, the Blue Sky Riders. Of course, there are lower tiers to the donations; a $50 (!!) donation will get you a limited edition t-shirt to commemorate the guy’s concert (without you actually attending, mind you) and a $5 or $10 dollar donation will get you nothing outside of the satisfaction that you’ve contributed to some dude’s “clever” idea.

Fellow Millenials: I know we’re not all bad. And I know that crowdfunding is a good and valuable tool in order to get funding for projects when that prospect is either difficult or downright impossible. Comedian and author Sara Benincasa recently used Kickstarter to fund a comedy/speaking tour designed to help LGBTQ youth, and each donation incentive was designed to connect Benincasa directly with her fans and donators in one way or another. That’s a great use of Kickstarter.

My advice? Don’t fork over your money to fund some guy’s stupid, self-satistfied circle-jerk. That’s just babytown frolics. See? I got to an Archer reference eventually!

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