No, Dennis Miller didn’t write that article about Israel

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Dennis MillerI’ve been writing for a couple of weeks about how sick I am of people sharing things on social media about this Israel/Gaza war that are flagrantly untrue. No matter which side it comes from, it bothers me greatly- no, those pictures aren’t necessarily from this war or this year. No, that “transcript” of the phone call between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t real. And no, the founders of Edible Arrangements are not financial supporters of Hamas (and they really ought to think about suing the people who say they are.)

And now there’s one making the rounds that’s both old and untrue- the old “Dennis Miller knocks it out of the park on Israel.” 

If you can get past its questionable facts (not many people not to the right of Sheldon Adelson would agree that “there are no Palestinians.”)  or that it’s from 12 years ago and has nothing to do with the current conflict, or that Dennis Miller didn’t actually write it, the piece is totally solid.

The piece was actually written by Larry Miller, another veteran comedian who drifted towards conservative punditry later in his career, and it was written as part of a Weekly Standard column in 2002, around the time of the second Intifada.  The piece first became a staple of email forwards shortly after it was published, and has been misattributed to the wrong Miller from the very start; I even remember Dennis Miller going on his old HBO show and stating in his monologue that he hadn’t written the piece.

But there it was again this week, courtesy of a site called Jewsnews, complete with a giant picture of (Dennis) Miller, and describing him as “a comedian who has a show called Dennis Miller Live on HBO.” (Dennis Miller Live hasn’t aired since 2002.) 

The comments on the piece, incidentally, are full of people stating that the piece is both old and by Larry Miller, but it hasn’t been taken down. It has, however, been shared 48,000 times as of Sunday night.

UPDATE: The Jewsnews piece appears to have been pulled.

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  • Pay Cahill

    I have a question about Obama visits to L A in the last few years . He has raised multi-millions for the D N C in LA . During those visits, west LA has been severely disrupted with business and multiple other entities including patient care.(I am a retired physician) I wonder why there is no question raised about payment for these fund raising trips. If these are paid for by the DMP , with the acceptance of the local populace, then maybe I should not feel offended, but if this is paid for by ALL taxpayers dollars, then I am offense at the audacity and lack of concern of our President. Maybe I am a very silly and uneducated citizen but I concerned about abuse of power. If you can explain the process to me , I would be very grateful.
    Pat Cahill
    (I hope this does not lead to anIRS Audit)

  • Marny

    I searched on Edible Arrangements … and the owners ARE supporters of terrorists.

    Do you think all the info available is wrong?

    Did YOU check it out before saying it’s not true?