Hot/Crazy: Man steals sitcom bit, gets 2 million YouTube views

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The Crazy/Hot scale

The Crazy/Hot scale, which is totally different from the Hot/Crazy matrix

Did you hear about the “Hot/Crazy Matrix”? Popular on YouTube, it appears to be the brainchild of Dana McLendon III, a divorce lawyer and elected city alderman in Franklin, Tenn.. 

The “matrix” is a described, in a video that’s garnered nearly two million views since it was posted on July 21, as “what you need to know about how to deal with women and how to analyze the situation that you may be in or want to be in.” The general idea is that when it comes to women, there’s a “crazy axis” and a “hot axis,” with “hot” measured from zero to ten and “crazy” starting at 4, because “there’s no such thing as a woman who’s not at least a four crazy”:

A very inventive idea. One I liked a lot better when Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney Stinson did the exact same thing on How I Met Your Mother in 2007. Up to and including a “zone” in which a woman is hot enough that her level of crazy is acceptable, and another zone in which it’s not:

McLendon this week appeared on Dr. Drew’s HLN series, and while he was called out, rightly, for the general misogyny of the enterprise, no one mentioned that his creation was virtually the exact the same thing as something performed on a popular sitcom seven years ago:

Yes, I suppose it’s hot/crazy and not crazy/hot, and “matrix” instead of “scale,” and the “crazy” is on the y axis instead of the x. But there’s no credit or attribution anywhere on the YouTube video, or McLendon’s subsequent TV appearance, for the same idea having appeared elsewhere. I won’t be surprised if Mr.  McLendon is hearing soon from CBS’ attorneys.

(Hat tip to EntertainmentTell contributor Jordan Rockwell, who alerted me to this.) 

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  • Ron

    Here’s the female response: The Wealth-Douchebaggery Matrix.