Linklater lives on: “School of Rock” coming to TV, “Dazed and Confused” may get “spiritual sequel”

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if it's a spiritual sequel, do they still stay the same age?

if it’s a spiritual sequel, do the girls still stay the same age?

Director Richard Linklater has been earning the best reviews of his career for his movie “Boyhood,” which he shot gradually over ten years. Now, it sounds like the director, who already made two sequels to his film “Before Sunrise,” is looking to mine the past for two more projects.

Nickelodeon announced Monday that it has picked up, straight to series, a TV adaptation of the Linklater-directed 2003 film “School of Rock.” According to Variety, Linklater and Scott Rudin are listed as executive producers for the TV show, which Jim and Steve Armogida will oversee. The show will debut in the spring of 2015. 

And not only that, but Andrew Lloyd Webber is planning to mount a Broadway musical version of “School of Rock,” for 2016, although you can expect the film’s AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Metallica songs to be replaced by middlebrow showtunes that all sound exactly like one another.

As for projects that Linklater will actually be overseeing himself, the director said in an interview this week that he’s thinking about a “spiritual sequel” to his 1993 classic “Dazed and Confused.” According to Hollywood Reporter, that project is the reason Linklater has abandoned plans to direct “The Incredible Mr. Limpet”:

According to sources, Linklater wants to concentrate on That’s What I’m Talking About, a 1980s, university-set project that is akin to his cult hit, Dazed & Confused, which was set in the 1970s and set in high school. The project, which is based on Linklater’s life, follows freshmen as they navigate through the first year of college life, while trying to make the baseball team.

The baseball element is especially intriguing; maybe it’ll give Wiley Wiggins the chance to play Tim Lincecum again. 

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