DVD Review: The Walking Dead The Complete Second Season

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One thing’s for certain: The Walking Dead may well be the biggest show to hit AMC since Mad Men got cranked up. Sure, Breaking Bad and Hell on Wheels have had their moments, but there’s no denying that the conversion of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel line has been a top-notch hit for the network. And the folks out at Anchor Bay sent over a copy of The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season for us to review.

Once again, we rejoin former police officer Rick Grimes, wife Lori and son Carl as they attempt to survive the newly-minted zombie apocalypse. They’ve made some friends along the way, lost some old ones, and have set off in their rattletrap RV in a bid to survive the horrors of the titular walking dead. The second season finds our group taking up residence outside a fully-functional farmhouse (or at least as fully-functional as houses get these days), and for a while, things seem downright, well, all right.

But the farmhouse–and its occupants–have a few secrets of their own, and they’re not going to be the kind that Grimes and company are going to want to hear about. Can the group survive their stay in what seems like paradise? Or will this season be the last?

Admittedly, watching The Walking Dead, if you’ve read the comics, is a bit of a letdown. You have a fair idea of what’s coming from the word go, and perhaps the only way to throw in surprises is to take the irksome move of a deviation from the source material. Many were somewhat concerned about this season, as the bulk of it takes place on Herschel’s farm, spending substantially more time there than anyone would have liked. It only got worse when what was to come was factored in–the prison, and of course, the Governor–disappointment was hard to avoid.

Still, though, as was the case with the first season, disappointment will only come in an overarching sense, a sense that, while it was good–and indeed, it was plenty good–it may not have been as good as it was previously, nor as good as it will likely be in the future, nor even as good as it might have been with a few simple modifications to plotline–I don’t recall the bit with the walkers on the road, for example, from the comics–but it was still good.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season is not only entertaining if you haven’t seen it already, but even if you have seen it all already from AMC, you’ll still have a great place to keep all the episodes from the previous season to get caught up ahead of the next season, which will be happening soon enough. It’s better in some cases than in others, but all things considered, it’s still a sweet piece of zombie fighting action that should prove a downright delight.

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