Fin: Klausner vs. Corden, Cumia goes (really) racist, Mo Rocca propaganda and godspeed, Sports on Earth

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LIke you wouldn't stay up for Late Late Show With Julie Klausner

Like you wouldn’t stay up for Late Late Show With Julie Klausner

I don’t necessarily agree with Julie Klausner that it’s an outrage that CBS hired a white man, James Corden, to host the Late Late Show. That said, I would have much preferred that they’d have hired… Julie Klausner (Warming Glow)

On the day Klan-aping rodent Anthony Cumia inevitably gets hired back either by Sirius XM or another mainstream outlet, let’s all remember the time he went on a white power talk show. As opposed to his previous job, of hosting a white power talk show. Still, good to know he has the support of the entire mainstream comedy community (Little Green Footballs)

I was not expecting to read the phrase “Monsanto-sponsored propaganda videos hosted by Mo Rocca” today. Luckily, according to Mo, we never will again (Gawker)

In case you thought the world only had room for one Kenny Loggins-based Kickstarter, there’s another, this time from Kenny himself (Page Six)

The producers of “The Expendables” are suing those responsible for its torrent getting out. Yea, and Metallica were assholes when THEY did that… (Mashable)

Whoever’s behind the “Hummus Selfies” idea likely learned everything they know about the Mideast conflict from “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” (Jezebel)

Incredibly sad day Tuesday as Sports On Earth, which boasted one of the deepest rosters of talented writers of any sports site, has mostly gutted itself, a casualty of the Gannett restructuring. It’s USA Today’s least defensible decision since their last web redesign (Will Leitch)

A plea to Marvel Studios: Cut it out with the false deaths of superheroes (EW)

Libby Hill on how the Simpsons app can learn from struggles of WWE Network. Well, they’ve certainly already learned the parts about 1) not charging extra for it, and 2) Not chucking their entire existing business model in favor of it. (AV Club)

Wrestling league TNA, apparently taking all the wrong lessons from the famous Austin/McMahon feud, has launched something called “Physically Attack Your Boss Day.” Defense counsel not included (With Spandex)

This press release quotes Hulk Hogan on his desire to wrestle again. Does the canned quote begin with “Brother, my goal is to perform in the ring again”? Of course it does (Wrestling Observer)

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