WWE fires former world champ Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del RioAlberto Del Rio’s four-year run with WWE has ended abruptly. The company announced Thursday it had fired the multiple-time world champion due to “unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.” The Wrestling Observer said the story going around is that Del Rio slapped a social media manager who had made an inappropriate joke.

The superstar is part of a legendary wrestling family. His father is Dos Caras, and his uncle is WWE Hall of Famer Mil Mascaras. Del Rio was known as Dos Caras Jr. while wrestling in Mexico. He got a huge push upon entering WWE, winning the WWE title twice and World Heavyweight Title twice with a Mexican aristocrat character. Considering the status his family enjoys in wrestling, that gimmick wasn’t far from the truth.  He would drive to the ring in luxury cars and had his own personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, who introduced him in Spanish. Rodriguez was released July 30.

Among the events Del Rio won were a Money In the Bank ladder match and the Royal Rumble. The grappler used a stiffer, mixed martial arts- influenced style including a cross armbreaker as his trademark finisher. With his wrestling pedigree, nobody expects Del Rio to be out of work for long. He’d be welcome back in Mexico’s AAA promotion, which has plans to expand into the US. The Wrestling Observer reports TNA has interest as well.


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