Fin: Advice from Andrew W.K., ironic misandry and the case for Olivia Wilde’s boob

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Please take this man's familial relations advice. And party 'til you puke

Please take this man’s familial relations advice. And party ’til you puke

Hey, I’m just surprised that Andrew W.K. had advice for someone other than “party, party, party (The Village Voice)

This is definitely Lou Bega’s favorite viral photo hoax of all time (Antiviral)

If you had asked years ago, “which NFL star will have both his current and former wife/girlfriend vying for a hosting spot on The View,” I would not have guessed Tony Gonzalez. I say, hire them both. As you they believe in vaccines. (The Wrap)

I admit- I find “ironic misandry” a lot more defensible and entertaining than I might have three or four years ago (Slate)

If anything’s more of a third rail than Israel/Palestine, it’s breastfeeding, but I thought Clickhole’s treatment of the Olivia Wilde picture was hilarious (Clickhole)

Speaking of things that sprung from the loins of Jason Sudeikis, his football coach-turned-soccer manager is back in a new NBC promo. And yes, Tottenham is on their third manager since Ted Lasso (NBC Sports)

There’s a band called Twin Peaks. Not only did they pick an un-Googleable name, but they’re surfacing the same month as the new Twin Peaks Blu-ray set. Why? (Stereogum)

The author of the Philadelphia blog “I Want to Go to the Zoo With Roy Halladay” got to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay (Zoo With Roy)

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