Ruffalo, McAdams to shine a ‘Spotlight’ on the Boston Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal

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Image Courtesy of The Wrap

Image Courtesy of The Wrap

While the actors are still considered “in negotiations,” distributor Open Road Films announced today that Mark Ruffalo, Stanley Tucci, and Michael Keaton, among others, are planning to be part of Tom McCarthy’s ‘All the President’s Men’ style take down of the Boston Catholic Church entitled ‘Spotlight.’ Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning work from ‘Globe’ reporters Michael Rezendes, Sacha Pfieffer, and Matt Carroll, the new film will focus on the investigation into the claims of molestation among area priests and how Cardinal Bernard Law covered up the crimes, according to the story in The Wrap.

While nothing is set, Ruffalo is said to play Rezendes while Rachel McAdams is being pursued for Ms. Pfieffer. Keaton will be Spotlight Team editor Walter “Robby” Robinson, are other famous names such as Liev Schreiber and Aaron Eckhart are involved. While the ‘Ray Donovan‘ star will supposedly take on the role of ‘Globe’ editor Marty Baron, there are no clues yet as to how Tucci or Eckhart are involved. McCarthy, who co-wrote the script with ‘Fringe’/’The West Wing”s Josh Singer, will also direct, and with a resume that includes ‘Win Win’ and ‘The Station Agent,’ that’s good news indeed.

Considering the sensitivity of the subject matter, this filmmaker will definitely have his hands full. This is especially true during the discovery of Law’s plot to deal with the allegations by merely moving the accused from parish to parish where, naturally, said scumbag “men of the cloth” molested again. I personally love the ‘All the President’s Men’ approach (if you haven’t seen that landmark film…what are you waiting for?). Unlike our current trends toward fake news clickbait, real investigative journalism, like the kind practice back during Watergate (and this scandal), is beyond compelling. With a terrific cast and controversial subject, ‘Spotlight’ is sizing up as a potential awards season winner – whenever it is finally released.

Source: The Wrap

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  • Kay Ebeling

    Read a true crime series re pedophile priests and their victims, which is in development for video webcast here:
    Based on City of Angels Blog by survivor / journalist Kay Ebeling

  • DPierre

    The part of the story that the Globe and *everyone* leaves out is that the Church sent accused abusers off to secular “treatment” centers, where psychologists later recommended to Church officials that these abusive men be assigned back into ministry!

    Kinda changes the story, doesn’t it!