Revival on the Way For ‘The Joe Schmo Show’

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An elimination ceremony on the new Joe Schmo Show

The Joe Schmo Show, when it debuted on Spike TV in 2003, was a groundbreaking reality series that not only was hilarious, but unleashed Kristen Wiig upon the world. And now, it’s back.

Entertainment Weekly reported Tuesday that the Joe Schmo concept is coming back, with a new cast.

The original show had an ingenious concept, that owed more than a little to “The Truman Show”: one contestant believed he was on a competition reality show called “Lap of Luxury,” while every other contender was an actor playing a character. The mark, a goofball named Matt, managed to not catch on until the final episode.

The second season, which was more of a Bachelor-style dating show, fell apart when one of the marks caught on to the game, and the show never returned, until now. The new show is called Joe Schmo: The Full Bounty, it revolves around a fake competition to become a bounty hunter and here’s the trailer:

Preview Joe Schmo\’s Return in The Full Bounty
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The new show will debut next year.

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