FERGUSON UPDATE: Effort to feed impacted children in the midst of Ferguson violence

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Update: City Council is hosting a meeting tonight and will be organizing the food distribution. @Jewles is enlisting locals to attend the meeting to represent the effort.

Update: The donation website is up and running. Donate at

As the war conflict rages in Ferguson, Missouri, it’s come to light that the schools have closed as the area has become so unsafe. Unfortunately for many of the students, school is the only place where they receive meals.

Julianna Mendelsohn– @Jewles– is orchestrating an attempt feed the children of Ferguson with a meal drive. There’s been a huge response via Twitter and Tumblr with people everywhere spreading the word with the hashtag #feedthestudents.

“I started this thinking I could maybe raise a couple hundred bucks to send to a food bank or a school in Ferguson,” she said. “I watched things unfold in Ferguson last night on Twitter and, as a teacher, my first thought was how to help the kids in Ferguson. Once I found out that school had been canceled, I realized there were many kids in Ferguson who weren’t going to get fed.”

Julianna has been contacting school officials and PTO members in an attempt to organize the drive and is setting up a webpage where contributors can donate to the effort. The website will hit the net sometime this afternoon. Julianna is, not surprisingly, a Nerdfighter who has clearly NOT forgotten to be awesome. From one Nerfighter to another, I commend her awesomeness.

Updates to come.


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