Wrestling’s Chavo Guerrero to star as comic book superhero

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Chavo Guerrero comic bookWWE, WCW and TNA star Chavo Guerrero is about to tackle a new battlefield: the world of comic books. He’ll be the main attraction in Warrior’s Creed, a book from Lion’s Forge. Fabian Nicieza (Deadpool, Thunderbolts) will write the title, which will feature artwork from Eddie Nunez. He’s worked on titles including Flashpoint and Ben 10 and produced art for DC Universe Online.

In the comic storyline, evil scientists discover a secret in the Guerrero family DNA that allows them to create an army of supersoldiers. Chavo unlocks the secret as well, transforming him from the cruiserweight wrestler we’re familiar with into a superhuman. Warrior’s Creed will be available this fall through Amazon Kindle and the Comics Plus app on iOS and Android.

Chavo has always been an excellent wrestler and a company guy. Even when the WWE had him repeatedly lose to a leprechaun or cast him as the unfortunate, self-hating character Kerwin White, he embraced it. I’m glad he’ll get to step into a more heroic role here. Several wrestlers including The Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior and of course the immortal Hulk Hogan himself have been comic book superheroes. It makes sense, as the characters they play on TV have a lot in common with comic heroes. No wrestler has landed near Superman or Spider-Man yet in terms of sales. But it took wrestlers a while to find their footing in the film industry too. Now guys like The Rock and Dave Bautista are starring in summer’s biggest movies.

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