‘Open Windows’ trailer: Sasha Grey is stalked, tied up and… saved by Frodo?

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Sasha Grey in “Open Windows”

Against all odds and defying great prejudice, adult movie legend Sasha Grey abandoned the pornographic landscape at her peak and set out on a path of rediscovery, struggling to make it in the mainstream cinematic décor.

The best chance she got at a big break came from a legend of a slightly different background and caliber, Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh, although “The Girlfriend Experience” didn’t exactly work out. Still, Grey persevered and stuck with it, and even if she won’t ever “make” it, you have to admire the effort.

No, her latest non-porno, “Open Windows”, doesn’t look like the wide-scale commercial or critical hit the actress so needs. In fact, it’s probably right there with “Would You Rather” and “The Scribbler” in a gallery of mostly forgettable, cheesy, direct-to-DVD genre B movies.

Except this is more a thriller than a horror, and it’s actually set to (limitedly) hit theaters on September 29. Also, it enjoyed a longer festival run, debuting at South by Southwest, then participating at the Fantasia International Film Fest, Fantasy Filmfest and Miami International Film Fest.

Another reason “Open Windows” looks a tad better easier to stand is Elijah Wood, who sort of like Grey, went through a change of pace recently, switching from high-profile blockbusters to TV and indie work. His newfound focus seems to be playing, well, bizarro creeps in micro-budget pics he helps produce, as is the case with this “21st century Rear Window”.

Yeah, if “Rear Window” was directed by one of the “ABCs of Death” auteurs instead of the creator of “Psycho”. Also, if the Princess of Monaco blew dozens of dudes at once for a living.

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