DVD Review: Dexter The Sixth Season

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Showtime’s favorite serial killer makes his way back to DVD shelves, and our friends out at CBS Video sent over a copy of Dexter: The Sixth Season for us to review.

While the individual seasons in isolation may not be the greatest, the aggregate is what’s important here, and there’s no denying that Dexter is an impressive, original piece of work that should impress most anyone looking for something a little different in their television.

Dexter: The Sixth Season rejoins Dexter, a crime scene investigator in scenic Miami. While Dexter spends his days pursuing murderers, he’s got a little extra secret on his hands; he often finds himself killing those murderers himself. Dexter, whose adoptive father taught him “The Code” from an early age when it became apparent that Dexter was possessed of an urge to kill at a young age, will almost without exception kill only those who kill others without good reason, and are likely to do so again in the future. Dexter is a serial killer…of serial killers. As a trained crime scene investigator, Dexter knows just how to evade capture, and how to find his targets. But this time, Dexter’s got bigger fish than normal to fry in the form of the Doomsday Killer, a killer who focuses his efforts on the Book of Revelations. And there will be plenty of revelations when this one hits.

Dexter has been known to narrate his own life, and to do so in the most staid and downright uptight fashion you’d ever hear from a man who secretly kills people in his off hours. When he went to his high school reunion, for example, and busted out the line “I have no idea what Hammer Time is, or how it differs from regular time.”, I knew we were dealing with a guy who, if he was any more strait-laced, he would have a bow knot on his forehead. This is a man who makes gray look like a rainbow, until he’s utterly soaked in red.

It’s hard to believe that this guy is a serial killer, but that’s part of the appeal. Dexter is a deliriously complicated show. There is a lot going on here, and those who don’t pay attention will be as lost as the Donner Party looking for Atlantis. But for those who do pay attention, then you will be well rewarded with a slice of show so authentic and so impressively deep that it will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Dexter: The Sixth Season is a wonder, and for those who have already been watching it, you likely won’t be disappointed. Naturally, you won’t want to start here, but for those who think that television is a little too mundane these days, Dexter will be a great place to catch up with something much, much unlike anything else.

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