Simon Cowell wants Betty Boop as the next family film ‘Idol’

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Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Productions

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Productions

Because she’s just so gosh-darn popular with kids today? Because her sexy siren silliness speaks to a post-millennial family fan base filled with cash rich flapper advocates? Because money can be made off of almost anything nowadays, including a long out of date cartoon sex pot who used to make pre-Hayes Code audiences blush with her blatant sexuality? Whatever the case, The Dissolve is reporting that Simon Cowell, the man responsible for such pinnacles of performance excellence as ‘American Idol,’ ‘The X Factor,’ Susan Boyle and One Direction has decided to revive none other than Dave and Max Fleischer’s hour glass glam gal Betty Boop for a 2014 audience

Repeat the questions above.

Back in the day, Betty was quite popular, and controversial. As the Dissolve article points out, she was based on a vaudeville entertainer named Helen Kane who turned the soon to be a standard “I Want to Be Loved By You” into her signature song. In pure cartoon spoofing, the scat singer often referred to as the “The Boop-Boop-a-Doop Girl” was turned into a weird kind of dog that “bewitched” the Fleischer’s famed character Bimbo. Over time, the canine turned into a catty little slice of pen and ink cheesecake whose “It” girl antics got 1930s moralists in an uproar. Kane was also unhappy with having her act usurped. She sued the Fleischers, but eventually lost the case.

But we aren’t talking a biopic of Kane or a documentary on the character. No, Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and the animation/effects company Animal Logic Entertainment (‘Happy Feet,’ ‘The Lego Movie’) will be developing the project together with the plan having something to do with a live action/cartoon hybrid. No writer or director is attached, and when you consider that the vast majority of Boop’s current fans are also into other naughty nostalgia like burlesque and pin-ups, it will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Those who currently idolize her won’t cotton to a sanitized Betty. In order for him to make money, however, Cowell will have to draw down her sex appeal less Mommy and Daddy find better ways to spend their money – like on violent Ninja Turtles.

Source: The Dissolve

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