Fin: Morris on Ferguson, Jarvis vs. Jarvis and “gross Amazon affiliate links”

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The Jeff Jarvis I trust most

The Jeff Jarvis I trust most

Wesley Morris‘ essay on “12 Years a Slave” was the best piece on movies published anywhere in 2013. Now, with his “Let’s Be Cops”/Ferguson piece, Morris is going for the repeat (Grantland)

For a supposed Internet guru, Jeff Jarvis has broken one of the sacred rules of the Internet: Never get into a pissing match with a parody persona of yourself (Buzzmachine)

Paul Carr warns that the Washington Post has begun using “gross Amazon affiliate links” in its stories, since its purchase by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. We use Amazon links here, but we take great care to make sure they’re never gross (Pando)

If there were such a thing as a war crimes tribunal for crimes against journalism, I would nominate the leaders of Time, Inc., who are actually ranking journalists by their benefit to specific advertisers and making personnel decisions based on it. That is monstrous (Gawker)

David Simon remembers Robin Williams, vis a vis the great “Bop Gun” episode of “Homicide” (David Simon)

I’m all for Guy Fieri-bashing, but there are better things to go after than his looks and weight (Salon)

Are you ready for another Kenny Loggins-related Kickstarter, the third one of the summer? This one is from H. Jon Benjamin himself, so he can go to the other guy’s Loggins party (Kickstarter)

Now that Lauren Bacall is dead, no one name-checked in Madonna’s “Vogue” is still alive (Slate)

Every ‘House‘ episode in GIF form (Reddit)

In defense of still paying for AOL (Five Thirty Eight)

Switched at Birth, a show I never thought I would like but do anyway, has earned a fourth season from ABC Family. (TV Line)

And speaking of ABC Family…

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