New York Post writer understands nothing, takes huge crap on feminism

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080814.catcalling.doree.pulse.as57.JPGDoree Lewak of New York Post shared her opinion on feminism’s POV  on catcalls yesterday, complete with photos of herself dressed in the sexiest clothes she owns while construction workers look upon her derrière and her badly curled hair blows in the wind, framing her weakly made-up face– seriously, learn to contour.

(This image has since been replaced because she realized it was a jerk move.)


If I sound like I’m pitching a bitch fit, it’s because I am. Lewak’s opinion is thus:

…when I know I’m looking good, I brazenly walk past a construction site, anticipating that whistle and “Hey, mama!” catcall. Works every time — my ego and I can’t fit through the door!

I’ll never forget my first time: At age 20, interning at MTV in Times Square and taking advantage of the company’s liberal summer dress policy, I was wearing a tightly molded pink tank top and black capris when I strolled by two construction guys on a lunch break.

“You’re hot!” they shouted, high-fiving one another.

I was over the moon. What a contrast from those coy college boys who never expressed how they felt. This was a brave new world, where guys tell it like they see it.

To summarize, Lewak thinks it’s not only fair for men to objectify women against their will, but that it’s what makes the world go round and is entirely necessary to fragile female self-worth.

I imagine the catcall stretches back to ancient construction times, when the Israelites were building the pyramids, with scores of single Jewish women hiking up their loincloths, hoping for a little attention.

I was too distracted by my blind rage to really grasp how someone could think ancient Jewish women were flashing around “loincloths” in the vain hope that they’d get a compliment hurled their way.

Not only does this idiot think Jewish women were even remotely concerned about their looks during their period of enslavement, but she also fails to acknowledge the fact that elites freely raped their slaves with impunity and the last thing any woman would want to do is “incite” the animals. Dafuq?

What this frighteningly uninformed woman fails to realize is that there is a distinct difference between a compliment– “You look great!”– and harassment– “Baby wrap dem lips around dis c**k!” (That’s courtesy of one of Philadelphia’s finest cars full of entitled white boys in flat-brimmed hats, circa two weeks ago.)

I totally realize this woman is trolling the Internet for site traffic in the interest of her own career but that doesn’t stem my rage any because feminism suffers in the wake of stunts like this.

When a woman speaks for women everywhere from the platform of, “Hey, don’t pretend you don’t like it. You’re asking for it! You should be flattered!”, it undermines every other valid claim of street harassment and tiptoes dangerously close to parallel issues of rape.

And no, this isn’t coming from a place of being left out of “street compliments” because I’m an “ugly, butch feminist”. I’m so hella great-looking that it’s raining privilege up in here. Check out my beautifulass face emitting self-worth all over the place:

That's what self-love looks like, Lewak.

This is what self-love and expert-level contouring looks like, Lewak.

I have really, really bad news for Lewak. Brace yourself, kid:

Those construction workers don’t think you’re particularly good-looking. That’s not to say you’re not good-looking– you’re downright conventionally beautiful (you’re welcome), I’m just saying they wouldn’t know, because they’re not even really looking at you, or me, or any woman. They’re catcalling in our general direction because we fit the profile of a generic female without such issues as obesity, visible skin ailments, or a missing limb (Etcetera for days). In layman’s terms, a worthy temporary trophy.

These guys aren’t catcalling for your benefit, they’re catcalling for the benefit of other men. You only serve as the object of their self-aggrandizing in the ongoing battle against the fragility of masculinity.

And here’s another li’l tidbit you should know, catcalls can turn into physical harassment, stalking, and sex crimes. AND THEY OFTEN DO.

My point, Ms. Lewak, is that if you want to enjoy being called hot by a man in a hardhat with all of New York around as witness to his behavior, that’s totally normal. But be aware that women often experience something very different from a generous compliment in the view of passersby, and it isn’t so much fun on a side street on the quiet side of town when the bustling of Times Square isn’t protecting you with human safety nets.

Learn the difference before you get yourself in a fix, and stop talking about anything feminism-related (re: things you don’t understand) on the Internet. Adios, bitchacho.

*Sanctimonious mic drop*

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  • Josh


  • queen Diamond

    Send the author a cat call on Twitter – @DoreeLewak

  • And so it goes…

    Wow, snark much?

    No wonder some women are turned off feminism – With “friends” like you, who needs the patriarchy for harassment?

  • Emmie

    You’ve made a good point but 2 things:

    1. Snarking about Lewak’s makeup skills just detracts from your argument; next time make your point without the extraneous details—it’s classier, and you’ll turn fewer people off (because, like the first comment you received, people are just going to think you want to name call.)

    2. Heavy-set women get cat-called too (I would know…I have to deal with it walking around the city of Philadelphia anytime I choose to wear a dress). It’s not necessarily about what we look like. If we’re alone, we’re a target, an unclaimed potential piece of property. Walk with a man, and poof! No cat-calls…because they see us as the property of the man we’re walking with.

    It’s sick, twisted, and in 2014, we shouldn’t be putting up with this crap.