Fin: Mormons place “Book of Mormon” ads, the revival of Comedy Central and the best movie mix tapes

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The Book of Mormon- you know, the other one

The Book of Mormon- you know, the other one

I saw the touring production of “The Book of Mormon” last night here in Philadelphia, having never seen it before or heard any of the music, and I loved it, it’s every bit as great as everyone says. But I noticed something interesting: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- the actual Mormons- placed several ads in the Playbill for the show, inviting people to experience the actual Book of Mormon. It wasn’t really presented as a rebuttal to the show itself- one that ribs Mormon belief and culture throughout- but rather a plea to interested parties to give LDS a chance. The Philadelphia Inquirer has some background (

A look at how Comedy Central suddenly became awesome again, thanks to Key & Peele, Inside Amy Schumer and Nathan For You (Vox)

A ranking of fictional mixtapes, inspired by “Boyhood” and “Guardians of the Galaxy’s “Awesome Mix Vol.1″.” I’m inspired by the one from the end of “High Fidelity,” and also Alfred Molina’s from “Boogie Nights” (Slate)

Mark Duplass did a Reddit AMA this week. There were way, way more questions about The League than about any of his movies; the word “mumblecore” doesn’t appear until very far down the page, far below “Bobbum Man” and “Equipmunk” (Reddit)

“Barton Fink 2″ and other not-so-well-advised ideas for Coen sequels and remakes (Grantland)

A thinkpiece by Chloe Angyal  on “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” another of those movies from years ago whose plot is sort of iffy in retrospect (The Hairpin)

If you were wondering when St. Louis’ own Nelly might show up in Ferguson, he did yesterday (Politico)

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