New ‘Fury’ trailer…same as the old ‘Fury’ trailer

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As the Summer movie season slowly starts to wind down (we’re in the final two weeks, people), it’s time for the studios to start thinking about the Fall. In between the celluloid landfill of September and the Best-of Lists of December, there will be dozens of Award Season wannabes. Back in June we told you about Brad Pitt‘s latest entry in the little gold statue foray, a WWII tank thriller entitled ‘Fury.’ Written and directed by David Ayer (‘Training Day,’ ‘End of Watch,’ ‘Sabotage’), the combination prestige picture and popcorn entertainment looked good, if not great. Now, a second trailer has been released and…not much has changed.

As a matter of fact, going over the two previews, there’s absolutely no difference. Even the international trailer is exactly the same. So instead of calling this a “new” release, let’s just give it a re-release tag and be done with it. It still looks pretty good:

And for comparison, trailer #1:

and the international trailer:

There’s not much more to add except this: the 2014 Awards Season could be shaping up as a battle between the War in Europe, the War in the Pacific, and the War in the Pitt-Jolie home. Both Brad and Angelina have separate WWII themed films coming out – ‘Fury’ is his, while the story of Olympic athlete, Japanese POW Louis “Louie” Zamperini (entitled ‘Unbroken’) is hers…and she directed. The buzz building around both movies is already a bit stifling. We haven’t even started into September and already the pundits are pushing both for multiple accolades. Of course, until they are released, we won’t know for sure. Brad is out of the box first. ‘Fury’ will hit theaters October 17th.

Source: The Wrap

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