Geddy Lee and his bobblehead do the Ice Bucket Challenge

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The Holy Trinity, in bobble form

The Holy Trinity, in bobble form

The Ice Bucket Challenge has reached Canada- with a challenge performed by the Great White North’s preeminent 61-year-old ponytailed bass player/frontman. Yes, I’m talking about Geddy Lee.

You know- Geddy Lee? Of Rush? Of Salesmen?

That’s right Meatwad.

Challenged by fellow rock star Les Claypool of Primus, Lee first did the challenge with a bobblehead figurine of himself- certainly the first bobble I’ve ever seen that’s holding a double-necked guitar. But then the real Lee got doused himself:

Lee went on to challenge fellow Canadians Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies and actor Jay Baruchel, as well as baseball legend Randy Johnson, who is not Canadian but did begin his career with the Montreal Expos. Johnson might be tough to douse considering he’s 6’10.”

Twitter had some fun with Geddy’s challenge:

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