Daredevil Rights Appear Headed Back to Marvel

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Deadline is reporting that Fox’s plan to restart its Daredevil film franchise has fallen apart. Their source is a tweet from Joe Carnahan, who has hoping to direct the project.  Now it appears the rights to the red-suited lawyer turned vigilante will revert back to Marvel and Disney.

Fox had a deadline to start filming before the character’s right went back to Marvel. That became a long shot after director David Slade signed on to do a Hannibal TV show for NBC. That project frightens me, and not in an Anthony Hopkins way. But that’s another column entirely.

Fox had hoped to work out some kind of extension, and it sounds like that didn’t happen. Marvel has done an excellent job since it started making its own movies. This could put Daredevil in the same cinematic universe as The Avengers. That’s a bigger payoff for comic book lovers than anything Fox could do with the character.

There is no shortage of Marvel superhero projects Fantastic Four and X-Men rights are still all in Fox’s toolbox. It’s busy making “X-Men: First Class” and “The Wolverine” sequels. Josh Trank, director of superpowered surprise hit “Chronicle,” will direct its “Fantastic Four” reboot.

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