Fin: Dumb Ditka, dueling SNL weeks and what’s so R-rated about being gay?

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Dikta vs. Daniel Snyder in naming an NFL team

Dikta vs. Daniel Snyder in naming an NFL team

On the Mike Ditka “Redskins” comment, I ask of you: Have you ever once heard Ditka say something out loud, whether in his coaching or broadcasting careers, that didn’t make you think to yourself, “this man is a blithering idiot?” I’m just glad he never followed through on his threats to run for political office. (USA Today)

A look at which SNL sketches would make good movies. The #1 for me, obviously, is Massive Headwound Harry (The Dissolve)

It appears both The Dissolve and Grantland are celebrating “SNL Week”; the latter site has a bracket (what else?) of the best cast member ever. Really has to be Phil Hartman, right? (Grantland)

On the occasion of the Simpsons marathon, a ranking of the best episodes. “Cape Feare” wins, and I’m going to sing the entire score of “HMS Pinafore”on a boat to celebrate (Ranker)

A good question by critic Stephen Whitty- why are pretty much all gay-themed films rated R? (

Erotic Fanfic About the Parents From the “Rude” Video. I don’t have a daughter, but I wouldn’t take kindly to some schmuck asking if he could “have her” for the rest of her life  (The Toast)

Burning Man, I’m sad to say, has been ruined by “rich pricks” (Valleywag)

“Family Dollar Rejects Dollar General Buyout Offer, Continues Dollar Tree Merger”- you know what’s holding up the deal? No one’s willing to bid more than $1 (Home Media Magazine)

The fake Jeff Jarvis strikes back at the real one (Thinkfluencer)

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