Obama “loses” Maureen Dowd, for the 15th time in five years

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Maureen DowdDid you read Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times over the weekend, when she took the controversial, cutting-edge position that President Obama plays too much golf? Did you conclude from that column that liberal president Obama has abruptly lost the support of liberal columnist Dowd, which means horrible, horrible things for the future of his presidency?

A lot of people on Twitter thought so too:

Of course, some people believed Obama “lost” Dowd back in May:

Or last September:

Or in the spring of 2013:

Or in November of 2012:

Or in the summer of 2012:

Or in December of 2009:

Or in March of 2009:

No, Barack Obama didn’t lose Maureen Dowd this week, last week, last year, or in 2009. He never “had” her. Dowd, liberalism notwithstanding, has been pretty consistently and ardently anti-Obama for pretty much as long as he’s been a national political figure. Remember “Obambi”? All the weak analogies between the president and various TV and movie characters?

The Google search string “Obama has lost Maureen Dowd” brings up over 1,000 results– most of which are not from this past weekend. A Fox Nation headline from last Friday states “Maureen Dowd Breaks Up With Obama”; as though they were ever “dating” in the first place.

The people above must just assume their over-arching theory of indestructible liberal bias can’t possibly have any exceptions. Either they aren’t good judges of the American political scene, or don’t ever actually read Dowd.

Which, come to think of it, isn’t such a bad idea. Did you read how terrible some of that prose was? Or, did you consider that every president who has been in office since the invention of golf has played the sport regularly?

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