WWE and Scooby-Doo Will Team to Solve a Wrestlemania Mystery

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The newest WWE superstar

WWE superstars including John Cena, Triple H and Kane are about to help Scooby-Doo lay the smackdown on a ghost. No, for real. WWE Studios has announced a partnership with Warner Bros. to produce an animated feature starring pro wrestlers and the Mystery Machine gang.

Shaggy and Scooby win tickets to Wrestlemania, and of course, a ghostly bear attacks.  Who will save the day? Oh, I think we know. Scooby joins forces with WWE superstars to bring the ghost bear to justice. Even WWE boss Vince McMahon himself will lend his voice to the direct-to-video release. Please, have Vince yell his distinctive “YOU’RE FIRRR-EEDD!” at Scooby and this is a first day purchase for me and my kids.

Warner Bros. will distribute it on Blu-Ray, DVD, VOD and digital download. WWE is going to market the movie through its massive media empire. Long time Scooby-Doo fans will remember the crime busting canine used to do these kinds of crossovers all the time. He’s battled ghosts with everybody from Batman and Robin to Dick Van Dyke.

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