G-Unit drops a surprise EP, ‘The Beauty of Independence’

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g unitAfter their Summer Jam reunion, G-Unit revealed they were working on brand new music. Early this morning, they made like Beyonce and released a brand new EP without telling anyone. “The Beauty of Independence” is their first official project since 2008’s “Terminate On Sight.” The title is a not subtle reference to 50 Cent’s decision to leave Interscope Records and go independent.

50 released four solo records with Interscope, cementing his legacy with “Get Rich or Die Tryin,” which was also the name of his biopic. It gave us the smash “In Da Club,” which will never leave DJ rotation as long as nightclubs exist in the world. While with Interscope he founded his own label, G-Unit Records.

Tony Yayo told AP that during his time in jail for charges including weapons possession, he realized who his real friends were. They didn’t include “40-man entourage” he admitted to. Yayo said the only people he could count on were 50, Young Buck and Lloyd Banks.

Can they recapture the magic after six years away? You better believe fans will let them know.

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