The big screen adaptation of ‘The Stand’ eyeing Matthew McConaughey

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Ever since the billion dollar success of ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ studios have been struggling to find the next big book-to-movie epic. Warner Bros., who worked with New Line on the blockbuster adaptation of Tolkien’s classic novels, thought they had a winner in Stephen King’s 1000-page plus End of the World thriller ‘The Stand.’ They even managed to earn the interest of filmmakers like David Yates (Harry Potter), Oscar winner Ben Affleck (‘Argo’), and Scott Cooper (‘Out of the Furnace’). All have since left the project over “creative differences” and now ‘The Fault in Our Stars” Josh Boone will sit behind the lens. No seriously.

After announcing the inclusion of “good luck charm” Nat Wolff as part of the cast (perhaps as a character…specifically created for the film? BOO!!!), Boone is now trying to wrestle up the rest of said novel’s post-apocalyptic survivors. He’s also got his eye on someone for the main villain, the demonic despot Randall Flagg. Empire is reporting that none other than recent Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey is being considered, though there’s been no confirmation from the actor’s camp.

Considering his recent career renaissance, the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ star would be a good choice. His current high profile will be even more so after Christopher Nolan‘s ‘Interstellar‘ is released, and he has his pick of projects. Choosing ‘The Stand’ could mean he’s dedicated to the project. On the other hand, Flagg is a hard character to crack. He’s mostly man, but has a bit of the malevolent medicine show monster in him. In fact, Boone’s biggest challenge will be meeting fans expectations while hiring performers who can essay King’s good vs. evil mysticism.

While the director is also a bit of a wild card – does his resume really suggest someone who can turn a single elephantine tome with dozens of narrative threads into a single three hour movie? – getting someone like McConaughey onboard will definitely help win over the faithful.

Source: Empire

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