NBC Sports Network Turns On ‘The ‘Lights’

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The 'Lights on NBC Sports Network

ESPN’s SportsCenter spent the day Tuesday celebrating Tim Tebow’s 25th birthday. And I don’t mean they mentioned it once or twice at the end of the show- they gave the New York Jets backup quarterback’s birthday wall-to-wall coverage, which included everything a six-minute Tebow birthday segment, party hats, a cake, and worst of all- anchors reading birthday wishes from random people on Twitter live on the air. All this despite Tebow not actually being present for the festivities (hat tip to Deadspin for commemorating the horror.)

Are you a sports fan who’s sick of that sort of nonsense and just wants to see sports highlights? Today is your lucky day. NBC Sports Network has debuted a new morning sports show called The ‘Lights, which consists of sports highlights and… that’s it. Just highlights. The show runs in 20 minute loops, featuring the day’s most exciting games and plays, and there’s no party hats to be found. No Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith, either. Here’s a preview:

NBC Sports Network, which was previously known as Vs. and was rebranded following the Comcast/NBC Universal merger, just finished a run broadcasting part of NBC’s Olympic coverage, and now seems primed as ESPN’s latest competitor. Whether they can move eyeballs their way remains to be seen, but The ‘Lights looks like a good start.

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