Emmys 2014: likes and dislikes

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Emmys: All that and Weird Al, too

Emmys: All that and Weird Al, too

The Emmy Awards wrapped up Sunday night and as usual, there were no huge surprises among the winners: Breaking Bad swept the drama categories, with Modern Family winning big on the comedy side.

What I liked:

1. While Seth Meyers’ monologue was somewhat lackluster- seriously, we’re still making “no more music on MTV” jokes in 2014?- he was a much more impressive presence throughout the night, especially when doing bits along with former SNL colleagues like Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehler.

2. The Jimmy Fallon/Stephen Colbert acceptance/interruption. I haven’t read up yet on just how pre-planned this bit was- did Fallon know Gwen Stefani would botch Colbert’s name?- but it was glorious.

3. The Billy Eichner segment. Not only was it hilarious, but the more it people aware of Billy on the Street, the better:

4. Ryan Murphy’s acceptance speech for “The Normal Heart.” The tribute to Larry Kramer, especially.

5. The Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Bryan Cranston/Tim Whatley bit. Amazing. 

What I didn’t:

1. My goodness, is there a more loathsome awards presenter on Earth than Julia Roberts? Every time she does one of these things, the award she’s presenting becomes about her. Do you think she could have rambled for a few more minutes before presenting Best Actor?

2. The Sofia Vergara presidential speech/car show. Just horribly embarrassing for everyone involved. 

3. I generally enjoyed the Robin Williams tribute from Billy Crystal, but if you’re going to close the video tribute with the closing moments of “Live at the Met,” why splice out the “fuck it”? Yes, I know why- but bleep it at least. A whole generation of people grew up with that special and were expecting the little kid-voiced “fuck it.”

4. The weird, 1988-style record scratches in all the music- what was that all about?

5. I should have heard The Americans dozens of times Monday night, as opposed to once or twice.

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