A Robin Williams biography is in the works. Already

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Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Robin Williams has been dead for exactly 17 days, and there’s already a deal in place for a major biography of the late actor/comedian.

Dave Itzkoff, a staffer in the New York Times’ arts and entertainment section, is the author of the thus-far untitled and undated book. According to the press release:

‘Robin Williams was a cultural hero of mine, and in the encounters and interactions I was able to share with him, he was always gentle and generous, humane and thoughtful and hilarious. I’m grateful for the opportunity to tell his story.’

Itzkoff previously wrote memoirs of his time working for Maxim magazineand his upbringing, as well as a making-of book about the film “Network.”

Itzkoff is a fine writer, Williams is a worthy book subject and it may very well turn out to be a decent book. But I’m thinking it might have been worth waiting until at least a month after the man’s death to announce such a project.

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