“The Tick” to return, as Amazon pilot

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the-tickBen Edlund’s superhero satire The Tick has a devoted following as a comic book, Fox cartoon and short-lived live action show. But it’s hard to kill a superhero, especially one who’s well-nigh invulnerable. Amazon will bring back the blue-skinned, dimwitted superhero as a pilot according to The Wrap.

Sony Television has held the rights since the comedy’s 2001 cancellation, and worked out a deal to resurrect it as an Amazon pilot. Patrick Warburton, from Rules of Engagement and Seinfeld fame, will reprise the role he was born to play.

Fox’s live-action version of The Tick had only nine episodes, getting cancelled after the eighth aired. It earned accolades from critics and comic fans, but never found the viewers needed. Amazon, like Netflix before it, has learned the benefits of picking up shows that already have a following. Netflix brought Arrested Development and The Killing back from TV exile, and was one of the bidders for Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul.

Amazon is hoping to replicate that kind of success. The Tick gives Amazon a project with some established name recognition that had already drawn positive reviews. Comic book heroes have never been more popular, so the time might be right for a comedy poking a little fun at them.

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